Easy Steps to DIY Pedicure at Home to Rejuvenate Your Feet

DIY Pedicure at Home

Don’t have time to go to the parlor or trying to save some money? Well, we have the perfect solution for you. Here, we will give you simple steps to try DIY pedicure at home so that you save money and pamper yourself too.

Of course, the luxury of sitting on a salon chair and have two people do up your nails is surreal. But sometimes self-care beat such experiences and make you learn a skill or two.

Well, becoming an expert at pedicure can be a little tougher than you’d expect. But once you know it, you can keep improving. If you want to learn the skill, this guide can really help you. Just follow the DIY pedicure at home guide religiously, and you’re good to go.

DIY pedicure at home guide

The following steps will make you a pro pedicurist and you can easily pamper yourself at home. Check the tips for pedicure and how it is done:

Step 1: Get your nails ready to start the DIY pedicure process

Since your last pedicure, your nails have accumulated lots of dirt. So, before you start with the process, you need to get your toenails ready. One more step that you need to take before all of these is to arrange the pedicure at home ingredients. Once you have them, you can start.

If you have nail paint on your toenails, it is time to remove them. Make sure every last bit of color is ward off and use a good quality wholesale nail polish remover to do so. The acetone-free ones are the best because they’re safe. When using a remover, hold onto every nail for some time so that the paint breaks down before you swipe up. To have the perfect finish, you shouldn’t compromise this step.

If there are stains or tinge on your nails, due to dark color nail paint, rub your cuticles again. It will lighten the residue and get your nails ready for the next step.

Step 2: Soak your feet

Your DIY pedicure at home activity is going to be relaxing and rejuvenating. We suggest you to not stress about what to do but enjoy the process instead. So, before you go ahead with the second step, you’d want to grab a glass of wine and turn on soft music. Let the experience feel spa-like rather than making it rigorous. Just set the mood right, and you’ll be surprised how things fall in place.

When the ambiance is perfect, you can soak your feet right away. It will soften the cuticles and skin, and the process is pretty relaxing. If you have a parlor basin, you can use that. If not, you can use a big bowl or bucket. Fill it with warm water and add liberal amounts of bath salt. Dip your feet in and let it soak till the water turns cold.

Step 3: Clean the toes

If you have dirt inside the nails, it is time to remove them. If you have a multiuse nail cutter, you can use it to poke through the inside of your toenails. It helps you clean out the dirt and prepare it for the process that follows. You should also clean the cuticles but make sure you don’t end up hurting yourself.

Step 4: Time to shape your nails

Now you got to do some multitasking. Reach out to your nail clippers and trim down your nails. You might want to cut them and then trim if they’re considerably long. File them properly to have the desired shape and make them feel smooth.

You can keep one foot soaked into the water, while you start cleaning the other. If you think your heels and sides of toes need a good scrub, you need a pumice stone or a good foot file for smoothening your skin. Once you’re done with one foot, it is time to switch and repeat the same for the other.

Step 5: Use lotion to massage your feet

Now it is time to take your feet out of the bucket and throw away the water. Pat dry to remove water from your legs and feet, and make sure you wear clean slippers when moving around.

Next, you have to apply some foot cream – if you don’t have that, use body lotion instead. Start by massaging the toes, calves, and feet, till you feel like stopping. You need to pay attention to the cuticles on every toe.

Many people use the orange stick to push the cuticles back. However, it is important to note that our cuticles keep our nails protected from bacteria, so we shouldn’t use products that can disrupt how it naturally is. Finish the process by using rubbing alcohol on cotton pads to clean the top of every nail.

Step 6: Use your favorite nail paint

If there are toe separators, it is time you use them. If not, you can always tear off pieces of paper towel to roll or twist them like a rope. Weave them through your toes to prevent the nail paint from smudging into the clean surface.

First, apply a thin coat for the base on every nail. Repeat with two more thin coats and let it dry form sometime. If you’re bad at coloring the inside lines, you can use the orange stick for cleanups.

How to maintain pedicure?

Doing a DIY pedicure at home isn’t enough – you have to maintain it until it is time for another session. Any type of cleaning process makes our skin go through dehydration and exfoliation that you cannot repeat every day. (Stendra)

It is best to take measures like bathing well, using moisturizers, keeping toes clean, and wearing slippers all the time. These steps will keep your toe and feet clean for a long time or suffice with regular bathing.

A weekly or biweekly DIY pedicure at home is enough for you. You might also want to experience the at home pedicure vs salon experience, so try heading to a parlor some times too. These will not only let you relax more but also give you tips on how to do it right when doing at home.

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