A Simple Guide On Disabling Bixby Assistant on Samsung devices

Samsung Bixby Assistant

The Samsung Bixby is known for Samsung users for its purpose and how it runs on their device. Samsung Bixby Assistant for mobile phones that are powered by voice control commands and buttons. If you are holding or using an older version of Samsung devices, you don’t need to worry about how to disable Bixby because there are also ways of disabling it.

For a long time, users of Samsung phones rely on the Bixby to control their phones’ functions. Most of the time or at least once, when users accidentally press the Bixby button somehow it gets annoying if it pops up, users can disable the Bixby on their devices by following a few steps. There are a lot of ways to disable the Bixby button easily.

 Why Bixby Pops Up On Your Mobile Phone

If you are annoyed with all the sudden Bixby pup ups, then there are ways on how to disable Bixby on your devices that are not hard to follow. Bixby sometimes pops on your screen in times when you don’t need it. Sometimes it pops up when you play music or stream videos, etc. Bixby is an active listener, even on songs, it will tend to show up.

Bixby utilizes voice command to answer to your needs or authority. Voice commands of Bixby may react to voices that are not yours. That’s why even on songs, it will show up. The Samsung Bixby Assistant will wake up if you set it with your voice, but sometimes it will enable and show up when it hears other voices even if it is not yours.

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 The Bixby Button 

If you buy newer versions of Samsung devices, it will have a Bixby button on your phone’s side. If ever you don’t use voice control commands, Bixby can still be enabled by tapping the Bixby button. It is a great feature, but sometimes on the inappropriate time, it will be turned on even if you did not summon it or clicked on it. You can turn this Bixby off fast and easy.

When you happen to summon the Bixby Assistant unintentionally, it is kind of irritating. It may show up while doing work or something important. When the Samsung Bixby Assistant is asked, it can automatically stop the things you are doing on your devices. Even when you are only watching videos on platforms, finding ways to disable it is not hard.

 Disable the Bixby Assistant On Your Samsung Speakers

If you get a hold of the Samsung speakers and disable the Bixby assistant, here are steps to do it successfully. First is to open the Samsung Bixby Assistant by clicking the button of your Samsung device’s screen. You will see a menu icon on the top left corner of the Bixby, from there click from the menu icon. When you see the menu page, you will find a gear-looking image.

By pressing the settings icon, you will now view the Bixby’s settings. From the settings, choose the button “Voice wake-up” and toggle off the option where it says to “Use when phone speaker is playing.” You can change the accuracy of the voice assistant, Bixby will make you do the recording of voice again and calibrate the Bixby response.

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On Samsung phones, Bixby is a useful developed feature; it can do many functions and can do many more tasks according to your commands. This Bixby assistant will make things easy for you, but most people find it irritating, especially when it cuts the things you are currently doing. You can follow these steps above to disable the Bixby assistant on Samsung devices.

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