Fashion Trends for Best Fall Outfits for Women Over 50

fall outfits for women

Did someone say that your fashion game needs to get over now that you are almost 50? Well, you do not have to pay heed to all of that because you are finally approaching the golden years of your life. We are already fascinated by the Hollywood beauties Salma Hayek, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry, and so on. They are all above 50 and still on top of their fashion game. However, since your fashion sense has now matured along with your age, it’s time you take your game one level higher. In this article, we will help you with a list of the best fall outfits for women.

The young crowd is more about distressed and ripped pieces of denim and all kinds of wacky patterns. However, it is not that necessary that you follow the same trend to stay calm. Dressing up is about comfort and attitude, and we some fresh ideas to help you look great. Now that you are leaping, a lot of research and guidance from above-50 fashionistas is of great help.

Fantastic ideas for fall outfits for women

We are presenting the list below for you to be a part of fall fashion 2019. Check out the fresh outfit combinations and attract all the attention when you step out.

Team up your striped sweaters with trousers that will reach your ankles

Keep away your dull, monotone sweaters away for a few days and shift to the colorful, striped ones. Now, you have to stop thinking that stripes won’t suit your age because you are wrong here. Stripes suit people of all ages, and you will surely be able to pull them off. Next, you have to keep away those loose sweat pants and shift to stylish trousers that are ankle-length. They do not have to be too tight or too loose. Such pants are just the perfect fit and extremely comfortable casual fall outfits 2019.

Image: Zara

Layer your fashion game with cardigans, scarves and so on

It is a problem that a lot of fifty-plus women feel that they have already entered the shabby zone. However, the truth is just the opposite. It is ideally the best time of your life you are living right now. Women indeed age like fine wine, and so, it is your responsibility to keep justifying the saying.

Try all the different patterns and cuts in the form of sweaters, cardigans, and various jackets. Fall outfits for women look the best when they are stylish, classy, and sophisticated, all-in-one. Along with the layers, the best idea to complete the entire look is by wrapping a pretty scarf around your neck. What is better is that you can try out different ways of wearing a scarf too. Feel comfortable because you can never go wrong with such cute fall outfits 2018.

Image: dhresource

Prints and colors

Wear bright and bold colors, no matter what age you are because that won’t hurt anyone. Bright colors will give you a positive vibe and make you feel cheerful. Also, why not dress up in a way so that you can stand out from the crowd? So, what you can do is when you choose fall outfits for women, keep anyone color very bright and bold and go softer on the rest.

It will be the same case when you are wearing various prints and florals. Whether you want to wear small or big prints entirely depends on your body type and your choice. However, always make sure that you do not team a print with another. For example, if you wish to wear a printed sweater, go for a soft-tone trouser in a single color.

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Image: Nasty Gal

Go Boho!

A list of fall outfit ideas 2019 cannot be complete without mentioning the Bohemian look. Try some printed tanks, palazzos, pants and so on. Accessorize with bright colored overcoats, bandanas, scarves, and more. Talking about jewelry, silver all the way when you want to get a Bohemian look.

Image: Venus

Denim is evergreen

Dark or washed denim that has elastic waists and does not dig deep into the tummy is preferable. Anyway, denim is evergreen and is age-irrelevant. So, fall outfits for women cannot go wrong if you are choosing denim. To get into more detail, go for bootcut jeans because they suit older women more than any other pattern. However, you must ditch the old brands and try the newer, more innovative brands. It is because they are continuously upgrading their fashion line to cater to all the age groups, including the 40s and 50s.

Now the next question is what to wear along with those stylish jeans. You can either wear smart monotone jumpers since we are talking about casual fall outfits 2019. If you want a more edgy look, go for denim shirts in lighter tones and team them up with a chunky belt. An extra tip is that boots go well if you are trying to put up the perfect denim look.

Image: Missguided

The casual and comfortable look suits everyone

Focus on the silhouette even if you are going to choose only the casual fall outfits for women. Try some flowy knee-length skirts and dresses. Team them up with chunky belts and cute graphic tees. You can wrap a scarf around your neck or try a beautiful and comfortable jacket to enhance your look.

The point is to be comfortable in whatever you are wearing, so here you have a lot of liberty of choosing casual fall outfits 2019. Moreover, forget tight and fitted dresses and bodycon because neither they are comfortable nor do they look casual. Cotton and chiffon are usually the best and most comfortable materials.

Who said skinny fits are no more your thing?

Ignore people who try to spoil your fashion game by telling you that you cannot wear fitted clothes. Choose fall outfits for women carefully, and it is not a problem if you are still comfortable wearing skinny pants and leggings. You have to know how to combine them with tops. Wear tops that reach below your hips and add some blazers, jackets, and scarves to enhance the look.

Chunky, silver neckpieces, and beads go well in terms of accessories. If you are confused about the material to choose, we have that sorted for you as well. Linen, satin, and chambray tops with skinny leggings and jeans look very classy, stylish, and sophisticated.

Embrace the season with a chic dress

A little red, black or white dress is kind of the best thing you have for any season because you can wear it in different ways. If it is summer, you wear it casually or during Spring, and you can team it up with bright and colorful accessories. However, if you take a look at the fall fashion 2019 trends, you will see how nicely you can combine a little dress with a chic jacket and high-end boots. You will look glamorous and drop-dead-gorgeous whenever you step out for an event or party in this look.

The ultimate of all fall outfits for women

Think about the combination of Hot pink and bright red jackets, loads of woolen scarves, and long boots. Does that feel comfortable? Then you are ready to sport the ultimate examples of fall fashion 2019.

Go out, drink some hot latte and gossip with your friends. The Fall season is about everything warm, and here you are-fifty and super-awesome. As said earlier, do not feel that all the fun is over because you have just started living the best part of your life.

Tips to enhance fall wardrobe

Let us pick up some useful tips that will help you enhance your wardrobe

Here is a list of a few tips that you might find helpful while choosing casual fall outfits 2019

  • Understand the hemline length because it does not have to be too long or too short to be perfect. The best length is when it falls just a little below the knee.
  • Learn how to balance out bold colors, and please do not shy away from them.
  • Shoo away all the sloppy and loose-fitting clothes and shift to well-fitted garments and silhouettes.
  • You must avoid an entire loose look. For example, if you are wearing a loose top, combine with a tight lower and vice versa.
  • Avoid clingy clothes and choose well-draped dresses
  • Cardigans are all the way better than oversized tops
  • Choose the correct lingerie and shapewear to make clothes look well-fitted.
  • Try to choose prints and patterns that complement the shape of your body well.
  • The game-changer of the entire look is, of course, all the accessories.
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Best women fashion blogs

Well, we are almost done with the outfit suggestions. It is time to take a look at some of the best fashion blogs that you can use for reference.

Accidental Icon

The rebellious and cheerful Lyn Slater is slaying with her hashtag “age is not available.” She is an absolute go-getter and has overcome all fashion barriers. However, she does not feel different because, according to her, you must dress for yourself and not dress up according to how people want you to or your age. She says there is no barrier to fashion, and you can wear what you feel makes you comfortable and beautiful from inside. You can follow her latest updates on her official Instagram handle.

Not Dead Yet Style

Here we present Patty Gibbons, the no-nonsense blogger who started blogging quite late in life. She took inspiration from the youngest fashion bloggers and is now already stealing the show. The smart woman encourages all other above 50 women to dress up the way they want to.

According to Gibbons, it is never too late to leave wearing fitted dresses and sexy silhouettes. We are young till we feel it inside, and so there is no harm in listening to your own heart while picking fall outfits for women. She promotes and encourages women to choose realistic and natural fashion because that is what she thinks makes a woman evergreen and classy.

Not Dressed as a Lamb

Catherine strongly feels that you do not have to make your style game go boring just because you are aging. The blog is her 39th birthday gift to herself, and she is since going strong. Catherine is one edgy and bold woman with her style sense that includes red hair, formal dresses, fedora hats, long skirts, and so on. She is showing the world what aging like fine wine looks like. The epitome of boldness and grace, Catherine is an inspiration to all 50 something women out there.

The Middle Page Blog

Cathy has always been a stylish woman and was leading her fashion game actively until the time she got the reality check. While she was following the younger lot of fashion bloggers, she realized that her style needs a drastic change now that she was more mature. Therefore, Cathy started her new blog for women of her age. She started becoming an idol for all middle-aged women, simultaneously giving millennials fierce competition and run for their fashion sense too.

Senior Style Bible

Would you believe that the creator of this blog is the 83-year old Dorrie Jacobson? Her age is already an inspiration to several women. Moreover, that pixie haircut, those big hoops, and edgy stilettoes make her the style icon of this era. The fashion philosophy she follows will make you think about your choices twice. She has the best way to blend the best colors, patterns, and cuts to compliment her age.

Final thoughts

There are so many middle-aged women around us who feel that shopping at this age is quite a daunting task. However, when you start reading the list of the best fall outfits for women here, you will understand how the fashion industry is increasing and highly volatile. They surely work continuously, keeping in mind all the age groups.

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