Cool & Fun Things to do in Singapore over the weekend

Cool Fun Things Singapore

Cool & Fun Things to do in Singapore over the weekend. Singapore is a world-famous tourist attraction. Although it is a small country, it provides visitors with many things they can do over the weekend. Whether you are an adventure-junkie or a nature enthusiast or want to spend your weekend as a tourist, you can discover iconic places in Singapore. Going with friends and family members is always fun. Your experience will get enriched when your destination provides you with several attractions. There are various cool activities in Singapore you may discover. When you become prepared to plan your weekend with adventure and fun, there is no alternative to Singapore. Singapore is a treasure of activities.

Take a look at various fun activities that you can experience in Singapore

As mentioned earlier, Singapore is a world-famous visitors spot. People from different parts of the world holiday the place for fun activities. From the natural atmosphere to the high-quality marketplace, there are various areas you can visit while in Singapore.

  • The Singapore River: The Singapore River’s visiting time is 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM from Wednesday to Sunday. You can soak the sun and enjoy the iconic Singapore River while on a kayak. With the bridges, merlion, parliament house and more, you will not be disappointed with the view.
  • Sentosa greenery: For adventure lovers, the mega zip is an attraction. The Siloso beach walk will provide you with Sentosa’s greenery with the outstanding mega zip. It is a four-fifty-meter zip, which accelerates adventure and takes you directly from Imbiah Hills canopy to Siloso beach.
  • Mount Faber: Located on Mount Faber road, it is one of Singapore’s oldest parks. It is a popular tourist visiting spot open for twenty-four hours. You can enjoy a panoramic view of Singapore from various points. Moreover, you may explore the natural heritage of the nation at Faber point. It is the highest point of the park.
  • Botanic Gardens: Located adjacent to Ascott orchard, Botanic Garden offers a premium living experience. It provides studio rooms and penthouses. It is Singapore’s first UNESCO World Heritage site known as a picnic spot. There are beautiful meadows, foliage, sculptures in the garden which you can admire. If you love nature and flowers, you can check out the national orchid garden that will provide you with two-hundred hybrids and one-thousand species of flora and fauna.
  • Pulau Ubin: Located at Changi point ferry terminal, you can catch a glance of Singapore at Pulau Ubin. It is the last surviving kampong. It covers one-thousand twenty hectares of forest, which has abundant wildlife along with gravel roads. It is an adventurous activity to cycle all around this place. However, try to visit Check Java, the main attraction of this island.

Apart from this, the treetop walks, the theatre, and play at the Esplanade, Marvel at Changi airports Jewell are other attractions. The Flower Dome and universal studio of Singapore are other attractions you may consider. The Marina barrage and the night safari will provide you with a different experience exhilarating your senses. You can ride the luge in Sentosa and climb the rock wall at the Funan IT mall. These places have become recent favorites.


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