Essential Marketing Platforms for Realtors in 2021

Essential Marketing Platforms for Realtors in 2021

When you’re choosing between online platforms for connecting with your clients, you’re not just talking about where you might invest your marketing spend. You’re talking about where you’re investing your time. For Realtors in 2021, that’s one of the most valuable things you have.

With that said, this article breaks down some of the advantages of each platform for Realtors in 2021. Use them well so you can get the most for the time you invest there.

1. Facebook For Realtors in 2021

Most of your clients are on Facebook. When it comes to choosing your essential marketing platforms, one of the key qualities to look for is where your clients are at, and Facebook has this covered in spades.

Key areas for real estate agents to take advantage of are networking in local Facebook groups, Facebook display ads, and videos.

The local Facebook groups are a good way to have your face seen and establish yourself as a part of your local community. This isn’t a place to directly advertise yourself, but to be seen regularly as a helpful part of the community. Comment with good information where relevant.

You’ll want to get familiar with the Facebook Ads Manager. This is where you can learn to create targeted display ads to show to your potential clients. If you have a mailing list, you can use those emails to create a “Lookalike Audience”, a particularly powerful tool for online marketing.

Video content has proven to be more powerful on social media. On Facebook, you can take advantage of this by posting short relevant videos. One great area to consider taking advantage of is Facebook live. Your audience will be able to watch the video later if they’re not online. They will get a notification when you go live, which is unique to the live feature. This is a good way to make yourself available to your audience and answer any questions they may have.

2. MailChimp to Stay In Touch

You need to have an email newsletter. It’s a great way to keep in touch with your audience. You can collect people’s emails on your website. Make sure you have an opt-in form so people are knowingly signing up. You can encourage people to sign up for your mailing list in person, on Facebook, and on your business cards.

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Getting in your clients inboxes is an easy way to give them the information they most want. Don’t send them anything irrelevant, make sure your emails are as useful as possible. This is an opportunity to prove yourself as the best resource for what they want to know.

Mailchimp has been in the email marketing game for a long time. They have good features you can use to set up automations. This will allow you to set up drip campaigns where you write a few emails to automatically send over a period of time to catch them up with helpful real estate information on the local area or your services.

3. YouTube for Real Estate Agents

YouTube is owned by Google. When people perform searches on Google, they will often see YouTube videos at the top of the search results. This gives your videos a boost in visibility when you engage on this platform.

YouTube can be a great place to create “evergreen content”. Evergreen content means videos that will still be relevant a month or a year from now. Here is a great place to establish a catalog of videos where you establish yourself as a real estate expert in your local area. Post videos talking about the best neighborhoods for families.

Give information on some of the best restaurants in the area, or the best gyms. Offer a rundown of the types of houses people are buying in your area. The more helpful you can be to those who find your videos, the better.

4. Zillow Premier Agent App

Today, people check online listings before they connect with an agent. Many people surf their local Zillow listings years before they’re able to buy a home. They’re keeping the dream alive while they save up their down payment to make their dreams come true.

On platforms like Facebook or YouTube, you are offering your potential audience information when they aren’t yet looking for a home. They are on those platforms checking for updates from their family or friends. They are reading memes. You’re trying to grab their attention while they are there doing other things. On Zillow, they are actively looking at homes. This is your opportunity to grab their attention and connect while they are in that space.

It’s worth investing and connecting on the Zillow Premier Agent App because you get some unique features. By using the premier app, you get to be the exclusive agent on your listings. You also get to advertise on other people’s listings.

When you get on Zillow, take the time to build your profile over time. Fill out your profile as much as you can. Encourage your clients to give you ratings so you can build reviews. The more you build, the better your results will be connecting with clients here.

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Be Different with Wise Pelican Postcards

While so much emphasis these days is placed on digital marketing, direct mail postcards are still an effective method of marketing, especially in real estate. Wise Pelican specializes in real estate postcards, require no minimums, and provide plenty of fully customizable templates.

Plus, they provide you with the ability to purchase mailing lists in your target area, track your mailings, and can even do a custom design for you. Demonstrating expertise is important in real estate, and postcards provide a tangible option for Realtors in 2021.

6. For Building Connections

With Facebook and YouTube, you have the opportunity to connect with a wide audience with video content. is something different entirely. This network may be new to you. It will likely be new to your clients as well. But it’s a unique way to build a better, deeper connection with your clients.

This platform makes it easy for you to send video emails to your individual clients. You can of course record one video that is unique enough and send it whenever it is relevant. For example, you could prerecord a welcome email for new clients and a few videos that answer common questions. You can then send your clients those emails as those topics come up. However, the real charm of BombBomb is the ability to send very personalized video messages.

This is a strong way to build business relationships with your clients. The platform does cost some money, but if you decide to really use this to build your brand and your word-of-mouth marketing over time, you can get a lot out of it. The tool makes personal video messaging much easier than doing it on your own.

Choose Your Marketing Platforms Wisely

When you’re looking at your weekly schedule, consider how much time you have for marketing. How much time can you invest in Facebook this week? What do you hope to accomplish in that time? Any one of these platforms can easily become a drain on your time and schedule.

It’s too easy to get lost in them doing something else. Remember your goal every time you sign on and focus on doing your best to connect with your real estate clients for the Realtors in 2021, build your brand, and get the most from your marketing efforts.

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