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black female models instagram

Black female models Instagram posts are giving us major fashion goals and we can’t help but try their style. For years, people have looked down upon black people because of their skin tone. But thankfully times are changing and so are beauty standards.

From white women going in for tanning to people promoting body positivity, the beauty paradigm is going through a much-needed change. In such times, we cannot help but admit the way black models are styling themselves and giving us major goals. Check out some of the styling tips and inspirations from dark beauties.

Why black women must try different styles?

For years black women have been told that they shouldn’t wear light colors as they don’t suit their skin tone. While this is partially racist, it is partially true as well. Why? Because every skin tone has a way of styling when it comes to both dressing up and doing makeup. You need the right kinds of styling ideas from black female models Instagram to have a clear idea. mangekyou sharingan contacts.

Tips from black female models Instagram

Check out some of the best tips from black female models Instagram to know how to style yourself better:

1. Use the perfect highlighter

Many black women try to lighten their skin tone by using the magic of a highlighter. If you too want to work on that, you need to know how to use the product well. Highlighter not only gives you the perfect shine but it can also help you make your complexion lighter. Check out tutorials on YouTube that shows you how you can use the highlighter for your benefits.

2. Wear light colors

If you know what to wear and you can style your body type, lighter colors will look good on you. Since the color complexion is a stark contrast to the color of the dress, it highlights both the aspects better. You must use a blend of colors to express your style statement. Just know what kind of clothing suits your body and what you can carry, these will cover it all up.

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3. Black is sexy

Many black women avoid the color black as they think it makes them look darker. But just as black is irreplaceable and irresistible for other skin tones, this is same for black women. You must try different apparels in black to understand what suits you and looks good on you. From tees to dresses, from shirts to blazers, black cannot go wrong for anybody.

4. Let the curls flow

Most black women inherit curly hair while the whites have straight or wavy hair. If you ever give your hair type the tiny curls like black women, it will make you stand out among others. Since most white women don’t have this kind of natural hair, the styling will set it apart. Just know what you’re wearing with it and you’re good to walk a ramp!

If you’re a black woman and you’ve been frustrated with curly hair, you need to find ways to make it manageable. Use the right kind of shampoos and conditioners to make sure your hair is smooth. Black women need to give a lot of time in maintaining their hair. But rather than braiding them all the time let it flow when it’s manageable.

5. Try colored lenses

If you’re a black woman you might not dare buy colored lenses and have blue or green eyes. We’d say give it a try because you never know how it suits you. You might have the best makeup on and that might change the entire look by adding colors lenses. Black women should not refrain from experimenting with eye colors. It can make your entire look stand out and change how you look otherwise.

black female models Instagram

6. Add freckles to your face

While it can amaze a lot of people as they still treat freckles as a skin condition, make white women are getting freckles cosmetically done to enhance their beauty. Yes! Getting freckles is now the new trend and even black women should try it.

You might be wondering why should black women get dark spots on their face? You need to try a different color tone for freckles so that it stands out. The spots must not only be visible but highlighted.

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You don’t have to get it done cosmetically as you might not want to carry the look all the time. Do it with makeup and see how the look comes out. If you think it suits you then well and good. If you don’t like it, you can always remove it and try something else.

7. Try the straight hair look

Many black female models Instagram show women with straight hair. Most of them smoothen their hair to make it more manageable but again make the cornrows and go back to having their original hair. But you can always give this look a try. Straight hair looks pretty good especially because that is a contrast to their natural hair type. The best part of making curly hair straight is knowing the real length!

8. Wear shinier colors

From the silvers to the goldens, wear clothes that make your body shine to shine out! Don’t refrain from colors because you think it will make you look overdramatic. You can choose almost anything that suits your body type and that you can carry. From celebrities to models, many wear shiny colors that not only highlight what they wear but also their skin tone.

9. Comfortable in your skin

Even in 2019, women are insecure and uncomfortable about their body types and skin complexion. You need to know what to wear and how to dress up, but you need to be confident above all. If you don’t spend time loving yourself and accepting how you look, you can expect other people to do that for you.

10. Find beauty in the natural you

Many black female models Instagram stories reflect how they really look. This is also an inspiration to take from so that we don’t forget our natural selves to put up a show all the time. Makeup and dressing up enhance your look and give you more ways to style yourself. But you shouldn’t use them to hide the real you. When you’re comfortable with the way you look, confidence will radiate back at you.

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