Convert Image Files Online for Free: JPG to PDF

JPG to PDF A Guide

Since the invention of photography, images have become a significant part of our society. They are used everywhere from spreading information to providing entertainment. Over the years, digital images such as JPG, PNG, and TIFF were created. But these formats are not accessible for some of your transactions, so, converting them will help.

There are a bunch of image converters available for free, just like PDFBear, an online converter for images. This platform offers services that help you convert files such as JPG to PDF and many more.

Reasons Why You Should Convert JPG to PDF


JPG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. It is the most used in digital cameras and the internet. But sometimes, you can’t access JPG files on any device. That’s why the best option is to convert JPG to PDF. On the other hand, PDF is a Portable Document Format known for highly accessible viewing, transmitting, and printing images. 

Less Storage Size

A JPG file varies its storage size depending on the image’s resolution. Converting JPG into PDF is the best way to save some storage space on your laptop or mobile. It’s because PDF files are compressed images combined that takes a lot less space than JPG files.

Successful Printouts

JPG printouts may be different from the original image’s resolution. Plus, it may cause some troubles. For successful and worry-free printouts, convert your JPG images to a PDF file, one of the most commonly used formats for printing.

4 Steps on Converting JPG to PDF

Upload JPG File

First things first, you need to upload an image to start the conversion process. To do this, visit the PDFBear website. From there, find and select ‘Convert JPG to PDF’. To upload your file, click on the ‘Select Files’ button and choose a JPG image that you wish to upload. Alternatively, drag the file from your computer and drop it on the webpage’s area.

Select Options Available

Once you have uploaded a JPG file, you can also add more images. PDFBear features its multi-image uploads feature that lets you compress multiple photos and combine them into a single PDF. 

Start Conversion to PDF

After you finalize your uploads, the next thing to do is to start the conversion of JPG to PDF. To do this, click on the ‘Convert to PDF’ button and wait. PDFBear offers fast and straightforward services with a user-friendly interface.

Download and Save the File

The last step to finish your conversion process is to download the file. On the screen, click the ‘Download’ button and save the PDF to your phone or laptop. You can also share it through email or put it on your Google Drive or Dropbox.

Advantages of Using PDFBear for Image Conversion


You can use the services of PDFBear anywhere and on any device. It is compatible with Android phones and computers running Windows or Mac Operating Systems. This platform offers a lot more conversion tools for images, just like TIFF and PNG files to PDF.


PDFBear is using the newest technology available to give its users a quality-assured conversion. That includes equipping the SSL Encryption feature that helps you convert your files with ease. Your images are sent directly to PDFBear’s servers and will be deleted after an hour. So, your data is secured throughout the whole process.


There are many image converters out there, but PDFBear has one of the most satisfying features and services. Plus, this platform is entirely free to use. If you’re looking forward to converting images online, consider using PDFBear.

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