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Danielson Framework

Teaching is one of the most complex professions. Every person who teaches requires specialized skills and core knowledge so that they can guide students to achieve goals. As it is, teaching students daily is quite a responsible job; on top of that, teachers need to put extra effort if they are following the Danielson Framework. It is a teaching model that is developed when you want to teach specially-abled students. Not just a specific framework, but you also need specialized training and qualities to teach special children.

The essential qualities you must possess to be capable of imparting special education include mastering additional skills. Besides, you must also know how to differentiate instruction, understand individualized teaching, implementation of behavioral strategies, and more. As a result, every child will be able to reach an advanced level within the minimum timeframe successfully.

To get into more detail about the Danielson Framework and specialized teaching techniques, there is a constant expectation out of teachers. It is that they must continuously upgrade themselves and adapt to new and more advanced ways of interacting with children. It is the responsibility of individual schools to arrange for monthly or quarterly professional development programs for the teachers. This is to ensure that all the professionals can duly meet the requirement of the students. The Danielson Framework 2019 is one of the most useful tools that will help you to achieve the target.

Analyzing the Danielson Framework for you

The Danielson Framework serves as a compact guide that helps teachers to mentor and coach special children across the Globe. The framework was named after Charlotte Danielson, who also created it in 1996. According to a simple Danielson Framework summary, it was designed to guide us about the role and responsibilities of teachers. All the guidelines are justified with several empirical studies to make it a better learning experience.

The motto of the Danielson Framework is to clarify the term “good teaching.” It includes all the complexities that come along with it. The concept is broad, and it was intentionally made to be that way. It is because Charlotte Danielson wanted to put forward the idea of teaching, dividing it into various grades and levels. Also, the aim was to spread the details of the model amongst a vast population of students and teachers.

After all these years, the model helps various states and districts to impart education amongst special and general students. Besides, the Danielson Framework of education has also garnered a lot of attention and praise globally. Teachers and experts have approved this as one of the best teaching models created to date.

After several improvisations, the Danielson Framework 2018 and 2019 comprises of 22 components. The major revision was made finally in 2013 in association with the instructional implications according to the CCSS or the Common Core State Standards. There are some places; for example, in New York City, specific components are observed to understand the effectiveness of teachers.

Domains under Danielson Framework

Starting from the basics, the Danielson Framework rubric 2019 consists of four levels. In descending order, it will begin to form highly effective to ineffective. The domains into which the Danielson Framework is divided consists of the following-

  • Planning and preparation
  • Professional responsibilities
  • Instruction
  • Classroom environment

There is a Danielson Group that works towards constant improvisation and up-gradation of the list that consists of various resources. Such resources help evaluators and teachers to understand the application of the rules of the framework. They must be clear about how they will execute everything in a specialized teaching environment. For more assistance, the Group also sketches scenarios under every performance level. It will help teachers to relate the framework with practical situations in a better way.

There are a few significant concepts when you want to apply the Danielson Framework guidelines. The Global Design for Learning Principles will be included in these concepts. Check out the ideas now.

  • Use of data-driven, behavior management, and instructional strategies
  • There must be constant engagement with the whole educational community.
  • Fidelity of behavioral, and instructional practices within all members of the team
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If any evaluator or teacher wants to master the art of pedagogy when they are in a specialized teaching environment, they must know the rules. First of all, they must ensure that they are aware of the importance of individualized teaching. Also, they must make the needs of students their priorities.

As a teacher, you must continuously communicate with your colleagues and participate in regular developmental programs. It will help you to stay upgraded with the latest teaching guidelines. It is an extremely dynamic process in which the Danielson Framework is going to help you a lot.

What are the four domains?

As discussed earlier, the Danielson Framework is divided into four different domains. They are-

  • Preparation and planning
  • Classroom ambiance
  • Instruction
  • Professional duties

As you move further in the article, we will present the Danielson model in more detail. Next, we will move on to explaining the domains in more detail one by one.

Domain 1- Preparation and planning

Domain 1 of the Danielson Framework talks about how a teacher or an evaluator will design, create instruction, and organize them for his/her students. The whole procedure of the preparation and planning includes a lot of labor. During this time, a teacher will take down notes from textbooks and then convert them into clarified versions. As a result, the information from the books become more explainable and accessible to the students.

As a teacher, you will also be responsible for designing periodical assessments. It is done to assess the students as well as evaluate yourself. On the one hand, you can understand the weak points of the students and work on them. While on the other hand, you can also evaluate yourself to understand the effectiveness of the way you are teaching.

The teacher is solely responsible for making appropriate arrangements for learning. You can call yourself a successful teacher only if you can effectively execute the guidelines mentioned in the framework. Also, the students have to respond to your arrangements and progress over time. If at any point, you find that the previous methods are not working as per expectation, it is a must that you upgrade yourself and improvises the entire set too.

Domain 2- Classroom ambiance or environment

It is a significant responsibility of a teacher or educator to ensure that the classroom is a comfortable and safe place for all students. There must be enough professionalism in the room, and yet the students must not feel uncomfortable in the presence of the teacher. He/she must set the environment in a way that it becomes smooth for teaching and also for carrying out other activities.

Usually, students are not disruptive and cooperate with the teachers properly. A teacher, on the other hand, also expects the best behavior from her students. Therefore, a teacher is strict and yet extremely compassionate. The classroom ambiance must be such that the teacher’s impact should motivate the students.

As a teacher, you must push your students and make them ready to overcome challenges. As a result, students also become close to their guides and prefer the ones who care for them. The idea is not to become a student’s best friend, but an in charge of education, he/she receives.

Domain 3- Instruction

Now, we are coming to the primary mission of the teacher. It is to ensure that the students are learning correctly. Domain 3 is the outcome of whatever planning and preparation go into Domain 1. Since the whole Danielson Framework works in a loop, you may carry over the observation of Domain 3 to Domain 4 and ultimately use it for planning in Domain 1.

As discussed earlier in Domain 1, teachers are responsible for arranging study materials. How much a student learns is majorly based on the study materials and content clarity. The organization of content plays an important rule that impacts the students’ understanding of the lessons.

If you are a successful teacher, it is assumed that you will be able to impart flexible and fluid instructions. Also, as a teacher, you must be flexible enough to be able to shift to a different technique of teaching if the present one does not work. You may use ideas and concepts from other curriculums too. The questionnaires that you make must be such that the students are challenged to test their understanding. It is how you can assess the progress of a student.

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Domain 4- Professional duties

The 4th and final domain talks about the ultimate responsibilities of teachers that go beyond the classroom. It includes a list of activities that you must perform as a teacher and which students usually do not know about.

There are duties that a teacher starts performing as soon as he/she enters the profession. On the other hand, there are duties and responsibilities that you will develop over time. It is a list of those duties that comes from within when you become comfortable with the profession. Such obligations make you not just an excellent professional, but a good human being too.

The activities, in this case, include serving the society and the family as an impactful teacher. It improved your dignity and made you an inspiration for your children, family, and colleagues.

Qualities of a good teacher

Now that we have reached the final segment of the article that heroes the Danielson Framework, we are trying to remind of specific attributes. It is a list of qualities that will make you an ideal teacher in a school and for the world as a whole. Check out the points below for better understanding.

1. Communication skills

Communication is the key to all locked doors, and a teacher proves that correct. You must work on your communication skills to improve as a teacher. As a professional, it will be a part of your duty to interact with students, colleagues, guardians, and management. You must know how to good words and also communicate in more than one language. It will also be a plus point if you are trying to achieve a promotion. To be precise, a good knowledge of speaking in English and the local language will be reason enough for you to interact well with your students.

2. Managing the classroom

Classroom management is an essential quality of every good teacher. You must know how to handle a class and keep students under control and proper discipline. You must acquire attributes such as this to improvise a student-teacher bond apart from self-development as a teacher. Besides, you will be able to assess your students in a better way if you know how to control them. As a result, you will see how you can arrange the teaching techniques to obtain the best out of the students.

3. Collaboration skills

Collaboration is not a term that is only used in the corporate world. There is something that we also know as student-teacher collaboration too. A good teacher will know how to master this skill. It is through such partnerships that you can also assess yourself and your communication skills. A teacher must create a proper, interactive atmosphere that will, in turn, enhance relationships and bond between the students and him/her.

4. Confidence and patience

Teachers are human beings, and as we all know to teach and handling students is not a monotonous task. It is ok to lose calm at times. However, what is more, critical is how a teacher controls her anger in front of students. It shows how a good teacher is always compassionate and sympathetic. Also, a teacher must be confident in every way. He/she must be convinced about her principles and teaching techniques. Also, she must be sure about the fact that she knows how to make an impact on students to bring out the best in them.

Final thoughts

We all have our favorite teachers, but have you ever ideas about how many qualities she possesses? Well, every teacher is a super-human for students, and that is called having an impact. The Danielson Framework is a tool that helps teachers to groom themselves in a way that they keep inspiring students.

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