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Travelling to different places and admiring the beauty of that particular place can turn out to be an activity that may calm and soothe the souls from within. It is always considered to provide inner calm and peace. Scientific researchers have even believed that travelling helps in providing serenity to mental and emotional health. There is no other adventurous and delightsome action than exploring countries to visit in Europe. For more details, you can see more here.

Europe is considered to top the list of tourists destination on the chart. For an individual, it is a lifetime experience from its rich culture to its thrilling nightlife experience along with different varieties of dishes. The whole region had been a hotspot for people as visiting the place ranks first in their to-do bucket list. The prior reason why people want to explore the countries that are present in Europe is to attain knowledge of the history that is connected to the place. After world war II the site has undergone much construction, but instead of these, there are some senescent architectures which still standing straight and are even more than 2000 years older. For example, the Berlin in Germany or the city of Rome holds the grip of some of these unique places. 

In today’s article, we will present five best countries to visit in Europe: –

  • France – The spectacular view of the Alpine mountains, eye-catching meadows, breathtaking sea costs along with farms, and rivers make France rank first in the list of being the most visited place of the whole world. The capital of France is Paris, which is a full package comprised of different architectures having art nouveau characteristics, plethoric palaces, and sensational public squares. The symbol of France, which also the sole purpose why tourists are attracted to the place, is the Eiffel tower, and on the other hand, Champ Elyse’s remains the soul and the heart of Paris. 

The more an individual explores, the more they are filled with surprises. Moving to the south, the countries to visit in Europe comprises cities like Cannes, St. Tropez, Nice, etc. along with Mediterranean sea coasts. One cannot neglect the flavors that are offered in French cuisine. The countries to visit in Europe is dominated by art and cultural performances, which can be vividly seen at some spots where numerous poets, painters, and writers have shared their works. The art movement of impressionism was also originated in France. 

louvre france

France is the place of A-list art museums like the Home to Louvre. France is a country which has approximately 80% of its part included in the countryside. From Strasbourg to Mount Saint Michael, these few places and villages cannot be overlooked if an individual has to take an overview of France. Homemade items serve as their speciality as it includes cheese, sweets, and wines. France even shares its borders with eight different countries to visit in Europe, so if an individual wants to visit other destinations, they can surely do it.

  • Italy – An individual can delve into the beauty of Italy with different features like lakes, mountains, beaches, culture food being attached to it. The country has approximately fifty sites, thus making it of comprising highest in the number of compilations of monuments and convention by UNESCO. 
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The attractiveness and the charisma that it holds make it a fabulous destination to spend time with loved ones. The primary feature, which contains a vital role in framing the country, is its history. Rome is considered to be the political epicentre of Italy. Amongst the wide range of cultural heritages like Florence, Venice, Sienna, Sicily, Milan, Naples, etc. have played a significant role in accumulating the collection of urban cities. The sites which an individual should see while exploring Italy are Roman ruins, which include places like Pantheon, Forum, and Colosseum, along with the antique ruins of the cities like Pompeii and Herculaneum.

The villages that are present in Italy tend to represent the beauty of the countries to visit in Europe. Many tourists ignore the idea of exploring the villages, which tend to be the actual treasure of the place. Saint Gimignano, Town of Matera are the ultimate classical region of Tuscany. There are other places also, and the list of these is never-ending. If an individual move towards the north of Italy then will face the original beauty of nature. Lake Garda, Lake Trasimeno, Lake Como, and Lake Maggiore consist of jaw-dropping views. 

A special acknowledgement should be given to Lake Trasimeno for being the largest lake and Lake Como for being surrounded by deluxe villas and gardens, which is the first and foremost choice of celebrities and VIPs. In terms of art, the renaissance movement took birth from here only. It is the workplace of famous painters like Michelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, and many others. Lastly, the cuisine and drinks cannot be kept aside. Italian cuisine, along with the most excellent wines, is liked by people all over the world.

  • Greece – There are a lot of reasons as to why an individual should travel and explore Greece. From fantastic weather to be the seedbed of western civilization, these are just a few options as to why Greece is considered the best destination to travel all year. The attractive view of the Mediterranean sea surrounds the countries to visit in Europe. Athens, which is deemed to be the site with archaeological qualities and will definitely mesmerize the tourists. The other things for which Greece is renowned are the waters coloured with turquoise and the beaches, which might hypnotize the viewers for some time. Amongst the whole of Europe, Greece hosts a few of the top beaches overall. 

The authorities even offer beach activities like diving and boat renting, which can be done by both youngsters and elders. The Oia village is one of the places where tourists should undoubtedly visit. The beaches also comprise of umbrellas above the sunbeds along with bars so that tourists may not have any difficulties on the beach. The island of Mykonos is a perfect example if an individual has to gain experience of a nightclub. While talking about Greece, we cannot leave aside legendries like Aristotle or Alexander the Great, who have provided incredible characteristics to the country. In comparison to other places in Europe, Greece is quite affordable in the context of food and living

  • Norway – Norway shares it is the border with countries like Finland, Sweden, and Russia. But for the fact that the state provides with views of water because most of its coast lies along with the Arctic ocean. The country is vividly known for its asocial and frosty location, providing breathtaking scenery. The foremost reason why an individual should travel to Norway is because of fjords, which are a water inlet and is found between two cliffs. The largest fjord in Europe is present in Norway is the Sognefjorden, and the tourist could not just neglect the view after admiring it closely. 
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The other principal purpose of visiting Norway is the Northern lights, and they are also referred to as Aurora Borealis. When the nighttime is longer, which happens to be during wintertime is the perfect time to visit and have a look at these bedazzled views. Tromso is considered to the place where these northern lights can be seen correctly. Another aspect is that if an individual visits Norway, then they can witness polar bears also. Some tours are strictly guided are available to take to Longyearbyen, where one can easily spot these grandiose creatures. The country is filled with coastal towns, and the Alesund being the exemplary example of these is located in an array of islands that provided adorable views and hiking options. Norway is also gifted with numerous glaciers like Mardalsfossen, where even if an individual is standing aside, then they can feel the droplets of water being sprayed.

  • Spain – Spain is a perfect destination as it comprises many different qualities, be it the mouthwatering food or the only dessert of Europe Cabo de Gata, where many Hollywood movies have been shot. San Sebastian’s pintxo scene is one of the famous places in Spain, which offers a wide range of drinks and food items. Spain has a past of Moorish, which inspired its architecture as well. The perfect example is Cordoba’s Mosque, where an individual will get a proper idea of how strong were the Islamic rulers of Spain. La Tomatina and San Fermin running of the bulls in Pamplona are two renowned festivals worldwide. Talking about Spain, how can we skip about the Spanish language, which is learned by many people all around the globe. We cannot neglect the fact that Spain has been declared as the third country under UNESCO to have most heritage sites having a total of forty-five in numbers. Lastly, we cannot ignore that football is the national sport of Spain. And football teams like FC Barcelona and Real Madrid have famous footballers like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, respectively.

The above-given countries to visit in Europe are just a few in the list to visit in Europe as there are many other beautiful and mesmerizing destinations to explore at least once in a lifetime. It is quite ironic that in the whole of the earth, Europe is the continent which is the second smallest and still has a wide range of countries placed within it. The individuals can carefully examine and choose as to which countries to visit in Europe they have to travel next.

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