What are the free autotune VST in 2019?

free autotune VST

There are various uses of autotune and pitch correction in modern music. From fixing a minor imperfection to changing the vocalist’s performance entirely, there is a lot to do. VST can help you do it all, which is why musicians need to know the best software to try. Here, we will list you the top free autotune VST that gives you all the features you’d need. From recording and tuning organic instruments to adding the best effects, there is a lot of options to enhance the music.

Why try free autotune VST?

You might already know some of the famous software options that you need to pay for. The professional VST types will need you to spend hundreds of dollars. They are usually a risky investment for aspiring musicians. You should try out the free VST that gives you similar features and functionality.

Things to consider when looking for free autotune VST

There are a few points to consider that will help you choose the best autotune and pitch-correction VST plugins. You just need to ask yourself why you need the tools for?

Suppose you produce music that is outside of EDM, you will probably need more of organic sounds. You might want an autotune plugin which is designed for smoother and subtler pitch-correction. You will probably make minor corrections that your audience will not understand and think that the sound is natural.

To maintain the organic feel of the sound, you need to look for a pitch-correction plugin with a transparent audio engine. This will not cover the sound too much and offer you smooth and seamless sound. This kind of sound effect fits your acoustic needs.

Now, suppose you want to produce trap, hip-hop, or electronic genres. You need to consider a specific autotune plugin that helps you draw in notes that you want a singer or an instrument to hit.

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You will also need sound effects that help you customize voice, say the MIDI inputs, formant control, and more. This will help you jump up and down in both pitch and volume.

If you consider these before selecting a particular VST, you will save time and get the desired results.

Top 10 best free autotune VST

Check out the list below to know why free autotune VST is worth a try:

1. Graillon 2 for Windows/Mac

Graillon 2 by Auburn Sounds (VST/AU) is the highest-ranked free autotune VST and also one of the recent releases. The software offers you much more than autotuning features and has the best pitch correction module. It is well-made to ensure complete user-friendliness. You simply have to add the number and start using the features to add the effect it needs.

Graillon 2 helps you change the type of speakers, lets you generate throat sounds, add choruses, octave sounds, enrich voices, and more.  It is compatible with every digital audio workstation and capable of loading AU plugins and VST for both Mac and PC computers.

2.  VstSpeek – Windows/Mac

VSTSpeek is another popular and free synthesizer plugin that helps you recreate old school robotic texts to speech. You just need to choose a preset or type any text and watch it speak. With this software you can:

  • Trigger the speed with a MIDI keyboard, which is velocity-sensitive
  • Use a MIDI pitch bend
  • Alter the original pitch or throat/mouth parameters when speaking

3. MAutoPitch for Windows/Mac

MAutoPitch is an easy but great software for automatic pitch correction feature. It has been created keeping vocals and monophonic instruments in mind. Apart from making the audio in-tune, the software offers format shift and stereo expansion.

4. GSnap for Windows

GSnap is one of the best free autotune VST and pitch correction plug-in because:

  • It helps you use it with a subtle setting that nudges off-key vocals back in line
  • The major features help create sound just like the famous Cher T-Pain effect
  • The MIDI control mode helps you fit any recording according to a fresh piece of melody

5. Autotalent for Windows

Oli Larkin’s Autotalent is the perfect real-time pitch correction autotune plugin you need. It ensures that you hit only the right note. You can use this free software to use vocal effects like Cher. It is mainly an easy and quick pitch shifting and correcting software. You might need to disable the multiprocessor support in the VST host to make it work.

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6. 4 Band Shifter for Windows

The Bitterspring’s software offers you a free 4-band pitch correction plugin that independently shifts pitches in 4 different frequency bands. It ranges from 12 semitones to +12 semitones and gives you pretty much everything you can need to get the pitch perfect.

7. Son of a Pitch for Windows/Mac

The name itself draws in attention, doesn’t it? Well, Son of a pitch is a good option for audio pitch-bending effect. A pitch of an incoming signal is easily managed either by pitch knob or by the sync to host LFO.

The knob ranges between the +3 octaves to the -3 octaves against the organic pitch. The feature includes the LFO controlled filters option. There are three filters you can choose from, along with one Butterworth filter and two SV filters. You can bypass the filter by sending the original signal right into the pitch bending effect.

8. Autoune Evo for Windows

This software gives you two types of pitch correction. The best reason why people use this is that they can finetune live shows with it. It has a unique feature of Automatic Mode that instantaneously detects the pitch of input and identifies the closest pitch in the user-specified scale.

9. Multiply for Windows/Mac

Try out Multiply not only because it is free but also versatile with its chorus effect. It gives every piece of music a unique twist. Every simulated voice is processed with a type of phase randomizing filter so that you avoid the unpleasant comb filter effect. You can use it to stimulate several performers that play the same tones simultaneously.

10. DSP 2 Vocal for Windows

Finally, the DSP 2 Vocal is a fine precision insert effect that offers vocal processing and includes a saturator, an Intelligent Dynamic Processor, and a four-band equalizer for vocal key frequency. It also has a room emulator depending on Schroeder reverberator. It is an easy to understand solution for every type of vocal tuning needs.

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