Although most motorcycle drivers are aware of the risks associated with traveling on open roads and exercise caution when sharing the road with other motorists, they lack any outside protection in the event of an accident. They are more likely to suffer catastrophic injuries due to their susceptibility, which makes them more likely to need more intensive medical attention to recover.

You might be eligible to file a personal injury claim for compensatory damages related to your accident if you were seriously hurt in a motorcycle accident. If a driver’s recklessness resulted in a motorbike accident, you shouldn’t have to shoulder the financial consequences. It’s best to engage a motorcycle accident attorney in Phoenix, AZ, to help you handle the complexities of your claim.

That said, here are the common injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents in Arizona.

Spinal cord injuries

The spinal cord is a delicate, crucial, and potentially paralyzing body part. A biker may lose motion in the arms, legs, or both, depending on whatever part of their spine is hurt following the motorcycle accident. This kind of injury can be severe and necessitate long-term aided care.

You are entitled to the maximum compensation to pay for the price of your medical bills, surgery, prescriptions, aided care and gadgets, and physical therapy. 

Traumatic brain injury

Even while using a helmet, motorcycle riders are still prone to traumatic brain injury (TBI). A forceful strike or hit to the body or skull leads to a traumatic brain injury, which, depending on the force of the impact, can have either short- or long-term consequences. 

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When a TBI occurs, some symptoms may show up immediately, while others may manifest. After a motorbike accident, seeking immediate medical care is crucial to assess potential brain injuries.


A rider is frequently at risk of being thrown from their bike in collisions with motor vehicles and other hazardous scenarios like being crushed by the car’s weight. A broken bone or fracture may occur when the biker hits the ground quickly or at an awkward angle. Motorcycle gear helps prevent injuries, such as fractures.

Damage to internal organs

Due to the crash’s power and the impact’s force, internal organ damage is a typical injury following a motorbike accident. Internal bleeding can become fatal if not treated right away after the collision. Even if you do not believe you have been hurt, getting medical attention is imperative. Latent injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents may manifest as significant harm days or weeks after the collision.

Road rash

When a motorcyclist is knocked off the bike and dragged over the pavement before coming to a halt, road rash, also known as road burn, happens. This injury can be excruciatingly painful and leave behind permanent scarring on the legs, arms, face, or back. Road rash is not lethal but can develop problems that need considerable medical care. 

Last words

Speak to an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer for an examination of your claim to recover the expensive medical costs associated with motorcycle accident injuries.


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