Clesi Crochet Bio Life-Style and Family

Clesi Crochet has been a Bronco since enrolling as a student-athlete at Boise State in 2015. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communications and minors in sports innovation and culture, as well as user research. Crochet was a 4-year associate and coach of boise state’s mane line dance team through her time as a student. If you want to know about clesi crochet bio life-style and family as well as more about her career.

In 2018, she interned with the Boise State football program as a recruiting and operations intern while her last year of university. During the 2019 football season, she expanded her internship on on-campus recruiting, assisting the director of recruiting in planning, organizing, and hosting all official and unofficial recruiting visits.

Furthermore, Crochet becomes a full-time assistant to the head coach/on-campus recruiting and operations in 2020. She relocated to Boise with her mother and younger sister in 2013 and is now joined by her stepfather, local Rocky Mountain High School Head Football Coach Chris Culig, and his four children. Crochet enjoys visiting her father, Bret, in San Diego throughout the offseason.

Who is Clesi Crochet Bio?

Clesi Crochet Bio Life-Style and Family
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Clesi works as the assistant to the Head Coach Bryan Harsin, as well as Football Operations at Auburn University.Additonally, She was born and raised in San Diego, California, United States. Afterward, she shifted to Boise, Idaho, in 2013. She loves to play golf, read books, and practice Indian yoga. As well as, being an assistant to the head coach, she is more obsessed with being fit in order to encourage other players as well.

She has recently got into a controversy regarding her romantic relationship with head coach Bryan Harsin.

Real name Clesi Crochet
Nickname Clesi
Profession Assistant to Head Coach and Football Operations at Auburn
Date Of Birth 4 September
Age 25 years old
Gender Female
Birthplace San Diego, United States
Known for Assistant to Bryan Harsin
Height(approx) 5 feet 5 inch
Weight ( approx) 65
Zodiac Sign Update soon
Nationality American
Education/Degree Bachelor of Arts – BA, Communication, and Media Studies · (2015 – 2019)
University Boise State University
Mother name Mrs. Crochet
Fathers name Mr. Crochet
Sister name Update soon
Boyfriend Single
Achievements Dance Teacher

Clesi Crochet Bio Life-Style and Family

Clesi was born on September 4 in San Diego, a city in the U.S. which is a state of California on the shore of the Pacific Ocean and adjacent to the border of Mexico. Furthermore, She has been crazy about sports since her youth. Clesi has always wanted to be a part of the sports world, where she can offer her all to help the sector grow. ( Besides her fitness, she also wants to teach.

However, Clesi Crochet has been a recognized face, but unfortunately, she does not have a Wikipedia page, but various web-based pages could sustain her bio.

Additionally, Crochet enrolled for her bachelor’s degree in communication and media from Boise University in 2019.

Furthermore, she did an internship at the Boise State football On-campus for a few years in recruiting and operations section. She came into the limelight after joining Auburn University in 2021.

Clesi Crochet Bio Life-Style and Family

As Clesi was in love with San Diego as she was born and raised there. But, in 2013, her parents informed her that they were relocating to Boise, Idaho. Crochet was extremely sad to leave this place, her dream home.

She struggled to move to Boise and was very unpleased about leaving San Diego. However, in the end, she chose to allow Boise to be her dream home and moved there with her parents.

She spent 2 years in school from 2013 to 2015 year. After finishing High school in 2015, he resolute to accomplish her dream, which is why clesi’s join state university’s in year 2015 to finish her studies in Communications and Sports Innovation as a student-athlete on the Madeline Dance Team.

Is Clesi Crochet Bryan Harsin’s Girlfriend? 

It’s rather uncertain if Clesi Crochet is Bryan Harsin’s new girlfriend. Yet, recently, a rumor has been circling all over the internet about Bryan having an adulterous affair with his supportant, Clesi Crochet.

Because the two of them work quite closely for the team and its improvement, it’s obvious to notice the chemistry between Clesi and Bryan. But, there is no particular disclosure about the rumor yet, as they both have remained silent with regard to the rumors. Mainly, many people have their own speculations, where it is claimed they are very close friends while the other claims they are involved romantically.

Until now, nothing much about the rumor has been denied or confirmed.

Clesi’s Life at Boise State University

She studied well and worked hard at Boise University. She described that those four years at university provided her with a new way to accomplish her dream of becoming a part of the sports community.

Clesi obtained so much fun, laughter and friends, and life lessons that aided her in achieving where she today is. It was an amazing experience for her at Boise state university.

Clesi Crochet Education

Clesi has been so competent ever since her childhood. She has partaken in numerous school sports and activities. As she aspired to contribute to the sports community, so she participated in multiple games. She took many soccer practices, gymnastics meets, dance classes, and many other sports that consumed most of her childhood time. Her love of sports makes her not afraid of the hard work of every training session, so she has won many race medals custom with her name and events engraved on them, and every time she sees them, it seems to say that is a symbol of hard work and sweat. If you or someone around you loves sports as much as Clesi, you can also choose a customized race medal for her. Clesi was not just sure what she was meant to do or who she wanted to be when she grew up. But she was certain that she would be a part of sports one day and always be in her life.

She completed her degree in Bachelor of Arts – BA Communication and Media Studies at Boise State University from 2015 to 2019. 

Work and Experience

Clesi is very loyal to her work and has good executive professional skills. Additionally, she is very knowledgeable and experienced in event planning, and she has college-level sports management and playing experience.


Clesi other Skills

  • She does event planning.
  • Clesi is experienced in travel deals.
  • She does documentation and reporting.
  • Logistics oversight,
  • Calendaring and scheduling, and
  • Background in operations management.
  • Leadership in promoting success and productivity.
Career History

Let’s see some more amazing about Clesi’s career history before she started working as a lead trainer at Auburn.

Assistant to the Head Coach

Currently, Clesi is an helper to lead trainer along with football “operations at auburn university’s”. She has been at Auburn for one year and four months and joined there in February 2021.

Additionally, Crochet aids the head coach, Bryan Harsin, in daily tasks such as creating presentations, designing graphics, and providing team communication on special projects. 

The creation and maintenance of the football team’s annual calendars are also handled by Clesi. Besides this, she additionally creates all team and staff meeting presentations.

Moreover, She also works with the team and manages their travel planning and execution and recruiting staff travel logistics.

Assistant Head coach at Boise State University

Clesi Crochet is also an assistant head coach at Boise State Football and effort as recruiting’s. At Boise state university, Clesi managed and carried out both official and unofficial visits to recruit football players. Notably, she aids in daily project tasks.

Dance Teacher at Dance Unlimited (Boise, ID)

Additionally, Clesi was a dance teacher at Dance unlimited for 3 years and 6 months, starting from January 2017 to June 2020.

Moreover, she trained beginners in all levels of hip hop, jazz, and contemporary dance styles. She also taught dance classes at the competition level for students. 

Additionally, clesi was experienced in management which helped her in creating and nurturing a positive competition in the team, enabling all members to achieve their potential.

Clesi Crochet as Nike store member

Additionally, Not many know that she also worked as a Nike store member from May 2016 to March 2017 in Boise, Idaho, United States.

Clesi Crochet BioSalary

As well as, many people are looking for a Clesi salary, and as per Glassdoor, an average salary of an Assistant at Auburn University is $31,977 per year. We calculate that Clesi Crochet’s salary is $31,977 per year.

This data may be different, though it is the estimated data from Glassdoor. 

Clesi Crochet’s Social Media Accounts

Clesi Crochet Bio Life-Style and Family image
Credit: Twitter

Additionally, social media nowadays work as a reminder of our favorite celebs’ daily life and their routine. Being a fan of her, you should visit her all social media accounts to see what updates.



 Clesi Crochet Instagram


 Linkedin Profile

 Additionally, these were her social media accounts.

Conclusion on Clesi Crochet

So, we have provided all the necessary information about Clesi Crochet, an Assistant to Head Coach and Football Operations at Auburn.

However,And also discussed the Rumors that have spread about her and Bryan Harsin’s affairs.  


1. How old is Clesi Crochet?

Clesi is 24 years old.

2. What is Clesi Crochet currently working as?

At present, Clesi is working as an Assistant head coach at auburn university.

3. Is Bryan Harsin dating Clesi Crochet?

No! These were rumors, and neither Bryan nor Clesi confirmed it. It was reported by some of the media that the head coach and assistant were dating each other; however, it is altogether a rumor.

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