How FurnitureRoots Uses Tech & Craftsmanship for Beautiful Hospitality Decor


The last few months have been gruelling times for furniture suppliers & manufacturers in India. The lockdowns & curtailment of funding + drying up of capital has forced furniture companies into lay-offs, expense cut backs and has certainly cost them a lot in terms of consistent business. Find how FurnitureRoots uses tech $ craftmanship for beautiful hospitality Decor.

But perhaps one of the worst-hit sectors is the hospitality segment in the country. The covid-19 induced lockdowns made no exceptions & all the existing restaurants went into an uncertain furlough.

Hopeful entrepreneurs who were looking to start their dream restaurant, hotel, pub or café or any hospitality business for that matter has to forcefully roll back their plans. 

One can only imagine how painful it would have been for a business that had exposure in both these sectors. Furniture being one of the first avenues where public expenditure would be cut down due to uncertainty of future revenues and the ever-increasing job losses & hospitality, especially restaurants & dining cafes due to an extremely uncertain future

But this did not deter Furnitureroots, that specializes in themed furniture for hotels, restaurants & cafes.

“We saw the pandemic as an opportunity instead of an emerging threat, Our supply chains were in a bad position and, in pursuit of satisfying our existing customers, none of our senior management got the opportunity to strengthen our supply chain & enhance our manufacturing processes & procurement, says Dhritiman Ranawat, the founder of FurnitureRoots, located right next to Jodhpur-Pali Highway at Basni in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. [Website]

The strategy seems to have paid off, ever since lockdowns restrictions are increasingly being lifted, business has been growing & thanks to investments made in product quality, variety & logistics, the company’s capability to effectively cater to them have also been lifted. 

So much so that they have also joined the league of other Indian furniture manufacturers that export furniture to wholesalers, buying agencies & retail stores abroad & their unique designs & styling has been well accepted as well. 

Further discussions with the team revealed that simple enhancements in manufacturing technologies & doling out contracts to skilled wooden craftsmen & blacksmiths were more than adequate for catering to hotel and restaurant furniture requirements in India.

While the last few months has brought to light the lack of preparedness among several larger Indian businesses. This case goes to show how agile & sound strategic can prove to be extremely beneficial for Indian businesses. 

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