Diet for Healthy Hair and Fast Growth

Diet for Healthy Hair

If there are still people who don’t believe that ‘you are what you eat’, you probably have to see the quality of their hair. No matter what products you use or how much money you spend at parlors, your hair needs nourishment from food. If you have been eating unhealthy for a while now, chances are that it will reflect on your body as well as hair. Here, we will share a diet for healthy hair and why you need to add them to your daily nutrition.

Our hair grows by around half an inch every month, which means six inches in a year. How fast your hair grows will depend on age and genetics, but health and diet are also two relevant factors.

Since we cannot change aspects like genetics and age, we need to have control over our fitness and diet. If you follow a diet that doesn’t include nutrients, you will have more hair loss than you should.

Why we need a diet for healthy hair?

You need to have a balanced diet that includes the right amount of nutrients to promote fast hair growth. Food for healthy hair and skin can solve just about every problem your beauty products are failing to do.

If you have the right food for hair loss you will have long, strong, and shiny hair. Your food can keep you away from losing hair. It is important to measure the kind of nutrients you add to your food to understand what good it is doing to your hair.

Essential fatty acids like omega-3 play a major role to improve your hair health. They also contribute to a better quality of skin, hair, and nails. You must eat some of these foods every day to add omega-3 in your body. Best resources of omega-3 are tuna, salmon, mackerel, and other fatty fishes. Add flaxseed oil, almonds, and walnuts to your diet if you are vegetarian.

You need folic acid, Vitamins B6, and Vitamin B12 for your hair. People who are vegans or vegetarians often don’t get enough of these. Food like potatoes, bananas, and spinach have vitamin B6 in it. Meat, fish, poultry, and other dairy productions are great sources of Vitamin B12.

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Add folic acid to your hair by adding lots of fruits and veggies to your diet. Citrus fruit does wonder and so does tomatoes. You need to add whole-grain products and fortified-grain products like lentils and beans.

Diet for healthy hair must also include proteins that come from lean meat, eggs, chicken, and soy. Just one serving a day will do good to your hair. There are traces that minerals like iron, zinc, magnesium, and biotin help hair growth. It is smart to add multiple vitamins to your diet.

Diet for healthy hair

Check out all the types of food you must add to your diet to improve the quality of your hair:

1. Salmon for shine

Fishes like sardines, salmon, and mackerel have high levels of omega-3. But if you had to choose one among the three, you should choose salmon. It has the highest source of the fatty acid that our body cannot naturally produce. Many people take supplements for omega-3 fatty acids. Apart from hair, it also keeps you away from many diseases and helps your hair become shinier.

2. Sweet potatoes to fight dullness

To make your hair shine out, you need some extra effort than shampoos and conditioners. Add sweet potatoes to your diet as they have high antioxidants called beta carotene. It will help your body turn this the beta carotene content to vitamin A, which is good for hair.

3. Hair growth with Greek yogurt

Looking for food for hair growth and thickness? Try Greek yogurt. They give you the right kind of protein you need for building long locks. Greek yogurt is known to have an ingredient that improves the blood flow to the scalp and helps hair growth. This component is vitamin B5 and has helped millions against thinning of hair and hair loss. If you have noticed the ingredient of pantothenic acid on your hair products, it is a sign of vitamin B5.

4. Luster with berries

Diet for hair growth female must include berries as it includes vitamins, antioxidants, and more ingredients that improve hair quality. Our skin and hair needs a dose of vitamin C, and what’s better than your favorite berries?

The antioxidants protect your hair from damage by the harmful molecules known as free radicals. These molecules are present in our body naturally and also in the environment.

If you consume 1 cup or 144 gm of strawberries, it will fulfill 141% of the daily vitamin C requirement. Our body uses vitamin C to create collagen. It is a type of protein that strengthens our hair and prevents it from breakage and brittleness.

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Vitamin C helps our body absorb iron. Having low iron might leave to anemia and cause more hair fall. Thus, a combination of vitamin C and iron is essential for the hair.

5. Spinach to fight brittle hair

If you had to choose one green leaf that works best for your health, hair, and fitness, it has got to be spinach. Spinach has a high amount of vitamin A, iron, folate, vitamin C, and beta carotene. They work together to help your scalp maintain a healthy mane. You need moisture in your hair to prevent from breakage. Add kale to your spinach recipes to add some more strength to your hair.

6. Guava prevents breakage

Guava is great for both diet and hair loss in females. It is loaded with vitamin C and keeps your hair from breaking. You just need one cup of guava to add 337 mg of vitamin C in your body. This is more than four times the daily suggested amount, which means it will work four times more!

7. Lean meat for thickness

One of the best food for hair growth is lean meat as it has high amounts of protein. Protein stops hair fall so you must add chicken and turkey to your diet. These have less saturated fat like pork or beef. Try to avoid red meat to maintain healthier hair.

8. Cinnamon for blood circulation

Looking for vegetarian food for hair growth? Simply add a sprinkle of cinnamon to tea, oatmeal, or toast. It enhances blood flow and circulation. When your scalp has great circulation it adds nutrients to the hair follicles. You will have healthier growth and stronger roots.

9. Egg for hair growth

You cover for both iron and protein when you eat eggs. Eggs are rich in Vitamin B or biotin. It helps your hair grow and reduces hair loss. Biotin also improves brittle nails and maintain the luster of hair.

10. Oysters add fullness

Your diet for healthy hair must include oysters as they are high in zinc. When you don’t have enough mineral in the diet, you might have hair loss problems. This can even reflect on your eyelashes. The cells that help build our hair rely on zinc. You can also add crab, beef, lobster or fortified cereals to your diet for adding zinc content.

The process helps prevent dull hair. It also improves the glands of your scalp to create sebum. This oily fluid prevents hair from getting dry. Add pumpkin, mangoes, and cantaloupe, to have more sources of beta carotene in your diet.

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