Do Google My Business Reviews Matter? What You Need to Know

Business Reviews Matter

Small businesses thrive and survive on word-of-mouth. It’s been that way for years. You do a good job, people will tell their friends, and you get more business.

Even though the world’s gone digital, you still need to rely on word-of-mouth. That’s how 85% of small businesses get by.

You might want to encourage more online reviews, and you have no shortage of platforms like Facebook, Yelp, and Google My Business reviews.

Do Google reviews matter? There’s a lot to cover in the world of online reviews. Don’t worry, we have your back.

Keep reading to find out if business reviews on Google matter or not.

What Is Google My Business?

Google My Business is the online directory behind local searches on Google. When someone searches for a restaurant, retail store, or other local business, they usually search with “near me.”

Search results will appear with a map and a list of nearby businesses. The businesses that have complete Google My Business listings will have their websites, hours of operation, and images of their business appear, too.

These listings also have reviews and ratings. These are left by customers.

Are Google My Business Reviews Important?

Reviews are just as important as a personal recommendation from a friend. Think about what people need when they search on Google.

They’re ready to make a purchase when they look for a business nearby. They want to make a decision quickly, so they use the information at their disposal. They’ll check out business websites, but reviews are often the deciding factor.

Almost 70% of buyers use online reviews to make a buying decision.

You can easily hop on Google My Business and update your listing. You want to make sure that your name, address, and phone number are correct. You can then take the next steps to get more reviews on Google.

How to Get More Reviews

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Did you know that almost half of Americans don’t leave reviews? It’s going to take a lot of work on your part to get reviews, but the payoff is huge.

What can you do to get more reviews? For starters, just ask your customers. You can have a sign at the check-out window asking people to leave a review.

You can have a reminder on your email signature with a link for people to leave reviews. You can do the same on your website. You can also email your customers to ask for reviews.

If you think you need more ideas, then click for more tips to get Google reviews.

Increase Your Business With Google Reviews

Do Google My Business reviews matter? They sure do!

You do need to earn them every step of the way. Make sure that your business provides a great service and you ask for a review. Prospective buyers will look at the reviews and do business with you.

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