Features B2B Companies Should Look for in a Marketing Automation Software

The right marketing automation tool for the needs of a B2B firm isn’t a simple task. There are a myriad of tools for automation, but they are not all suitable for business-to business.

A B2B customer journey demands an automated system that can facilitate marketing communications at every phase of the sometimes lengthy and sometimes complicated decision-making process. It can also assist sales and marketing teams manage and win leads.

I’ve been in the field of marketing automation throughout my career and mostly working with B2B companies. Through this time I’ve come to appreciate the aspects that are essential for B2B companies that are investing into marketing automation. Here’s what you should look for.

Dynamic content

It’s not a secret that personalization is essential to the success of marketing in the world and will be the norm. With all the companies competing for our attention , and marketing technology getting more advanced, customers are demanding personalized, customized experiences.

In essence that means you should present various content, messages or calls to potential customers depending on the information you have about them, and not the standard approach of one size fits all.

A great marketing automation tool allows you to create dynamic content for your b2b lead generation blogs, websites and marketing emails to ensure that the appropriate message is always delivered to the correct person at the right moment.

It could mean changing the content of the webinar invitation according to the sector a potential customer is interested in, and the content on the landing page change dynamically. It could also mean different calls to action for customers who are interested or returning customers. The possibilities are endless.

Whatever way you decide to utilize it, your marketing automation program should make setting up and the execution of personalized, dynamic content easy.

Lead Grading

Similar to lead scoring, but different lead grading is the method of giving grades to potential customers based on their demographics. It’s about recognizing your ideal customers’ typical demographics and characteristics.

A grade “F potential candidate could be the director of the managing or founding of a company that is not located in the UK or having less than 20 workers.

In the best marketing automation platforms the grades can be set to ensure that whenever new leads are added to the system according to the information they provide and their profile, they automatically assign an appropriate grade. Add lead scoring features and you’ve got yourself a reliable method of ensuring that only leads that are qualified for marketing are sent to sales representatives for follow-up.

Automated lead assignment

The ability to present the most popular leads in the marketing automation system is great. But what happens after that? In the case of a manual procedure of the marketing team examining daily, and then deciding which sales rep to pass leads to, that’s just not effective enough.

A well-designed marketing automation system will be able to assign leads automatically on behalf of team members. The most effective tools allow B2B firms to make lead assignments also rule-based, such as assigning leads to a certain salesperson when the lead falls in the region of.

Marketing automation doesn’t only mean sending out external messages It’s about enhancing the management of internal processes as well.

Social Media Automation:

Automation of social media is a convenient method to appear accessible 24/7 and plan posts ahead thus maximizing the impact of your social media campaigns. Social media automation can be used to: automation to:

  • Keep your social profiles active, up-to-date and up-to-date
  • Respond quickly to customer questions
  • Monitor the effectiveness of your social marketing campaigns
  • Monitor different social networks from one console
  • Posts with push and schedule timed pushes
  • Track mentions and feedback through social media listening
  • Create targeted ads


When you are considering investing in an enterprise-level marketing automation tool, evaluate your requirements prior to jumping in the trap of choosing ‘the most recent’ or trending features. Examine the quality of the software if a vendor has trial offers, conduct surveys, and get reviews prior to making the final decision.

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