Get The Most Out Of Your Maui Vacation

Get The Most Out Of Your Maui Vacation

It is no exaggeration to say that the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands – Maui is just about as close to an island paradise as is possible. Pristine white sands, sparkling waters, and black volcanic beaches welcome those who want to hit the surf or simply explore the underwater wonders of the island. Add to this the possibility of hikes through tropical jungle and across the surreal landscapes of solidified lava flows and it becomes clear why Maui attracts around 2,5 million visitors per year. This is not as many as the ‘Big Island’ or Oahu, but more and more people flock to Maui for this very reason – it is not subject to the same tourist pressures as those destinations.

This makes it possible for visitors to explore without being subject to overcrowding.

If you are planning a trip to Hawaii, consider Maui – here are some very good reasons why.

Maui shines in the number of activities that are available to visitors – but it shines brighter when those activities take place out of doors. Of course, snorkeling should be on your bucket list of outdoor activities when you land on the island. Some of the best snorkeling sites can be found off the shores of Molokini, an atoll that can be found a short distance from the south coast of Maui. Here the marine life will rival that found anywhere in the world. However, visitors can experience the attractions of numerous snorkeling opportunities and different sites.

Staying in the water off Maui also provides those in search of the ultimate romantic experience with exceptional possibilities – try an evening sunset cruise – which includes cocktails and the chance of coming across migrating whales. Many tour operators also feature live music onboard – so the experience is even more special.

For those who want to experience the thrill of deep-sea fishing Maui provides numerous opportunities – with skilled skippers ready to take the avid sports fisherman on the adventure of a lifetime.

Hiking trails are almost too numerous to count on the island. Professional hiking guides are at hand to provide information on how best to enjoy the chosen trail – and offer insight into the culture and history of the island. One of the best involves an exploration of the ‘Waiakoa Loop Trail’ found in Polipoli – it has been called one of the most beautiful on the island. If you like to explore on your own another great way to see Maui there many camping rental companies. They will feature vehicles, tents, gear, and local suggestions.

Of course, no trip to Maui would be complete without exploring the cuisine of the Hawaiian chain. There are numerous restaurants to enjoy the freshest seafood available, pork, beef and international menus that have been influenced by the multicultural nature of the island. Diners can seek out Korean food, as well as French, Japanese and Chinese cuisine. And do not forget that Luau experience that takes place on the edge of the ocean – take in the sunset and enjoy hula dancing and great authentic cuisine.

Maui is a tropical paradise that begs to be explored. The wealth of attractions will satisfy even the most curious and demanding of holidaymakers – book your ticket to paradise today.

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