Chill Mobile Games To Help You Relax

Chill Mobile Games

We all need some relaxation at the end of the day, or a distraction of sorts to forget about work and the hardship of life. Games have always been used as a form of escapism and entertainment for those who are going through a tough time or just to wind down after a long day.

All of the games on this list are available on the App Store so make sure to get some iTunes Gift Cards to get rid of those pesky ads or for any in-game purchases. Also, not all of them are free – so having a gift card does prove handy!

Since the pandemic is still raging through certain countries, perhaps we all need to take a break from the mundanity of life with some games! So, here are some that we would recommend.

Tsuki Adventure

Tsuki Adventure

Tsuki is a rabbit and you’re technically his guardian angel as he leaves everything behind and moves to the countryside. He’s a city rabbit that has a stressful job, and a hectic life with no friends – sounds relatable to the situations that most people find themselves in when they’re caught up in life and chasing successes.

Anyways, he moves to the countryside as his grandfather passed, leaving him a letter of inheritance to a farm which he is now in charge of. You’ll navigate the life of a relaxing bunny tending to a carrot farm, appreciating the little things in life. You’ll get to explore the village and meet its adorable residents, and breathe.

Honestly, being a rabbit tending to a carrot farm doesn’t sound too bad right about now.



It’s marketed as a stress-relieving game, so stress relief is what you will get! It is a puzzle game, but not one of those nitty-gritty puzzles that you can’t seem to get head nor tail of. Cessabit is more of a memory puzzle, where you look at line art illustrations and answer the questions that ensue.

Based on its description on the App Store, this is a game for those who want to fight anxiety whilst improving their memory and attention to detail, which sounds like a good package to me, honestly. You can expect minimalist line art drawings, some little haptic feedback vibrations, and best of all, no internet connection requirements.

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Although it looks complicated, it really isn’t. The detailed line art is pleasing to the eye, and the memory exercise helps in motivating the brain.

Rakko Ukabe

Rakko Ukabe

Not many games have sea otters as their main attraction, and this game provides just that. It’s a sea otter collection game, much like those cat collection games littered all over the App Store and Google Play Store.

The concept is simple, you put some food by the seaside and wait for otters to come by. You can level up your otters, decorate the beach to make it attractive to otters, and even receive gifts from them. There are seasonal decorations and events that take place, but it’s fine if the only reason you are interested in this game is to get some serotonin from cute sea otters.

Overall, Rakko Ukabe is just a relaxing experience with these chill and adorable sea creatures that don’t take up much of your time.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley games

Now, what kind of list would a chill mobile game list be without the inclusion of one of the best relaxing games of all time? Stardew Valley has the same opening concept as Tsuki Adventure, but you can do so much more. It’s like an enhanced version of Tsuki, except you’re human and everything is in pixel art.

You can befriend and form relationships with other villagers, discover magical mysteries, go fishing, farming or mining, and even fight monsters if that’s what you find relaxing. Who knows, perhaps taking out your anger and frustration on some cave monsters is what you needed all along.

Stardew Valley is a renowned game for good reason, it’s not an experience you want to miss out on.



Just like its name suggests, you’ll be creating a utopia in the desert. It is an idle simulator, so you don’t have to put much effort into it. Your mission is to create a desert island and care for its wildlife. There will be tough humanistic decisions to be made in preserving your animals – such as allowing tours to happen or events to take place.

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Each event and decision will trigger something good and something bad for your island, but ultimately it is your choice. It’s relaxing to watch your animals grow and do their own thing unprompted, and perhaps you want to build your own haven of peace. There are over 100 creatures to unlock and terrain to set your island in as well.

There’s more to this game than meets the eye, so don’t underestimate it. It holds a deep meaning on human empathy and greed, it shows you how every little action has its consequences.

Hidden Through Time

Hidden Through Time games

If you enjoyed Hidden Folks, or simply games that tasks you with finding things hidden in a big detailed environment, then Hidden Through Time is for you. Take your time looking and zooming into each picture to find all the hidden things, there is no rush.

Its colorfully detailed environment is filled with things to take in and animations that don’t make you feel tired from staring at a picture for hours (cause you will spend hours here). Hidden Through Time is exactly what you think it is – objects hidden throughout the history of time. You’ll find yourself jumping around from stone age to middle age looking for things to progress to the next level.

This game is certainly the best for passing time, and it doesn’t get dull as you are fueled with the need to find everything on your list. Heck, there’s even a map editor if you’re tired of the main storyline so you can create your own map!

Sum Up

These are just some of the many relaxing games that are recommended for you to try out, all available on both the App Store and Google Play Store. Hopefully, we’ve gathered a good variety of them for you to try out and unwind. Do let us know what other games you play for a relaxing time at home in the comments below!

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