Event Tech Trends That Shaped 2019

Event Tech Trends That Shaped 2019

Research conducted by Statista, in 2016, event industry earned $30.3 billion dollars from worldwide as well as $29.3 billion dollars revenue was in 2015. The revenue generated in the United States was 43.6%, 14.4% from European markets, 19.8% from other markets, 5.8% earned in the UK and 14.4% from the remaining world.

There is no doubt event industry is emerging gradually and the revolution in technology promote this industry better than the past. Event industry trend has changed because the use of technology tools. Usually, business organizations organize events fornew product launch, business events, business meeting, grand openings, company trade show, for increase the customer relationship, services and sales, for training workshops, educational surveys etc.

With the use of technology electronic devices such as Tablets, iPad’s and other related devices company endorse their events and engaged the audience effectively. Business organizations must need these devices for their events. Therefore most of the companies hire these technology devices rather than buy it. Generally, companies hire tablets and other related products from Tablet Hirecompanies for short terms of a period at a cheap price.

Here is list of technology trends:

  • Virtual Reality
  • Mobile app
  • Chatbots
  • Social media marketing

Virtual Reality

 The biggest and successful achievement of 21st century is the revolution in virtual reality. Virtual reality finish the distance between event and the attendee. Attendee could take part in the event from anywhere the world. People get a remarkable experience from the event. Virtual reality enhances the relationship between customer and company. Through the virtual reality, people could see the 360 degree view of event. VR technology literally expensive, therefore many companies don’t use this technology. But use of this technology in event will be a highly effective step for customer’s interaction.There is no uncertainty, show them to the audience what your company and brand is and what the purpose of your business event is better rather than the telling them exhaustive stories

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Mobile app

In 2019, there are many ways to engage with attendee and give them a better experience rather than the past. People of new world, want information in just one click. Therefore mobile app is also necessary for event. Now a days, Mobile apps practically ubiquitous. Through the mobile app, people could get information about event location, session details, about event organizers, also new updates and information of event.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing plays a key role before, during and after the event. Social media marketing is a powerful and famous technology tool which use to engage the audience throughout the event.

Here are some simple ideas on how you can get that:

Updates through Event social media channel

Social platform Twitter has its own value for event promotion. Most of event organizer display the twitter wall, and through the twitter live wall, people saw their tweets and ideas which they had shared with other attendees. Event organizers used Instagram for photo sharing of event and also YouTube for video sharing, and other hand they use Facebook for live stream of events.

Therefore,the availability of iPad is essential for every single attendee. In London,many companies offer the IPad rental services. Normally business organizationhire the iPad from iPad rental London companies for their events or a short terms of period.


Chatbots are also the best instance of how machine effect on the business events. With the capability of chatbots, the attendee could get support about every query during the event through a computer program which pretends the human conversation. Chatbots could be the reason of money and time saving for organizations. Chatbots answers the attendee questions and queries.

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