ENT Clinic Singapore – Things That You Should Know Before You Visit

ENT Clinic Singapore

All of us are busy with our own lives and you may have not wondered that sometimes we tend to get sick and forget to take care of our well-being unknowingly. The ears, nose, and throat are some of the most likely parts of our body to exhibit discomfort when we overwhelm ourselves, and if you still care about yourself visiting an ENT specialist would be the next thing that you need to do. 

Worry not, because ear nose specialists like those at an entspecialistsingapore.com can help you with a checkup, it just a matter of finding out whether that clinic is the right one for you. Given the fact that there are questions that you need to have answers first, before considering that particular clinic, you would probably ask yourself with questions like what’s the cost of seeing an ENT specialist? Is there a need for a subspecialist for your condition? Or do the clinics have the necessary medical equipment? Moreover, as a patient you should be responsible for asking these types of questions because it would not be them who would suffer the consequences, it is you, and it is your overall well-being we’re talking about.

If you find yourself looking for an ENT specialist, you can get in touch with Dr Dennis Chua and schedule an appointment. Dr Chua is a Singapore-based Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) surgeon with a Facial Plastics & Reconstructive Surgery subspecialty focus. He studied locally in Singapore, and obtained his further qualifications from Edinburgh (United Kingdom) and also did his fellowship in the USA.

Dr. Chua graduated with a medical degree from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and then completed his Otolaryngology (ENT) training in Singapore. He has been accredited as a specialist in Otolaryngology from Singapore and is fully accredited as a specialist in ear, nose, and throat.

You may pay him a visit at #08-02 Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre Singapore 228510, or you may schedule an appointment with him by calling this number: (65) 6235-3886.

1. What is an ENT Clinic?

The ENT clinic is a medical center that is devoted to caring for patients that have ear defects, hearing loss, balance and nose problems, sinuses, sleep, allergy and throat disorders, speech and neck changes in both children and adults; strictly speaking, concerns that would involve the head and the neck.

Their services comprise of:

  • Facial and reconstructive surgery
  • Cochlear implants
  • Rhinology and sinus surgery
  • Speech-language pathology and voice clinic
  • Tinnitus clinic
  • Snoring treatments

Specific diagnostic tests and screenings may be available, such as speech audiometry, pure tones audiometry, play audiometry, impedance audiometry, and video otoscopy. Also available for every need and budget are high-quality hearing aids.

2. Who Should Undergo and Expected Results?

After a primary physician or a pediatrician referred the patient to an ENT specialist, a general ENT consultation is performed. This might be because there may be a more severe condition underlying the disease that the initial treatment wasn’t able to apprehend. The extent of the disease or symptoms was too inconspicuous to the former treatments such as medications, that did not yield the expected results. 

A good candidate is those that have symptoms that have worsened and have started to affect their daily activities. Fever, loss of appetite and fatigue are some of the typical signs of infection in the ear, nose, and throat. Also, if the patient is having problems with balance including dizziness, as well as injury to the ears, nose, and throat. Another consultation can be conducted before the patient goes through a reconstructive or cosmetic surgery.

Patients should take note that another otolaryngologist can be asked for a second opinion if they are having some concerns about the initial diagnosis.

3. How Does the Procedure Work?

A patient can visit an ENT clinic after getting a recommendation or referral from their primary care physician. The patient must make an appointment with an ENT specialist. During the appointment, the staff will conduct the normal medical procedure of obtaining the patient’s personal information, medical history and medical records, which are normally referred to as the ENT specialist by the primary doctor.

Afterward, the ENT specialist will review the patient’s medical details and inquire about the reason for the appointment. Then, through a physical exam and other tests like nasolaryngoscopy, he will examine the origin of the symptoms of the disease. The results are usually available immediately or published within the daytime. In some cases, for example in a biopsy, it may take a few weeks to wait.

Recommended therapies may include quitting smoking and alcohol, lifestyle changes, and dietary changes. Since conditions affecting the ears, nose, and throat may be complex, the ENT doctor may also refer the patient to other professionals, such as a neurologist, an allergist, an oncologist or an audiologist.  All doctors are expected to work together for the patient’s benefit.

A patient may be scheduled for one or more appointments, each lasting at least half an hour, depending on the state of the patient.

4. Possible Risks and Complications

Depending on the condition’s nature will mean it will take some time before a proper diagnosis can be made. Nonetheless, this can be upsetting for the patient that he or she may no longer pursue further consultations.

Some of the ENT tests can also cause complications to the affected site or surrounding tissue, such as swelling, bleeding or trauma. Nevertheless, these complications are often mild and are usually resolved with care within a few days.

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