Dental Crowns: Bridging and Rebuilding Worn-Out Teeth

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Wearing your smile is the most beautiful thing you can do. Do you feel embarrassed whenever you have a broken or damaged tooth? the answer is trying out Dental Crowns. 

Not all dental damages can be avoided. Well, the good news is that your teeth can still be restored. Top dental services offer specialized plans that are custom made to suit your specific issues. You can check out emergency dentists in Houston,  to know more about customized dental services.

Dental care is not something you do today and forget for the rest of your life. Good doctors and crowned clinics would always suggest preventive care along with a solution to your problem. Whether you suffer from tooth decay or damaged teeth, there are ways to get it treated. Every tooth issue cannot be fixed with conservative treatments alone. Cases where it cannot be restored through repair, options such as dental crown could help. Top dental services offer specialized plans that are custom-made to suit your specific issues. 

Tooth fillings are common in conservative treatment but with advanced methods like crown fixing, severe damages can be repaired. Crown support bridges and the crowns are popular restoration techniques and known to be one of the best ways to optimize existing tooth structure and its strength. 

Things you need to know about dental crowns

Most likely you would opt for this restoration method when suggested by your dentist. Although the process is known to the provider, you need to be convinced in the first place as to how this can help and whether you need it in the first place. So, before you jump into opting for a crown, let’s understand what it implies.

What is a dental crown?

It is a solution by which your damaged tooth can be restored. The process entails covering the damaged tooth with a new crown so that the former structure that’s lost looks completely new. This is done to replace the spoiled tooth and give your jaw a restored look.

These are commonly made of ceramic or porcelain as these materials provide the closest natural tint and gloss that match any type of crown. It is zirconia and porcelain that are mostly used to restore teeth. Many people who are allergic to metal can opt for these. 

For those looking for stronger crowns, the ones fused to metal crowns are known to be a better choice. The options however are endless as you can pick from gold, silver, or any other metal alloys as well. 

When would you need it?

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If you have been experiencing tooth decay or any other kind of dental damage that cannot be treated by the available conservative methods, your dentist will recommend you get a crown. Here are some common conditions in which your service provider can offer you this solution.

– If you have been experiencing decay or damage 

– If you want to cover any flaws for cosmetic reasons

– If you just had a root canal therapy and your existing tooth needs to be strengthened and safeguarded against future decay

– When your existing filling is damaged and needs to be replaced

– When your fixed bridge tooth replacement needs to be supported 

Did your dentist say you need a bridge?

 Dental Crowns

So, what’s a bridge? Say you have a missing tooth and want your jawline to be restored. A fixed bridge can help. It is a restoration mechanism that can replace one or more missing teeth in a row. A prosthetic is used in this process where it is crafted by joining two dental crowns. These crowns are fused by placing them on each side of the replacement tooth or teeth as necessary. 

The prosthetic fixed bridge is fitted into place by fusing the dental crowns to your teeth on either side of the missing tooth. The process is usually done over a couple of appointments. In your first visit, the dentist might do the groundwork by preparing the teeth. This involves extracting any damaged tissue and required enamel from around the tooth. The latter is done to make sure that the crown fits flawlessly into your jawline. 

As soon as the teeth are ready, the dentist will take impressions of your smile so that it can be used at the lab to create your personalized crown or bridge. In most top-dental clinics, a temporary crown is placed so that the prepared teeth stay protected. Thereafter, once crafted, the new dental crown or the bridge are set to be in place of the temporary one. 

Bridges are custom-made and they may not be easily noticeable. These can restore the natural outline of your teeth. They are created in a way to establish a seamless relationship between the upper and lower teeth.

Just getting a new crown is not the end of the story. Some aftercare is mandatory as suggested by your dentist. In most cases, you should be able to resume your normal brushing and flossing routine with a day. However, you might have to switch to a softer toothbrush and pick a non-abrasive toothpaste. Make sure to visit your dentist for follow up checks. 

If you are concerned about accidentally clenching your teeth at night, you could check with your respective dentist for a solution. It is normal to find the dental cement that holds the crown in its place to wash away with time. This can also cause the fused crown to become loose, thereby enabling bacteria to enter the tooth from underneath. 

Don’t panic! If you feel any new sensation in your teeth, fix an appointment with your dentist. However, it is better to get it checked on time as over a period this could cause tooth decay. Follow this link for information on how to avoid dental crown problems.

Oral health is important and requires proper care so that you can wear a sparkling smile always. However, you cannot overlook your overall wellbeing as it is as important as your missing teeth. A balanced diet can keep nutritional deficiencies at bay and contribute to your wellness to keep that smile alive. 


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