Coastal Comfort: How to Design the Ultimate Beach Bedroom

Design the Ultimate Beach Bedroom

You might not be able to make it to the beach if you live miles away from the ocean, but you can still bring the coast to you. Coastal Comfort: How to Design the Ultimate Beach Bedroom.

Perhaps at the end of a long day, all you want to do is get away and unwind somewhere serene and there’s no place more peaceful than the beach. Transform your space into a beach bedroom to capture a style that’s distinctly calming, carefree, and laid-back all at once. 

For the ultimate makeover, you’re going to need everything from a high-quality memory foam mattress to eye-catching decor that makes you feel like you’re at a retreat. 

The good news is designing a beach bedroom doesn’t have to be difficult or restraining in terms of stylistic freedom. 

You have many decor options and themes to choose from, including tropical, nautical, and even boho beach house chic. Check out some of our beach bedroom ideas for a kick of inspiration. 

Go Tropical 

Many things may come to mind when you envision a beach bedroom, but be honest. How many of them were cliches? It’s easy to associate beach bedroom decor with seashell accessories, pictures of marine animals, and an abundance of blue. 

A subtler, more creative way to bring the beach to you is by embracing tropical island decor. Stick to a neutral color palette, but add pops of color and create interest with different patterns and textures. 

When it comes to creating a tropical vibe, plants are essential and can imbue instant freshness into any space. Opt for a small palm that can survive indoors, such as the areca palm, parlor palm, or sago palm, or succulents. You can also bring more color to your space by choosing a bedspread with a tropical design. 

Embrace Imperfect Bedroom Furniture 

A beach bedroom is no place for perfect, glossy finishes. Instead, embrace imperfections and opt for wooden bedroom furniture in distressed finishes. 

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You might find exactly what you’re looking for if you take a trip to the thrift store, but you can also achieve a distressed effect at home without much effort. All you need to do is paint your piece of furniture and then run sandpaper over it. The key here is to ensure the initial paint coat is dry so the sandpaper can chip away the paint and reveal the wood underneath. 

The good thing about embracing rustic bedroom ideas that don’t look perfect is that you’ll likely be able to find inexpensive alternatives if you’re considering shopping for new items. 

Keep it Cool in the Bed

To associate your sleeping space with the beach, you need to feel as comfortable as you would when you’re lounging on a chaise with a mojito in hand.

The best way to do that is by ensuring you have the most comfortable mattress, one that’s optimized for support and temperature regulation. A memory foam mattress is a popular choice because its contour-adapting capabilities cradle every inch of your body. It’s also the ideal option for couples because it reduces motion transfer, which means you’ll be able to sleep soundly even if your partner tosses and turns in bed. 

To complement a comfortable bed, it’s important to find the best pillow. A memory foam pillow provides excellent support and is the ideal option for all types of sleepers. However, if you tend to run hot during the night, opt for a cooling pillow that won’t trap heat. The best cooling pillows should be able to lower the temperature so you can fall asleep faster and enjoy a deeper sleep. 

Create an Accent Wall 

It’s virtually impossible to think about designing a beach bedroom without the color scheme popping into mind. 

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Most commonly, blue is the first color that comes to mind followed by beige, warm-toned grays, and pearly whites. But incorporating bursts of coral, mint green, and burnt orange can add an unexpected twist to your beach-themed decor. 

An effective way to incorporate color into your space is by creating an accent wall. This is also a great option if you’re hesitant to paint your entire bedroom a different color. To create a coastal accent wall, you can either paint one of your walls in a tropical color or put up a beach-inspired wallpaper.

If you’re painting the walls, you can spruce up the space even more by creating a gallery wall and hanging up pictures or accessories that remind you of the beach, such as mirrors with a seashell frame or macrame wall hangings. 

Get Creative with Lighting 

Traditional floor and wall lamps may look out of place in a beach bedroom, and could very well be the thing that shatters your coastal fantasies. 

Instead, choose warm lighting with interesting elements to keep the spirit of your beachy dreamland alive. When it comes to creative lighting solutions for your coastal bedroom, it’s best to err on the side of boho minimalism. Think rattan pendants, lanterns, and industrial string lights. With coastal lighting, the emphasis should be on bringing the outside in. 

While designing your beach bedroom, don’t get caught up in the theme and forget to take your own personality and interests into consideration. 

Much like the beach, your bedroom should also feel like a space where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and just unwind. Simple things, such as investing in a top-rated mattress, establishing a beach-inspired color scheme, and finding distinctive decor can help you achieve that. 

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