Charlotte Piano Movers Are a Better Choice Than Doing It Yourself

Piano Movers

Look, we get it. You want to keep your moving expenses to an absolute minimum. Whether you’re going across the street, across town, or across state lines, moving is one of the most expensive things a person can commit to. You’ve done as much of this move as possible on your own, or with a group of friends lured into your service with the promise of pizza and fizzy drinks. You’re smart to do so! That said, there are some things that you really, really need to leave to the professionals. There’s no way around it, and we’re going to cut to the chase: if you have a piano that needs moving, you need to hire a piano mover.

We know, we know. That can be expensive, and there’s no denying that. You might be tempted to add your piano to the list of things you can take care of yourself. The thing is, your piano is an absurdly heavy and dangerous instrument to do yourself. It seems strange that something capable of so delicate a sound, something requiring such dexterity and passion to produce beauty, is also dangerously heavy. It can be stressful to try to get it from room to room, a task that usually requires more than one person. While finding a piano mover Charlotte you can trust seems like it can be a hassle, it can be easy if you know where to look, and it’s more than worth the cost. Here’s why you need to leave it to the professionals when it comes time to get your piano where it needs to be. 

You Could Injure Yourself 

The very idea of a piano mover is so cliché that it shows up in old cartoons as the setup to a punchline, usually involving one falling on someone. Believe it or not, those old cartoons were on to something. You may recall the line in Who Framed Roger Rabbit where it’s revealed that a toon killed Eddie Valliant’s brother, the grim event that set him down a path of drinking and depression. Do you remember what it was that killed him? That’s right: a toon dropped a piano on his head. It was the punch line to a joke, but that joke belies a fundamental danger. It may come as quite a shock, and please brace yourself: these things are heavy!

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You don’t need to have one dropped on your head to suffer injury from them. Moving them risks a myriad of medical issues, including pulled muscles, slipped discs, hernias, and a dozen other potential problems. All of them come from the same basic idea: you might strain yourself too hard and overexert your body. Additionally, you could jam your finger so hard between the piano and door trim that you poorly judged the distance on – a story that this writer can personally verify as nothing less than excruciating. In the worst-case scenario, your injuries could land you in the hospital or worse. It’s not for nothing that a piano falling on someone’s head was so common an occurrence in old cartoons.

This is doubly dangerous if stairs are involved. Given that your favorite instrument can weight up to one thousand pounds – a literal half of a ton! – the risk of that thing slipping from your hands is substantial unless you have a big team of very strong people. The last thing you want is to be between a piano and the ground on a set of stairs! Gravity is a cruel mistress, and being crushed by a piano is a cruel way to go. As you can see here, even the professionals have trouble sometimes! Professional movers will not only take on those risks, but will provide the manpower and the expertise needed to get the job done quickly and efficiently, no injuries involved. 

You Could Damage Your Piano

Piano Movers

At the end of the day, objects are replaceable, and you are not. That said, nobody wants to have to replace their stuff, especially when that stuff is expensive! As you can see at, they can run you more than a few thousand dollars. Pianos are among the most expensive instruments on the market. They’re complex, consisting of over ten to twelve thousand separate parts. If any of those parts gets damaged, you risk losing function for the whole thing. At best, you’re looking at several hundred dollars or more to repair it, and at worst you’re looking at several thousand dollars to replace it. Just because objects are replaceable doesn’t mean replacing them is particularly easy or pleasant, especially when it’s something that lets you make music.

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Professional movers can solve that problem for you. Having professionals on your side is the surest way to make sure that getting your precious instrument gets from point A to point B in one, perfectly working piece. Should any damage occur, most companies will cover the cost required to repair it back to pristine condition, which can be a massive burden off your shoulder and a substantial peace of mind. Besides moving it within the old and new location, they also have the vehicular means to transport it safely. Cramming it into a U-Haul might seem adequate, but it has nothing on a truck specifically designed to transport it. Professionals have the means and equipment to do it safely.

When all is said and done, moving a piano yourself is a risk you really shouldn’t have to take. You’re risking your own health and your instrument’s condition for the sake of saving a few bucks, but you stand to lose a lot more money to hospital bills and costly repairs should your money-saving gamble on your own capabilities be slightly off. Some things are worth the extra cost, and having a professional team of movers handle it for you is more than worth it. There’s no reason to put yourself and your instrument at risk when you can trust people who do this for a living to do it for you. If you need to move a piano, you owe it to yourself and your music to make sure it’s getting done the right way. 

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