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The career life


Thousands of famous personalities belong to different sectors of life and entertain the general public. But not all of them get fame, such as entertainment industry celebrities. Elizabeth Huberdeau is a name you might have heard a lot in the past. Her name is an example of the fact that people tend to talk more about the families of the celebrities rather than the celebrities themselves. If we say that the entertainment industry has some of the names that are ranked above all, it would not be a lie.

One of the most important sectors is the sports sector, especially wrestling, which is watched worldwide, and there are diehard fans of wrestling who do not miss a single game. The people associated with this sector are not just famous. Their families are also on the list of the famed personalities. Every now and then, we encounter some questions regarding these personalities on the internet. In this article, you will learn every detail regarding Elizabeth Huberdeau.

Who is Elizabeth Huberdeau?

Before getting into the details, it is of the utmost importance that we provide the general public with an introduction to the person in question. So, for those who are not well acquainted with the name, it might be a piece of news that Elizabeth is the wife of the famous wrestler John Cena.

Who is Elizabeth Huberdeau?

Even this reference is enough to understand that she is a lucky woman. This was the only reason that brought her into the spotlight. Her husband, John Cena, is a famous wrestler and an actor too. The fans of the famous wrestler are curious to know more about his wife and where she is now since they’re not together anymore.

The birth details

If we look at the available details, we will know that Elizabeth Huberdeau opened her eyes in this world on 28th September 1979. Thus, as of 2022, she is only 43 years old. Although her looks tell us otherwise. A single look at the date of birth will help you understand that the star has the zodiac sign Libra.

The birth details

Name and birthplace 

Also, if we talk about the name of the celebrity in question, we will know that her real name is Elizabeth Huberdeau, but due to her marriage with John Cena, she is also known as Liz Cena. Most people wonder about the place of birth of Elizabeth. So, let us tell you that she was born in West Newbury, Massachusetts, USA.

Nationality and ethnicity

After discussing the birth details, the most important question about any personality is regarding nationality. So, let us tell you that Elizabeth Huberdeau is an American national, and if we talk about her ethnicity, then she is a White American.

The height and weight of Elizabeth  

If you are discussing the life details of a female personality, then it would not be concluded until or unless we mention the physical details of that person. Thus, if we look, we will come to know that the height of the star wife stands at the mark of 5 feet and 7 inches. Also, if we talk about the second most important thing on the list, the star’s weight, then we will come to know that her weight stands at the mark of 66 kg.

The height and weight of Elizabeth  

Physical measurements

Now, if we move on to the physical measurements, we will come to know that the physical aspect measurements of the chest, waist, and hip stand at the mark of 32, 38, and 40 inches, respectively. Also, we have been able to get some information regarding her shoe size, which is 6 according to US standards. If we say that her black eyes and brown hair make her a stunning woman, then this would not be wrong.

The career life

The star wife, Elizabeth Huberdeau, is not a house woman. She has built a career for herself, and the details help us understand that the star wife is currently involved in the Real estate business and was also a model in the past.

The career life

The net worth

Due to her career and modeling, she has accumulated a fortune for herself. Currently, the net worth of Elizabeth Huberdeau is standing at the mark of $10 million, which is fascinating, and not many people can make this fortune in a lifetime.

The relationship details

wife. People want to know more about her personal life. Thus if we look, we will come to know that she got in touch with the famous wrestler and actor John Cena while both of them were completing their graduation from the school. As a result of this, they became friends.

The marriage and divorce

But later on, they decided to take their relationship up a notch. Thus, as a result, they got involved in a romantic relationship. Later on, this relationship ended up with both marrying each other. They lived a happy life for almost 3 years, but later on, their marriage witnessed an end, and they got on their separate ways. This was very shocking for the fans.

The second marriage

Also, if we talk about the current status of Elizabeth Huberdeau, then we will come to know that after divorcing the famous wrestler, she met Eli Ayoub. After a relationship of almost three months, she got married. Currently, she is married to Eli, and the data help us understand that she has no child.

The death rumors

Many people think that Elizabeth Huberdeau died a few years back, and since there was no social media activity from the famous star wife, we cannot confirm the fact. Also, some reports state that the star wife is still alive. Since we have no information on hand, therefore, confirming this detail might be harder.

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Elizabeth Huberdeau is a famous personality, and people have followed her smallest details since she married the famous star. Although people are sad about the couple’s split, they want her to have all the happiness in her life.

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