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Fashion Tips

Every time millennials upload a picture on Instagram and put hashtag #ootd (outfit of the day), they tick off one apparel from the list that they’d hardly wear again! This is where keeping up with fashion trends have gotten, and we simply can’t ignore the quest to look good. What do you do, when you want to keep up with trends but not have enough money to buy more? You simply follow the fashion tips we have for you to utilize the most of what you possess.

Fashion tips to save money as you style

Even if you love the most expensive brands in the market, blindly chasing them can burn your pocket. We bring you a few tips and tricks that you can use to be fashionable on a budget. Look through the following simple fashion tips 2019:

1. Look for cost-effective brands

Some brands charge a lot of money for their products solely based on their brand value. If you are trying to be fashionable on a budget then you should opt out of purchasing products of such brands.

There are a lot of brands whose policy is to provide value for money. You should look for such brands while shopping because reasonable comes with ‘reason’. Try to pick up items that are decently priced and also give you the desired level of quality.

If you are picking something for short term use, you can even go for unbranded items that look good. Local products aren’t that bad – many branded products are made by the same people who make local goods!

2. Don’t blindly chase brands

Many people who wish to be fashionable end up chasing brands blindly and this can be against your budget if you follow the same path. Just because something looks good on someone doesn’t mean it will look good on you or you need it.

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One of the most crucial fashion tips for men is to not follow brands but also be smart while buying. Unlike women, men tend to spend less time on shopping and resort to brands as they seem like a safe option. Try the explore the best you can and keep a check on the quality-price ratio.

Another point to remember is that just because something is branded doesn’t mean that it is good or should be purchased. Don’t blindly follow certain brands and purchase everything they launch. Every time you want merchandise, make sure that it will add value to your wardrobe.

3. Find ways to reuse

To stay fashionable and maintain your budget at the same time, you should consider reusing old clothes. By reusing we don’t mean that you should use the clothing items elsewhere. You can convert one clothing item into another after it has been used. For example, an old top can become a pretty scarf. You can also try the current trend of patchwork to literally make clothing cut-outs and blend one with another.

The best part about an old clothing item is that it becomes absolutely new when you reuse it. You can even add lots of sarongs to your wardrobe, as they can literally be worn in 50 ways.

4. Raid your parent’s wardrobe

Your parents may have the habit of hoarding a lot of clothing items that they don’t need. They usually don’t know what to do with old clothing items that they no longer wear.

After taking their permission, go through their wardrobe and try to find items that you can modify for your own use. Their old pair of jeans can become your new denim shorts. Their old T-shirts can become your new crop tops. Such repurposing will save you a lot of money and also allow you to be fashionable.

5. Stop washing your clothes excessively

A huge problem with clothing items is that people keep washing them again and again without an absolute need. No, we don’t mean a sweaty t-shirt, but you can always wear a pair of jeans 3-4 times before washing it.

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Over washing clothes make them lose their shine and calls in for quicker replacements and no reuse option. Wash clothes when there is a need to do so and when they’re really dirty.

6. Get clothing items tailored

A good way to save money and still wear clothes of the finest quality is to get clothes tailored. You can save a lot of money if you just buy the cloth and get the design you want.

Another advantage is that if you have the right fashion sense then you can get the clothing item customized to look the best it can.

By getting items tailored you have complete control over the color and style. You can even ask your tailor to stitch items similar to certain branded items and you will end up spending only a fraction of the cost.

7. Change the buttons or laces

A fantastic way of making old clothes look completely new is to change certain parts of it. You can change the buttons of your old shirt to make it look completely new.

You can change the laces on your old dresses to make them look completely different as compared to what they did earlier. These fashion tips for women will also allow you to keep your clothing items in line with the current trends.

8. Use simple clothing items

Being fashionable doesn’t mean you have to wear whacky clothes or something out of the ordinary. Being fashionable involves wearing clothes that suit you the best. In line with this, it is important to remember that you should purchase what suits you the best. For example, choose the monochrome t-shirt which you can carry well over the fancy top that people seem to like. Make smart fashion choices rather than ones made under peer pressure.

Final thoughts

Fashion is for everyone – there is no point in wearing fancy clothes that only look good but cause you discomforts Always opt for comfort over looks. Purchase clothes which are comfortable to wear since you can carry it off well. The moment you feel comfortable in a clothing item, you will start looking good in it anyway.

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