Funny Secret Santa Gifts for Your Family, Friends and Colleagues

Funny Secret Santa Gifts for Your Family, Friends and Colleagues

Secret Santa is a tradition that has been celebrated for a long time ago. What essentially this tradition is that you are given a particular person to provide them with a gift, and nobody apart from you knows that you are that specific person’s secret Santa. Hence the name secret. Now when it comes to secret Santa, you must have a very interesting and out of the box idea. That is the whole point of being a secret Santa that you give hilarious gifts, which will lift the mood of Christmas. So in this article, we are going to talk about some funny secret Santa gifts!

List of Funny Secret Santa Gifts

There are many ways to give funny secret Santa gifts. To make a gift funny, you must choose how it resonates with the person you will give it to. For example, if you are looking to give someone a funny book, but that person does not even read books, they will not like the gift. So you must understand what gift will work for whose secret Santa you are. Let us now see a few funny secret Santa gifts:

Funny Book

For the bookworm, a funny book is something they will love. Usually, readers read a lot of serious novels and books that are amazing, but since you are looking for something funny, those books won’t cut it. You can go to the local bookstore or order from any of the many online shopping sites. There are hundreds and thousands of funny books from which you can choose one that best suits your recipient.

Funny car stickers

You will notice many people put up stickers behind their cars to notify the drivers behind them regarding something or the other. It could be something like, there is a baby on board, so please be careful, or that please do not honk sticker. For your friends who have a car and are looking for funny secret Santa gifts, you might want to look at dome funny car stickers. There is one on the market where a dinosaur is eating a whole family. It is funny and scary at the same time, which makes it a perfect car sticker. So instead of brainstorming too much, this is an effortless and fun gift to give.

A ticket straight to Hell

This ticket is for the people who have a good sense of humor. Since we know, Christmas is celebrated as the day when Jesus Christ was born, and he is considered a God in the Christian religion. Now he is opposed by Satan, who is the devil, and who lives in Hell. This is a straightforward way of understanding what is good and evil in Christianity.

Now, this gift is made specifically for people who have a good sense of humor irrespective of how religious they are. This gift is a ticket, which says HELL. It is a ticket to Hell. Now people with a good sense of humor can use it as a poster or just memorabilia. But it has to be kept in mind that people take their religion seriously, and if you give this to someone who might get offended by it, it is no longer a good idea for funny secret Santa gifts.

Funny Doormats

Many people do not like guests to visit them all the time, and if your recipient is such a person, this gift is perfect for them. Everyone has a doormat in front of the door of their house, which says nice warm words like, “Welcome,” “Hope you are having a good day,” etc. The concept of people visiting your house is supposed to be a welcoming and happy feeling. But then comes in the ideas of funny secret Santa gifts, and then you realize why not make it sarcastically funny? There are a lot of people who do not like guests visiting, and for them, the doormat should read out something witty like, “Get out,” “You are not welcome,” “Do not disturb,” etc. If your recipient is one such person and has a good sense of humor, they will love the gift.

Funny Secret Santa Gifts for Your Family, Friends and Colleagues

Decision Maker

This gift can be amusing if executed well. There is always someone in a group who makes all the wrong decisions. Goes out without an umbrella, and suddenly there is a storm and goes on a date with a completely incompatible person. These mistakes become the group’s joke, and that person becomes known for its horrible decision-making ability. Now, if your recipient is exactly like that and wants to exploit the joke, you can give him a magnetic pendulum decision-maker or an eight ball decision-maker.

In the magnetic pendulum case, the person using it needs to swing the pendulum and choose one direction for yes. After swinging the pendulum, he needs to ask his question, and then in whichever direction the pendulum stops are his or her answer. In the eight ball decision-maker case, all you need to do is shake the ball after asking your question, and the response will come out, giving you a positive or negative answer. As mentioned before, if executed properly, this gift can be one of the top funny secret Santa gifts of all time.

A Lion mane for a pet

Being a person’s secret Santa does not necessarily mean the gift you give him or her has to be for him or her. If your recipient has a furry partner, aka a Dog or cat, your gift can also be targeted. Now you must be wondering how you make a gift targeted to a pet funny? Well, the answer is a mane, which will make the pet look like a Lion. The moment your recipient opens the gift, he or she is going to be very clueless as to what that is, and when they finally understand, they are going to have a good laugh. Not only will their pet look extremely cute wearing that mane, but they are going to look very funny as well.

Bacon bandages

Now It is known that Christmas is a time of joy and gift-giving. When people give other people gifts during Christmas, those gifts are well thought of, generous, and useful. But sometimes, to make things funnier, an additional funny gift can also be given. Also, in case you are looking to give funny secret Santa gifts, a bacon bandage is a fantastic gift. We all love bacon, and you put bacon in anything, that dish becomes ten times better.

But there is always someone in our group who loves bacon on a different level. Every day, at least one meal consisting of bacon. Well, by the sound of it, this friend is probably overweight and probably needs a gym membership, but if you want to make the gift funny, bacon bandages are the way to go. We all get hurt, and bandages are something we always keep. Now for the foodie friend, these bandages will look exactly like bacon. Hence, a sarcastic dig on his love for food and bacon.

A Gym Membership

Well, obviously, after the last topic, we had to keep this on the list. There is always one person in every group who wants to lose weight but does absolutely nothing about it or is significantly overweight. Well, this gift might cross the funny mark and reach thoughtfulness, but well, it all depends on how you present it. This gift does not need much to be made a joke in the whole group, but at the same time, you might be doing something good for your friend or family!

A HUGE glass of wine

Have you heard your friends say that the glass in which wine is served is too small? Well, we all have that friend unless we are that friend! Well, if your recipient is someone like that and you are brainstorming the perfect secret Santa gift for them, then you might have come to the end of your quest. That is because we have a fantastic idea for you. How about you fulfill their wish? There are many wine glasses available in the market, which are a lot bigger than the usual size. But there are some glasses which are as big as wine bottles. Get a hold of one of those and give them, and maybe even give them a complimentary wine bottle, just to test out their gift. This can be an amusing gift for the person who loves to drink and enjoys drinking!

Nutella Spreader

So do you want to win Secret Santa with the most minimal effort? And do you want it to be funny as well? Well, what does everybody love the most in the world? Well, Nutella, of course. Now imagine you give your recipient a small 3 inch wrapped gift, and he opens it to find a Nutella spreader. Will he be happy? Yes, of course, but would it be funny? Maybe a bit.

So now you have a perfect idea, but how do you make it funny? Well, take a big fancy box, which opens up like it’s hiding a treasure. It’s even better if the box has some locking mechanism that needs special codes to open it. Now imagine the work your recipient will go through to open it and would expect something fancy and astonishing. But the box will open up only to reveal a Nutella spreader! This would be the joke of the year for your group!

Very Very Very Furry Slippers

It is known that the temperature is relatively low all around the world during Christmas, except Australia, of course. So if you are looking to give something which will be very useful in this chilly weather, a pair of lovely warm fluffy slippers might be a good idea. Now fluffy slippers are usually lined with fur to make it warm and cozy. But there are slippers available that have so much fur that it looks like your feet have enormous amounts of hair. Hence, every time your recipient wears those slippers, they will giggle, making it an adorable and funny gift.

A Ferrari Key

No, we are not talking about gifting a car, but the key, just the key. In every group or family, there is someone who loves cars, technologies, and other electronics. Also, come on a tech geek or not, who would not love a Ferrari? Well, this gift can be a bit tricky because execution is everything. You need to pretend how difficult it was for you to get that gift and that your recipient will love it.

Now proceed to wrap the key in something fancy. The next part is significant. When your recipient opens the gift, act like you are giving him a Ferrari for the first few minutes. Then burst the Nike. Yes, this joke could be a bit mean, but well, most jokes are mean to the person targeted. For this gift to work, everybody needs to be a good sport about it and laugh when the truth comes out.


As we can see from the above ideas, giving a funny secret Santa gift is not about what you give but how you execute it and to whom you give it too. The gift you give will only be funny if your recipient can relate to the joke; otherwise, it would be very lame. So do a bit of research about your recipient before decking on the gift and then go crazy!

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