Celebrity Personal Injury Cases


Personal injuries are a problem that even the rich and famous have to occasionally contend with. Sometimes, where there’s blame to be dispensed, celebrities find themselves embroiled in litigation – on both the giving and the receiving ends.

Let’s take a look at a few famous cases involving famous faces.

Harris v. McGraw

American television personality Dr. Phil McGraw found himself in legal hot water in 2013, when his wife bought a friend around to the house. This friend was bitten by the McGraw family dog. But, rather than going to a hospital for medical attention, Dr. Phil convinced this person to be treated by a friend of his – a nurse, who prescribed antibiotics.

The victim, Janet Harris, suffered a crippling infection that lead to hearing loss and tremors in the affected hand. She sued for $7 million in damages, and settled out of court. This is a common outcome in personal injury cases.

Gloria Estefan v. Tractor-Trailer

When a semi-truck smashed into her tour bus, Cuban-American singing sensation Gloria Estefan suffered significant injuries – including a fractured spine. Despite the extent of her injuries, she managed to make a full recovery after just a year – thanks to a combination of surgery and rehabilitation. Two titanium rods were used to stabilise her spinal column. (fragster.com) She is still going strong in 2022!

The company responsible for the truck was found liable for her injuries, after she pursued a personal injury claim against it.

Bret Michaels

Poison frontman Bret Michaels was just ending his performance at the 2009 Tony Awards when a piece of the set hit him on the head, breaking his nose. The following year, he suffered a brain haemorrhage, and took action against the Tony Awards and CBS. The two parties settled in 2012 for an undisclosed fee.

Adrian Bailey vs Disney

At a Saturday matinee performance of Disney musical The Little Mermaid, actor and singer Adrian Bailey fell through a trapdoor and suffered a whole range of life-changing injuries, including a broken back, a shattered pelvis, and fractured wrists. He had already undergone four separate operations by the time he took legal action – and the compensation sought was never disclosed publicly.

Lohan vs. Balyan

In 2013, actress Lindsay Lohan found herself settling out of court for injuries suffered by a paparazzo, Grigor Balyan, who alleged that Lohan’s chauffeur had deliberately run him over while leaving an LA club.

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