Esteban Loaiza Bio Career, Wives, Affairs & Net Worth

Esteban Loaiza Bio Career, Wives, Affairs & Net Worth


It is the curse of time to forget anything once time passes. Similarly, many great names once known for their performances in different walks of life are now simple nobodies. But Esteban Loaiza is not one of them. Esteban Loaiza Bio career, wives, affairs & net worth are some details that you will never be able to forget. Every new tournament and league in the sports sector gives rise to a new name, and that person gets fame in the world instantly. But it is not the trick to gain fame, but maintaining it is rather the most difficult job in the world. Most of the players of different sports categories have lost their fame only because they could not manage it properly.

Esteban Loaiza is one of the most famous names that you will ever find in Baseball history. Especially when it comes to the National Baseball League, you will not find any name more famous than Esteban. His flourishing career in the latter part of the 1990s and the earlier 2000’s was extremely admirable, and people all over the world adored his performance. His stats were extremely amazing, and they became the sole reason for his identity buildup in the sports sector. Not many baseball players have encountered such a run in their life. He retired in 2008 and terminated his gaming career.

The details to know

As mentioned above, fame management is not something you can achieve over time. It depends upon the personal qualities of a person. Similarly, Esteban can also be categorized among the few names of the sports sector for which the love of the sports lovers and fans was not enough. Even the gained success and fame seemed to be very little for him. Thus, people with such feelings tend to bend the laws and break them to satisfy their craving for more. A similar incident was also recorded about the famous Esteban Loaiza. Drug trafficking is not something that most public or state machinery admires. Esteban Loaiza Bio Career, Wives, Affairs & Net Worth is the main topic at different areas these days. 

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  The details to know

Even though his career termination was not very pleasant, his run was still extremely extraordinary, and he had an amazing career till his retirement. People have always been craving for the personal details of the Baseball star, and now is the perfect time to share them with the public. Below we have mentioned some of the most important details of Esteban’s personal and professional life that will surely catch your attention.

  • Full Name Esteban Antonio Loaiza Veyna
  • Nick Name Esteban Loaiza
  • Date of Birth December 31st, 1971
  • Place of Birth Tijuana Mexico
  • Nationality Mexican
  • Ethnicity Latin

Some precise details that are more than satisfactory 

One of the biggest questions from the fans and admirers is always about the religion of their favorite star and celebrity. Still, unfortunately, nothing has been shared with the public regarding the religious beliefs of the famous player. The star completed his education at the Mar Vista High School. Plus, the fans and admirers who are wondering about the horoscope of the famous player must know that Esteban is Capricorn. Now they can correlate. Let’s take a look at the family information. The father of the famous player is Luis Antonio Loaiza, and the name of his mother is recorded as Maria del Socorro Veyna. He has two siblings, a brother, and a sister. The names of the siblings are Sabino Loaiza and Maria Loaiza accordingly. 

  Some precise details that are more than satisfactory 

The most interesting facts regarding a sports personality are the personal and physical details, which are the ones that the fans are looking for. Esteban has a height of 1.88 m, or on another scale, he is 6 feet and 2 inches tall. That is a great height. Plus, coming to the weight category, his weight was recorded as 104 kg. That is something truly eye-catching. With dark brown hair and hazel colored eyes, he surely knew his place in the field. Also, he always had a particular impact on the fans. As of now, the star is almost 50 years of age.

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Relationship details

Suppose we talk about the relationship details of the famous player; then, he is recorded to be married twice. The names of his ex-wives are Christina Tadora Varrasso and Jenny Rivera. He was married for the first time in 1998 but later got divorced in 2004. The second marriage with Jenni Rivera ended when she died before the divorce. However, their marriage was a few years old. But this is not the complete relationship detail of Esteban Loaiza. In fact, according to the available information, he does have three different girlfriends at different times.

  Relationship details

Ashley Esposito, Cristina Eustace, and Ross Labra are the girls who remained in a relationship with Esteban. The player also has two children from his girlfriends. Esteban Sage is his son from Ashley Esposito and the second son Esteban Loaiza Eustace is from Christina Eustace. Since the famous star in question has been a part of the sports industry for a long time, people have always speculated about his net worth. But according to the statistical details available in the data of 2019, it is evident that the cumulative net worth of Esteban Loaiza is $5 Million.

Intimate details

Although the star had a great run, he had experienced several legal issues after his retirement. The charges that he faced included speeding and drug trafficking. The star is also diagnosed to have Type II Diabetes. Currently, he is told to be in the Federal Prison of the USA.


Although the famous star had a great run in his career and got fame that is not easy to achieve, the legal issues that he ended up in totally messed up his career. All the details mentioned above that the fans of Esteban Loaiza want to know are completely up to date. They have been gathered recently after an investigation that concluded in January 2022. Thus, this is the most recent information about Esteban on the internet. This was all about Esteban Loaiza Bio Career, Wives, Affairs & Net Worth.

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