Customizable Dry Erase Boards For Different Uses

Customizable Dry Erase Boards

What is a whiteboard?

A whiteboard is a white surface where you can make nonpermanent markings. This is an evolved version of the blackboards. This board is also known as a marker board, dry erase board. When we compare a blackboard and a whiteboard, we can say that the whiteboard has a smoother surface. This allows a faster marking and erasing of whatever is on the board. Today we use them all around the world, in spaces like classrooms, conference rooms, offices, and other ones. Let’s see about customizable dry erase boards for different uses.

History of whiteboards

When talking about whiteboards, 2 people have been credited for it. Those are a Korean war veteran named Martin Heit and an employee of a steel production company with the name Albert Stallion.

Whiteboards were created in the late 1950s and early 1960s but became available to the public and widely used 30 years later. When they were first made, they needed a wet cloth to wipe the surface of it. The markers that were used then tend to leave marks behind, even after using the damp cloth. Some people still like to ask why whiteboards were made when we still had blackboards, and that’s all because of convenience. 

That’s when in 1975, dry erase boards were made. The creator of this type of board was Jerry Woolf. Instead of using a wet cloth to erase the marker, he now made a non-toxic, erasable ink that was not absorbed by the board. This ink can be wiped off using a dry wipe, leaving no marks behind. In the mid -90s is when they were adopted by the education system. If you want to know more about this, follow the link

Types of whiteboards

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Most of the whiteboards look quite the same, but what is so different about them is the surface they have. Every surface has another purpose. There are 4 types of surfaces. Let’s take a look at them.

First, let’s talk about laminated chipboard. This one is the cheapest one, with a short life. This board can be easily stained, making it not so suitable for putting instructions on it.

Another one is the melamine whiteboard. This is made from lightweight fiberboard, which is coated with melamine. What makes it have a more immense quality is how thick the coating is.

Then we’ll mention a painted aluminum and steel whiteboard. This whiteboard is a high-quality one and is usually made custom for people. This type of whiteboard is long-lasting, and it allows the use of a magnet. 

The last one is a porcelain steel whiteboard. Most of these whiteboards come with a lifetime warranty. It has a hard ceramic coating that is not porous. This doesn’t allow the ink to be absorbed in the surface of the board, making it not stain the surface. Check this page out for more information.

Dry erase marker

Probably every single one of us has used a dry erase marker at least once. It is more fun than using a pencil or a pen. You just get a cloth a wipe it off, and it’s gone. This type of marker has become popular in the 90s. It was made as a replacement for the chalks that were used for the blackboards.

This marker was made for non -porous surfaces. This is because of how the dry erase marker was made. A silicone polymer was used in it, which makes the marker slippery. This is the reason why the marker can be wiped off so easily. Some whiteboards can get stained from it, so this is why it’s essential to choose a suitable surface to work with when using this type of marker.

Custom made boards

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The dry erase board has been made with just a plain white surface. But, sometimes companies, schools, hospitals, or other facilities need a board like this with a custom surface. The whole process of making this board is the same, and the same tools and materials are used. The only difference is the printing or painting that goes on top of the surface. There are many companies that make customizable dry erase boards and some of them are made especially for schools or hospitals.

There are many designs that can be done on it, and all types of colors and figures. Whatever the wish is for the customer, these companies can make it. The function of it is the same, like we said, only the surface is different. You can use the dry erase marker and use the dry cloth to wipe it off, and it’s the same as new.

Even though we have the technology and can make an online board, people tend to go back to these rigid psychical boards. It is something that makes the job easier for everyone.

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