Most Popular Breeds of Horses That You Can Tame

Breeds of Horses

Horses are animals that are domesticated for decades. You will find more than three-fifty known breeds of horses, which includes ponies as well. Horses are used for purposes like casual riding, working, equestrian competition and racing as well. All horse breeds possess special traits of their own. But before you think of buying them you must consider factors like housing, money, time and how much care you can give them. So, just before you buy this graceful and elegant animal, let us introduce you to each one of them.

Breeds of Horses

Here are the most popular breeds of horses that can be domesticated:

American Quarter Horse Breeds

The American Quarter horse was quite primitively bred, approximately around the 1600s. It is a cross-breed between the Native American Chickasaw and English thoroughbreds. You will find the American Quarter to register the largest among all the breeds of horses across the globe. They have immense talent and show their capabilities in the show ring and trail as well. Professional and beginner equestrians pet this horse breed. People love the American Quarter for their athleticism, agility, and docility. They have a height of about 64 inches and a weight of around 1200 pounds. The American Quarter horses have a wide forehead, chisel-like head with a flat profile.

Tennessee Walker Horse Breeds

Another primitive horse breed is the Tennessee Walker. They were found in the south of the United States amidst the eighteenth century. These breeds were in use by farmers in their plantations and farms. They are quite skillful and have a smooth gait, which makes it easy for people to use these horses for riding. During the Civil War, generals preferred the Tennessee Walkers to ride along distant places. But now, these horse breeds are pleasure mounts and show horses.

Arabian Horse Breeds

The lineage of the Arabian horse breeds goes right back to three thousand BC. They are considered the oldest among all the breeds of horses. You’ll find the Morgan, Andalusian, and Appaloosas – all to find their origin from the Arabian. The height of the Arabian horse is almost around 56 to 64 inches with a weight of almost 1000pounds. You’ll find them having a compact body with drooping shoulders with a wedge-shaped head. If you pet an Arabian horse, you can be sure for them to be loyal and extremely loving towards their owners. They are great companions to their masters.

Thoroughbred Horse Breeds

The Thoroughbred horse breeds are extremely popular in the United States of America.  You will many people call this breed ‘hot-blooded’. The reason for this is the spirit, agility and speed these breed of horses possess. You can pet the Thoroughbred as your companion as well. Moreover, they can also be used for jumping and dressage, apart from their ability for racing. The Thoroughbred has a height of almost 60-68 inches and weighs around 1300 pounds. They have quite a lean body with flat long muscles and a deep chest.

American Paint Horse Breeds

This horse breed has a special trait combination of the colors of pinto and the western stock horse. Many people call the American Paint horse, a mere color breed but the association thinks differently. According to the American Paint Horse Association, this horse breed is considered as a true breed. They claim these horses to have strict requirements of bloodline and typical breed characteristics. The American Paint is used as pleasure mounts. You will find them to excel in multiple western disciplines too.

Appaloosa Horse Breeds

It is known that the Nez Perce Native Americans used Appaloosa horses for battles and hunting. There is also a belief that Appaloosa is a mix between Quarter horses, Arabian and the Thoroughbred. You can always choose an Appaloosa for its versatile and hardy nature. Moreover, you can use them for many purposes like trail riding, pleasure riding, and many more. They tend to have a height of almost 60inches and a weight of 1000 pounds.

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Morgan Horse Breeds

The Morgan is quite famous for its elegance and strength. Morgan is Vermont’s official horse breed. Since colonial times, the Morgan horses are seen tilling and clearing farms of England. Even today, you will find them to be quite popularly used for riding and driving. Just as dignified they are in the show ring, they are surefooted in a rough and narrow trail too. With a height of around 56 to 60 inches and a weight of 900 to 1100 pounds, the Morgan stands with extreme valor. You’ll find their eyes to be expressive with very small ears.


The ponies are also considered very popular among the breeds of horses. Mostly, they are seen to grow up to 57 inches and sometimes even lesser than that. The only two exceptions of the Ponies are the Icelandic and Miniature horses. You will find them having a short body stature. The most popular pony breeds are Welsh and Shetland. Also, they can be great first horses for kids.

Grade Horses Breeds

You must know that the Grade horses are not crossbreeds. They are different from the crossbred horses as they develop through intentional breeding. In that case, the breeders are well aware of the characteristics and illnesses of the pedigreed horses they crossbreed. However, Grade horses lack genetic illnesses, unlike other crossbreeds as purebreds do pass on illnesses during crossbreeding. Moreover, you’ll find this horse breed to be quite loyal and versatile just like any other horse breeds.

Miniature Horse Breeds

During the 1600s, the miniature horse breeds were seen to evolve in Europe. The Miniature horse breeds are seen to be a maximum of 38 inches and the measurement was done from the last hair of mane.

Since the miniature horses are extremely small in size, they are categorized as horses and not as ponies. Before, people use to keep them as pets and made them work in coal mines. But right now, you’ll find many people using miniature horses as service animals and for driving as well.

Gaited Horse Breeds

This breed of horses is chosen for their ambling gaits and smooth rides they give the rider. The Gaited breed move in a four-count beat and has an intermediate speed. You will find people having joint problems to choose this breed for their rides. Some other choices include Kentucky Mountain Saddle, Icelandic, Paso Fino and the Tennessee Walking horse. It goes without saying that if you’re looking for a bounce-free and smooth ride, you should choose these breeds of horses.

Draft Horse Breeds

You will notice the equestrian community to regard the Draft horse breeds as cold-blooded. They commonly known to carry heavy loads quite easily. Even history says, the Draft horses could carry armored soldiers with great ease. You will find the Draft horses to survive well in cold weather for their thick manes and coats. The Belgian, Shire, Percheron and Clydesdale are prevalent examples of the Draft horses. Moreover, you can choose these horse breeds ideally for crossbreeds. Their loving and docile nature adds to reasons for their crossbreed.

Andalusian Horse Breeds

The Andalusian horse is a Spanish breed and was originally found in the Iberian Peninsula. It was the first breed that was recognized during the 15th century. Famous for their nobility, the Andalusian horse breeds were used as a warhorse.

The Andalusian horses have an elegant, strong, and compact physique. You’ll notice them having thick tails and manes which are long and beautiful. Although the Andalusian horses were found in varying colors but now, you’ll find mostly in bay or grey. Nowadays, people use these breeds of horses for jumping, driving, dressage, and also saddle seat.

Shetland Pony

The Oklahoma State University says that, the Shetland pony is the oldest among all the breeds of horses existing in Britain. The Shetland Islands was the origin of these ponies and was named after the island. Since the island was harsh and barren, the Shetland ponies grew up to be strong and can endure any difficult environs.

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You will find the standard height of Shetlands ponies to be 37 inches with some being not more than 40 inches. Mostly it is seen Shetlands ponies are graceful pets and are used for driving.

Clydesdale Horse Breed

The Livestock Conservancy says the origin of Clydesdale is Scotland during the 1700s but was sent over to the States in 1840. If you have ever been to the Budweiser Wagon Hitch, then you’ve surely seen Clydesdale there.

A Clydesdale horse weighs around 1600 to 1800 pounds with an average height of 65 to 72 inches. Very rarely you may find a few Clydesdale horses to weigh around 2200 pounds. You must know that the States homes a little more than 4500 Clydesdales. This means this outstanding horse breed is at threat and they need to conserved.

Haflinger Horse Breed

The origin of the Haflinger horse breed was in Tyrolean Mountains that is presently Austria. During the medieval period, people of these places used them for navigation purposes, as they are strong, surefooted and agile qualities.

In the year 1874, Folie, a colt was born. It gradually became the founder of all the Halflinger purebreds. However, in the year 1958, these horse breeds were sent over to America. It quickly gained popularity among the riders in the States.

You will find the Halflingers to be small horses. They look extremely graceful with the white mane and tails. The body of the Halflingers horse breeds are golden brown. You can use them for both driving and riding purposes. Moreover, you can train them in western disciplines which that can adapt with ease.

Paso Fino Horse Breed

The Paso Fino Horse Breed is gaining immense popularity in the United States as they are athletic and equipped with quick stamina. According to the Paso Fino Horse Association, the Paso Fino is termed as the ‘smoothest horse in the world’. It has gained this term for their incredible rhythmical smooth and fast gaits that allows riders to move without feeling the movement in their body.

You will find the Paso Fino horse breeds to come in a number of colors with long tails and manes. They provide their riders with immense comfort and are also used in numerous competitions.

Friesian Horse Breed

The Friesian horse breed is also one of the oldest among other breeds of horses. In the 17th century, these horse breeds were sent over to the United States. But crossbreeding led the purebred Friesian to be almost extinct until 1974. However, after World War II farmers began breeding again which got back these unique horses.

The Friesian horse breeds are very gentle and sharp-brained. Even though, they happen to be the best pets to those who have had horse pets before. However, their versatility helps you to train them really fast even if you are new with horses.

This horse breed has an excellent mapping that can store the knowledge you train them well. Once you keep the Friesian horse as your pet, you would not want to leave them. They come in a beautiful black hue and has a long tail and mane.

Last Thoughts

As you know all the breeds of horses, you can easily seek out which one you want to keep as pets. You can keep yourself fit and exercise with them, if you keep horse breeds as pets. More so, riding is something that can keep you up and about.

Common horse breeds are quite easily available and they can be an exceptional social being. They form an unbreakable bond with their riders. You can even take part in numerous equestrian competitions with them.

Horses live for quite a long span unlike many other pets. They are seen to live for more than 30 years.

Just like any other pet, the commitment towards horses are also huge. You need to keep them in a proper environment and budget their grooming accordingly.

But if you’ve made up your mind, then check out all the breeds of horses in our blog and bring home the one you like best!

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