EssayLib Review: Essay Writing Service for Busy College Students

Essay Writing Service for Busy College Students

EssayLib is a professional essay writing service operating in this market for more than a decade. And now, with a stunning redesign of their website being launched, it is time to make a review of the services they offer now and other aspects of their work. 

Prices stayed the same — affordable and predictable

Call us money-minded if you will, but when it comes to getting services online, we prefer to make sure the prices are affordable from the very beginning. With an impressive design update often comes some cost increase, and it is only logical. However, here, EssayLib owners decided to keep the prices as they were. 

You can buy a high-school essay starting with $10 per page, and Undergrad paper starting with $14. Real good, as for a service with more than a decade presence in the market. Who knows, maybe the secret for their longevity is aware of how much students are ready to spend on their academic papers. 

The pricing policy is predictable and easy to understand. The final cost, as usual, depends on the proximity of the deadline, the number of pages you need, and your year of education. Again, as usual, the best way to save money by making your order is to place it as early as possible. You can save up to 60% of the final cost this way. So, good planning is good for your budget.

Even more disciplines to choose from

The world never stops spinning, and EssayLib doesn’t stop adding new disciplines in their list and hiring field specialists. Previously it was hard to find a company willing to take you AI or Machine Learning order, now, you can address with service and get a truly professional writer assigned. Narrow specialists are the pride of EssayLib — they find authors, test, train them, and do their best to keep them for years. There have been writers working for this service since day one, can you imagine?

Many returning clients request the same writer to be assigned to their new orders, and it is a sign of quality. We know, EssayLib managers go the extra mile to motivate writers, but also, they try hard to keep them in the game. It is not an unusual situation for any specialist to get a little too relaxed after a year or two of successful work. However, customers should not suffer, and the same quality level should be maintained. Every paper of every writer is graded by editors. To keep getting orders, writers should keep the rating of their papers high. It is a simple and very efficient policy.

Some may argue that hiring extra editors to do this proofreading and rating job is a waste of money, and, actually, can increase the price of papers, but it is not true. Writing services thrive on word of mouth. Good reputation brings much more money than spent on editors. Also, if a student gets a low-quality paper, he/she is entitled to a full or partial refund. It is a significant loss of money, and EssayLib prefers proofreading and editing to pay back and to lose face.

User-friendly interface and no hidden costs

With the redesign of the website, buying essays online with this service became an even more pleasant experience. Everything you need is on the front page, there are zero unnecessary details and advertisements. Every screen answers some needs and explains how the service actually works. You can click “Get a free inquiry” from the first screen and proceed to request some information about your order. If you know all the needed details, and just want your paper written, choose a “Place an order” button and proceed with the order form.

An order form is another state of the art — you don’t waste even one minute of your life dealing with it. Just follow the hints and questions, and you will be done in no time. If you don’t have many additional materials to add, then you can deal with placing an order on the go, so simple it is. However, if some serious paper is on stake, it is better to do it from a PC, scan/photo lecture notes and some info from your books, make sure that all the instructions are listed.

There are no hidden payments or extra costs — you choose what to pay for in the order form. You can choose the Progressive Delivery option and receive a paper part by part, or you can request a copy of the sources mentioned in the reference list of your paper, with all the links. There are lots of details which can make your buying process easier, and your paper better, but you should choose wisely. For example, if you are an ESL student, especially in your freshman year, it is not a wise move to pay for an ENL author writing your paper. Or, if your order is not supposed to be more than 4-5 pages, don’t overpay for Progressive Delivery.

A set of guarantees that can’t be ignored

Last but not least, your experience with EssayLib is fully protected by the set of guarantees every client gets even without placing an order. It sounds a bit strange, but it is the way it is. For example, when you place a free inquiry, you share some information about your order, your year of education, etc. Your confidentiality is guaranteed — this or any other type of information will never be disclosed to the third parties, and you addressing EssayLib for help will always stay a secret.

Also, it is guaranteed that your paper will be delivered on time and written entirely from scratch. The plagiarism-free guarantee ensures 100% originality. 

EssayLib is a quality service with a modern, user-friendly design, custom approach to every order, and more than a decade of experience. 


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