DIY Remodel Work in Living Rooms While Staying at Home

DIY Remodel Work in Living Rooms

Remodel is to change the structure or form of space. In this context, remodeling is often associated with residential and commercial areas. Albeit the idea of putting creative effort and minimal supply budget can be overwhelming, Do-It-Yourself interior projects are a great choice.  Here are some DIY Remodel Work ideas perfect for your living room that can be done within the comfort of your home.

1. 3D Wallpapers 

3D wallpapers are scattered all over the market, not just physically but also all over the online community. Frequently, materials bought online are more affordable than the actual considering a lot of supplies from the web have discounts or promos. 

When using 3D wallpapers, it is best to estimate the size of the wall you are about to put it on. In this way, you would know the number of wallpapers you need to purchase when you are doing complete remodeling. The key to application is to slowly unroll the wallpaper on one hand and flatten the part being placed on the wall with the other. 

2. Mural

This is another alternative in highlighting your living room space. Murals can be as simple as having a masking tape on the wall arranged in diagonal patterns and fill it in with different colors of paint. If you’re feeling to lean towards a more innovative piece, abstract concepts can be a good start.

Murals can boost the mood of the area as a stimulating zone and a space to be comfortable on.

3. Fabric Paintings 

The fabric can either be bought online or can be from aged and unused clothes and blankets. In this project, any acrylic paint would suffice. 

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When starting with this activity, it is best to free draw the design with a sharp pencil to serve as a guide when putting the paint later on. The best thing about this DIY Remodel Work is you can choose any canvas concept that fits your living room aesthetic.

4. Gallery Wall

The key to an expressive gallery wall is to stack various shapes and sizes of frames. You can make a wall full of family photos, hand-drawn arts, or printed dainty designs from Pinterest.  

Living rooms are usually the introduction of the house, therefore, putting a gallery wall makes a good impression. 


Remodeling your kitchen, bathroom or living room is one of the best coping mechanisms while stuck at home. Having the opportunity and time to be able to express hidden creativity at home is both fulfilling and productive. After all, anything that is done originally is a statement piece.

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