Filling Out Form 4506-C: Detailed Guide

Description of 4506-C Form for Everyone

The 4506-c form can be used by anyone who wants to see a copy of their tax return sent to the IRS. This data may be required by you during the tax calculations for your budget. The form 4506-c can be received by any taxpayer who has already sent a tax return document to the IRS, it is free of charge.

What is form 4506 C?

If you don’t know what is form 4506 c in the first place, you don’t know much about your rights. This form is provided by your request by the IRS if you pay taxes to the US. It does not mean you need to form each time you send your tax form. Moreover, the IRS form 4506-c is rarely requested by taxpayers. Yet, on rare occasions, you may need the return, so you will have to find out how to get the form.

The tax form 4506 c is called the Request for Transcript of Tax Return. It is filled by you and sent as a request to the IRS. You can ask for the report on your tax return information for a third party. Sometimes your lender can ask to receive this data and make sure you can pay your debts.

When is a signed IRS Form 4506-C required?

Once you’ve learned what is form 4506-c used for, you have to understand when the document can be required. Since the IRS rarely receives this form, you may understand that there are only several cases when you need the official transcript of your tax return. Here are the most popular occasions when you may need it:

  • The lender needs to find out your financial situation from the tax report before lending you money;
  • You may send 4506 c form if you suspect that there is a mistake in the document you’ve sent originally to the IRS. If this happens, you also need to contact the IRS immediately;
  • If you need to prove to someone that you have a positive history of paying taxes. If this is your case, you need to include the IVES participants to receive the data in the 5a line of the request.

How to fill out Form 4506-C?

You don’t need to learn anything specific before you open the form. You can open the form on the PDFLiner, by pressing the big blue button. You will see two pages in front of you. However, the second page contains only descriptions and instructions. You will need to complete only the first one. You can do it online or you can print it out and fill manually. However, the IRS accepts even digital documents. The form has to be filled with the following information:

  • The full name you have included in your tax return;
  • The social security number, identification number, or employer’s number, depending on your request;
  • If you fill the joint request to the IRS you have to name the name of your spouse, SSN, or identification number of this person;
  • Include the current address, with ZIP number, state, and city. If you have changed the address after you’ve sent your tax return to the IRS, you need to include the previous address in section 4;
  • If you need the form for the third party, fill the section 5a with IVES participant’s name, and address;
  • Include the customer file number;
  • Enter the number of the tax form you’ve filled, and pick the appropriate box in section 6;
  • Put the tick in box 7 if it matches your situation;
  • Include the exact date in section 8;
  • Put a signature of you and your spouse, including the print name and the date when you fill the document. Indicate the phone number for the IRS to contact you.

How to Sign Form 4506-C

If you fill out a form online, you don’t need to print the document. You can sign it online using an electronic signature on PDFLiner. It is easier since you don’t need to make extra moves. The signature is recognized by US laws, and the IRS accepts it. Here is what you need to do:

  • Press the Add Sign in the right upper corner of the page;
  • Pick the Add New Signature there;
  • You will have three options there: draw a signature, use the capture, or upload the existing one from the device;
  • Press Done when everything is ready.

How to File Form 4506-C

After you make sure that all the information is correct and you have signed the document, you can send it to the IRS. If you need the form for the third party, you can use the IVES member’s fax and send it from the Service Center approved by IVES.  In this case, you have to search for the specific address to send the document. It is usually included in the form. If you act on your own, you still can use fax and send it to the closest Submission Processing Center.

You don’t need to go anywhere. You can use the official IRS website or app to send the form online. It is the easiest way. If you still want to use the traditional paper mail sending option, you have to check for the closest IRS address to you and send the letter.

Final words

The 4506-C form is not highly popular among taxpayers since usually they don’t need it. Many taxpayers save a copy of their taxes on devices to keep the calculations checked. Yet, if you need to receive an official copy from the IRS, you will have to learn how to fill out this form.

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