Four Ways to Wear a White Dress Year Round

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Four Ways to Wear a White Dress Year Round

When we think of wearing white, we think of wearing it in the summertime. It’s pretty easy to think that we can’t wear white any other time of year. But why is that? White is the perfect color to wear year round. You can mix and match it with just about anything. It’s time to pull out that white dress you were waiting to wear for the summer. Men and women are not being held to the Labor Day rule any longer. You can wear light-colored dresses year-round in the fall, winter, and spring because they are always in trend. You can also express yourself while wearing a white boho dress as it’s appropriate for a variety of occasions and can be styled in different ways. White dresses are timeless and versatile. By adding a pop of color or pairing it with more elegant looks, you can stay casual or go more formal with a white dress. There are many ways to rock a white dress year round and learning how to do it can extend the seasons of wearing your white dresses.

What Shade of White Should I Wear?

Some say that bright white is for the summer but an ivory or a cream can be warm in the cooler months. However, the shade of white for your white dress isn’t necessarily dependent on the season. It’s mostly dependent on your skin tone. Try picking a shade of white that compliments your skin tone and temperature.

Wear A White Dress in the Summer

Of course wearing a white dress in the summer is a no brainer. You can easily wear a white dress to a cocktail party, a walk on the beach, or out to eat at your favorite restaurant. A white dress is best for the summer because it doesn’t absorb the sun’s heat rays like darker colors do. Instead, it reflects them leaving you a lot cooler than if you were to wear black in the summer heat. You can wear a short and tighter fitting dress to a cocktail party to match the formal setting. When you are on the beach, you can wear a maxi length dress that has a looser fit and moves with the ocean breeze. If you are going out to a restaurant, you can wear a midi white dress that gives room around the legs but fits tighter around the waistline. You can also rock a two piece white dress that has a fitted bodice and relaxed skirt.

Wear A White Dress in the Fall

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you have to put away your white dress. The same white dress you have been wearing in the summer can easily be styled to wear in the fall too. The easiest way to transition from a summery look is to add a denim jacket. Highlighting the fall colors like greens, red, and browns. is a great way to mesh with the autumn season. You can also put away the sandals and add a pair of heeled booties to really embrace the season as the weather cools off.

Wear a White Dress in the Winter

You might think that it’s not a problem to pull off a white dress in the fall when it’s still somewhat warm. But a white dress in the winter? That feels pretty off limits. Fashion experts are speaking up about how you can actually wear white dresses in the winter. You just have to wear it right. Their greatest advice is to mix your white dress with other neutral shades and tones. Layering is a great way to not give off a summer vibe in the coldest months of the year. You can’t go wrong by coupling your white dress with a black leather jacket and black boots. Black and white are a timeless duo, and they don’t scream summer when worn together. If you want to use neutral tones, try a white dress with a thicker winter coat that has purple or brown undertones. You can even add a belt to your white dress to help add darker colors to the mix. By layering with heavier fabrics and different textures, your white dress can easily be taken from summers at the beach to winters in the snow.

Try out this gorgeous Westerly dress the next time you have a winter party to attend. You will leave the crowd speechless.

Wear a White Dress in the Spring

You can also break out your white dress before summer by wearing it this spring. If you are going for a casual look, you can bring out the denim jacket once more. Or you can pick a jacket that has lighter tones to it but offer a different texture than your dress. If it’s chilly, try a peep toe heeled bootie or your classic spring heels. If it’s warmer in the spring, you can break out your favorite sandals. The key to wearing your white dress in the spring is to make sure it doesn’t look too summery. This is done by wearing a jacket or cardigan, and your spring shoe of choice.

Your White Dress Worn Year Round

Not wearing white after Labor Day is old school. There are many ways to rock a white dress year round. White is the perfect color to dress up or wear more casually. By adding layering and different colors, you can transform your white dress for any season.

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