Camping World – the Best Travel Experience


There is a mind-boggling amount of outdoor activities available if you get out of your comfort zone. However, one of the oldest outdoor activities that continue to enthrall people even today is camping.

The world of camping is the complete package for travel experiences – It gives you the opportunity to socialize while allowing you to perform physical activity. Camping can be a lot of fun if done with the right company. In this article, we bring you a host of reasons why camping is the best outdoor activity.

Why is camping the best travel experience?

Check out the reasons below to know why travel enthusiasts are always Googling ‘Camping near me’:

1. Close to nature

Camping brings you really close to nature as you spend your time in the lap of Mother Earth. Camping is usually done in a forest or atop a hill away from human establishments.

It is one of the best ecotourism expeditions that takes you into the untouched side of nature. The plants are greener, the air is cleaner, and so a good camping trip is sure to revitalize and reenergize you completely.

2. Sleep under the stars

Travelers understand the frustration of being under the same roof for months. Yes, we all love our homes but we love fresh air too. Wanting the sense of mingling with nature makes us unwind and want to go camping.

When you go camping, the sky and the stars become your roof and you can relax under their serene expanse. You can lie down and look up at the stars for hours and hours. If you have the right company then you can even count the stars or try to observe constellations.

3. Physical exercise

Camping is great experience involving a lot of fun and it also makes you do physical exercise. If you are fond of camping then you don’t need to worry about mindlessly putting in hours at the gym.

Camping provides great physical exercise as you need to trek up to the campsite and then you need to set up your tent.

Note that you do need to maintain a level of fitness for activities like trekking and camping. So try and be as fit as possible to frequent such trips.

4. Feeling of accomplishment

Camping provides a lot of mental satisfaction to the people involved. Camping is by no means an easy task and hence people get a feeling of accomplishment after completing a successful trip.

The whole experience of setting up a camp and fending for yourself is a thrilling experience for all. These trips evoke a feeling of independence and self-confidence among the people involved.

5. Campfires

Campfires are an integral part of a camping trip as they are fun and provide means for people to socialize. People cook food over the fire and then sit together and eat it.

People also indulge in singing, dancing, and play instruments around the fire. Campfires provide the ultimate ambiance for travelers and is a great way to bond with each other.

6. Socializing

Just because you need good company on a camping trip doesn’t mean you need to go with your friends. There are a lot of camping expeditions involved and you can join any one of them as a solo member.

There are even websites and apps that allow you to find a new camping buddy. Camping together can be a really good bonding activity for strangers. Hence you can utilize a trip to socialize and make new friends.

7. Survival skills

Camping is an activity that provides a platform for people to learn survival skills. On such trips, you will get to learn a host of survival skills. You learn how to pitch a tent and light a fire. You learn how to cook your own food and fend for yourself. After the trip is over, people acquire skills that will help them survive in the wild and solve any big or small problem in life.

8. Good weather

Good weather is one of the most important factors that attract people who go camping. People just want to get away from the heat, dirt, and pollution of the cities.

Camping brings you into a fresh environment, but all you need it is ensure of the climatic condition. You need to plan your expeditions at a time of the year when it’s not too hot since you will have to live in the open wilderness. The clear sky at night is something a lot of people miss in cities but camping lets you experience it.

9. Self-cooked food

The self-cooked food in camp tastes better than what you have the 5-star restaurants. You need to bring your camping gear to be able to survive for days. In such conditions, every bite of food is priceless and makes it taste like none other.

Most times food cooked at campsites is cooked over a bonfire which imparts a unique flavor to the food. Food cooked on campfires has a unique smoky flavor to it which people around the world love and crave for.

10. Good for the heart and soul

Camping is extremely good to improve your health in an overall. It provides a good level of physical activity without any physical exertion and hence it is good for the heart.

It helps you reconnect with nature and revitalizes your soul. It is enriching for your soul and makes you mindful. The activity also aids your sleep-wake cycle. After one trip, you will be able to sleep much more peacefully and on time.

11. Recreational activity

Camping is often performed as a recreational activity by people as it allows them to take time off from their hectic work life. It gives them much needed mental relaxation as well as lets them spiritually connect with nature.

The activity makes people forget their materialistic and pollution-filled city lives and allows them to experience the true gifts of nature.

Their problems in life start to seem trivial when compared to the vast expanse of the night sky. All these factors compounded with good weather and good company make this the perfect recreational activity.

Now that you know all the perks of this outdoor activity, it is time you sort out your camping gear, fix your dates, and go out for your next expedition!

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