Early signs of ageing? Check out this cream and get rid of them

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Skin is like a flower that needs continuous pampering and proper care to avoid signs of ageing appear prematurely. Ageing is a common issue, which results from the weakening of the internal support structure due to environment and lifestyle. Imagine you saw a picture of yourself smiling in a groupie and then you zoom it, it appears out only to reveal crease and wrinkles. Most of the men don’t recognize the ageing causes and even if they do, they fail to get rid of them because of inadequate knowledge.

To understand ageing causes better, here are some signs, which can help you-

Crow’s feet: The first signs of ageing start in early 20’s around the eyes in the form of crow’s feet and dropping of upper eyelids making the eyes look smaller.

Skin tanning: Lack of sun protection is also a major cause of skin ageing. Avoiding usage of sunscreen causes interior damage in the skin that results in dark spots. The harmful UV rays cause hyperpigmentation making our skin dark and uneven tone, which shows the dark circles under eyes.

Dullness: As we go down the line, dullness is not one of the uncommon ageing causes resulting in losing the glamorous glow from the skin. It may have occurred due to lack of sleep, super stressed atmosphere, and lack of a healthy diet.

It is very important to maintain a skin care routine to avoid appearing of ageing signs and while there are several factors, which directly affects the skin quality and texture, there are ways to deal with this incurable process.

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To prevent premature skin ageing, here are some tips recommended by experts-

Protect skin from the sun: Whether you spend the day at the beach or running through the streets, using a sun protection cream is a must. Use sunscreen with a broad spectrum and water resistant and stop getting tanned.

Moisturizing the skin: Moisturisers are a boon to skin and it helps in hiding of dark spots, hyperpigmentations and also lessens the wrinkles before they appear. It also traps the water in our skin keeps our it fresh and hydrated, leaving a more youthful appearance.

Healthy diet: Eating plenty of fruits and green leafy vegetables contributes to preventing damages caused due to ageing. Avoid eating too many sugary products and other refined carbohydrates.

Anti-ageing creams are packed with most essential ingredients such as Moringa, which is claimed to be a healing plant and Shea contains various vitamins such as vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Vitamin D and a number of anti-oxidants that penetrates deep in to the skin and helps in reducing fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet in no time while keeping the skin tight, and firm.

Some anti-ageing creams also combine the former with coco butter, which is high in anti-oxidant and combat with free radicals that cause skin pigmentation, dull skin, and many other ageing causes. It also acts as a inflammatory substance, which resists your skin against the ravages of time.

The advantages of using anti-ageing creams are

  • It is a natural product. So stop worrying about side effects.
  • The cream is applicable to all regardless of the skin type.
  • It does not contain sulphate or paraben.
  • It balances the moisture levels for different skin types and gives you a radiant glow.
  • The cream is a part of skin rejuvenation mechanism as it helps in removing the dead skin cells and restoring proper functioning of skin pores.
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Choose the right product

Out of various anti-ageing products go for the ones that   fewer chemicals and try to stick to natural ones. Anti-ageing creams for men containing Curcuma Longa (Turmeric),  Extract, Tocopheryl (Vitamin E)  can be the best ones to opt for as they have many benefitting properties.

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