Four Tips for Pre-Planning a Cremation

Pre-Planning a Cremation

Have you ever considered the option of pre-planning your funeral? Nowadays, cremations have become a rising trend, expected to grow even further in the future. Check out this article for four tips for pre-planning a cremation.

Just like funerals, cremations can be pre-planned with an assistance of an experienced provider of such services. Cremated remains can be buried in the earth, kept by a family member in an urn, or scattered at a meaningful location. 

There are various direct cremation service providers, such as, providing peace of mind at budget-friendly prices. 

You will find the following tips useful if you are interested in pre-planning this event.

Choose a provider

The initial step of pre-planning your cremation should be selecting a provider who specializes in providing these services instead of a funeral home. The body remains are supposed to be handled by a single facility during the entire process to avoid inconvenience and mistakes. Since not all providers offer the same services, you should be informed about the expected care and memorial. 

Moreover, the providers on your shortlist must inform you about the services they offer, as well as address every question related to the process. For instance, the majority of cremation providers transfer the deceased from the place of death to their facilities, obtain the required signatures from coroners and doctors, obtain a certificate of death, provide a temporary urn, and return the remains to the family. 

Individual’s pre-planning their cremation should inquire about the possibility of a memorial service after their bodies are cremated. If organizing a memorial service is feasible, you should decide on the time and location of the event. If burying instead of scattering the remains is your plan, you should also express your interest in the organization of an internment service. 


Furthermore, these providers offer several types of packages, mostly depending on whether the cremation occurs prior to or following the memorial services. The traditional package is similar to a funeral, as the body is presented during the memorial, after which it gets cremated.

Conversely, cremation with a memorial is another popular package, where the process is performed before the memorial. At the memorial, the urn is usually presented along with a photograph of the deceased. The graveside memorial package involves a memorial that takes place at a cemetery following the cremation. Individuals who wish for no memorial service should opt for a simple cremation. 

Consider the way of handling the remains

Another aspect to consider in the pre-planning process is the way of handling the cremated remains. You could have them buried in a cemetery, scattered, or kept in an urn. Nowadays, there are various unconventional options for handling cremated remains, such as transforming the ashes into jewelry or a decorative stone. 

Individuals whose wish is to have their remains buried have to purchase a plot at a cemetery. If you decide to trust the ashes to a friend or a family member, you should select the right person and inform him/her of your decision. If your wish is to have your ashes scattered, you should pick a meaningful location or a landmark. Click here to get familiar with the rules related to authorizing a burial at sea.

Consider the type of urn

People planning to have their ashes stored in an urn should consider the type of urn for this purpose. Cremation urns are made of various materials, such as marble, metal, and wood. These vessels come in multiple styles, ranging from basic to decorative. If the urn is going to be displayed in the home of a friend or family member, you should choose an ornate urn. 

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Additionally, people can choose from an extensive range of individual, companion, keepsake, veteran, and eco-friendly urns. The eco-friendly vessels are biodegradable and meant to break down over a given period. These are ideal for individuals who wish to have their ashes buried or scattered at sea. Keepsake urns are a perfect choice for people who want to share their ashes with more than a single person in their family. 

Consider the cost

Another aspect to factor in the pre-planning process is the cost of cremation. In general, cremation services tend to be more budget-friendly than funerals. The costs include the purchase of products, such as an urn, a cremation casket, etc. Individuals planning to have their remains buried should also calculate the cost of a headstone. 

The provider will charge you a crematory fee and state filing fee, as well as a fee for the transportation of the body and the memorial service. Prepaying is an option for individuals who wish to have everything arranged before the time comes. Also, the prices will be locked regardless of the number of years that go by. 

Final word

Although nobody looks forward to their death, pre-planning can ease the burden for families!

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