Fleece Johnson

Fleece Johnson


In modern times, you will find some instances where social media fulfills the reason for its creation. Fleece Johnson and the awareness regarding his personality have helped people take precautions to save their loved ones from getting any kind of harm.

Although the world is full of people known for their extraordinary capabilities, some names have created history. The details help us understand that these people have shown their darkest sides that have scared the whole world.

This is why people sometimes forget that humanity exists because they have suffered so much pain that they cannot even fathom thinking about anything else. The names like Fleece Johnson have a huge role in increasing this hatred among the public. Below in this article, you will learn more about him.

Who is Fleece Johnson

As we have already discussed that Fleece Johnson is not like our daily life celebrity because the reason for his fame is quite controversial. Fleece Johnson is famous among the public with another name, “The booty warrior”. Now you might be wondering what does it mean, so let us tell you that the person in question is none other than the famous serial rapist.

“The Boondocks” brings the real stories forward

Although he is as much real as the person reading this article, there are still several questions regarding his personality that make people think he might not be real. Especially if we talk about the fact that recently an episode of The Boondocks was released in which the character of Fleece Johnson was portrayed. The episode revolves around his life story and how he used to prey to satisfy his sexual needs.

The homosexual predator

Now one of the biggest questions that will rise in your mind would be regarding the praise of the famed culprit. You would like to learn more about the people whom he used to prey on. Thus according to the available details, Fleece Johnson, or the booty warrior, was homosexual. He used to intimidate and manipulate men and anally raped them. This is why he has been coined as the homosexual predator.

The sexual activities in jail

If we look at the information coming across our desks, then we would say that Fleece Johnson would do anything to get involved in homosexual activity. Certain reports will shock you because they help us understand that the famed culprit also sexually intimidated several inmates from the jail.

The rape of Chris Hansen

Recently we got a piece of shocking news regarding Fleece Johnson that tells us that inside the jail bars, he was under surveillance by cameras, and he knew there were police officials everywhere, but he simply did not care at all. In fact, despite these conditions, he raped Chris Hansen.

The riot and rape of Tom Dubois

Once during his jail time, he started a riot. Although the purpose of the riot in the jails is always to escape, this was not the case this time. When the riot ended, and Fleece Johnson was questioned regarding this act, he simply relayed that he never intended to leave the prison. He only initiated the riot to ensure he gets enough time to rape Tom Dubois.

The astonishing details

If you want to learn more about the famed serial rapist, then the only thing that will help you out will be the episode of The Boondocks that is specially made, keeping the character of Fleece Johnson in mind. Keeping all things aside, we can say that everything about this man is interesting because the surfacing details are quite astonishing. The recent updates help us understand that a man in jail raped Fleece Johnson himself.

The criminal career

If we talk about the criminal career of the famed culprit, then it all started in 1979. It was on July 26th, 1979, when Fleece Johnson was arrested. The charges put against him were armed robbery. As a result, he was imprisoned at Kentucky State Penitentiary, a maximum security facility. The sentence of Fleece Johnson was kept at the mark of 10 years.

The second sentence

It looked like Fleece Johnson did not intend to leave the correctional facility because, in 1987, some other charges were pinned against him. He was trialed for “Wanton Endangerment” and “1st-degree assault”. Thus after being found guilty, the ten-year sentence was increased, and another 18 years were added to the sentence.

The third sentence

Fleece Johnson did not stop even after getting a sentence of 28 years, and this time he did something brutal because he attacked a correctional officer. The event occurred in 1990, just three years after the sentence enhancement. He was charged with “Assault on the correctional officer”. This time he received the sentence for 20 extra years.

The parole details

The details help us understand that in the period of 32 years from 1981 to 2013, the famed individual went on parole almost 13 times. After serving 20 to 50 percent of the original sentence awarded for several crimes he was a part of. But due to his aggressive behavior, the prison officials deferred the parole. On July 28th, 2015, a hearing was scheduled for his parole. At that time, the famed culprit was 57 years old.

The take-home message

Such individuals are a real threat to our society, which is why people are still afraid to let their children out alone. The authorities should take effective measures to reduce such instances.

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Fleece Johnson has been a trending topic since his character was portrayed on the screen, and people are talking more and more about him. They want to know more about him and his crimes. For such people who want to learn a lesson from their life, the article mentioned above is the perfect place.

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