Do Tire Chains Help in Snow?

Your Car Tire Chains

When you are engaged in winter driving, it is important to match your equipment with the conditions. Sometimes it is enough to have good tires under moderately snow conditions, but there are times when that is not sufficient. It is critical to take the terrain into account as well. Hilly, curvy and mountainous roads make it even more difficult for drivers. The best snow chains for cars increase the grip and traction on snow-covered and icy roads. This means less skidding and greater control. Your Car Tire Chains should never be used for ordinary winter driving, but should be reserved for the worst conditions. Drivers should limit how fast they go with chains on, mostly keeping to speeds near or below 30 mph. Best practices for driving on chains include avoiding hard braking and steering clear of bare roads. Used properly, your car tire chains prevent accidents, navigate treacherous conditions and increase peace of mind for drivers.

What the Top 3 Best Snow Chains Are

When choosing car tire chain, you should keep a few things in mind. Always select a product that matches the size, diameter and width of your tires. Make sure the chains are properly installed so they will not come loose or shift too much while driving. Look for a quality manufacturer such as Quality Chain Corp, a leading supplier of chains in the U.S. With these things in mind, you should be able to find chains that match your vehicle and give you confidence in tough conditions. Here are three proven chains that have stood the test of time:

  1. Quality Chain Cobra cable passenger snow traction tire chain
  2. Quality Chain 25lbs single mount cam-style highway service chain
  3. Quality Chain truck V-bar non-cam tire snow chain

There is a huge selection available, so you should always be able to fit your vehicle. You can look at different materials (steel, nickel, titanium alloy), link type, chain pattern and fitting. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when looking to find the best chains for your ride.

When Should You Put on Your Tire Chains?

The best time to put on your chains is when you need them. This often means you will need to put on your chains while on the road. Many mountainous areas provide chain stations that provide flat areas to install the chains. Just pull over and get to work. With a little practice you can install them in fifteen minutes or less. Taking them off should  take even less time. By saving them for snowy or icy conditions, the chains should last a long time and be there when you need them.

Tires are important to winter driving, but it is also important to winterize your car in other ways as well. Don’t forget these essential actions:

  • Check and charge the battery
  • Check all fluids
  • Change wiper blades as needed
  • Place an emergency kit in your vehicle
  • Bring a cellphone and charger on every trip

Winter driving is all about staying safe when the roads turn slippery. Be sure to get your vehicle in shape with the best products that make keep you warm and on the road.

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