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In today’s time and age, one out of ten people that either belongs to the millennial generation or generation Z would prefer getting famous on social media than finding a decent job or having a college degree. Also, we are not talking about just some ordinary people here because some of them are professionals that are willing to leave their regular job in exchange for fame.

Instagram, for instance, allows its users to showcase their talent via IGTV or IG stories. If they have done it right, it would only take days to get hundreds to even millions of views and become viral.

However, posting viral videos alone is not enough to get you into stardom. One effective way to get easily noticed is by utilizing the power of Instagram hashtags.

What are Instagram Hashtags?

Hashtags are popular tools across social media channels. Hashtags are a group of words, numbers, or a phrase that is preceded by the pound or hash (#) symbol. Hashtags are clickable links that will redirect you to the list of posts that were tagged with that hashtag. This makes it easier for Instagram users to find all related posts.

Having said that, not using even a single hashtag would make it difficult for your post to get noticed. While you can share your post with your friends, it would not be enough to get a lot of audiences, hence, making your way to stardom is highly not possible (unless you really have viral-worthy content). Hashtags are also an excellent tool for reaching out to your desired audiences. This is the reason why a lot of businesses, brands, and even celebrities use specific popular hashtags to promote their product or services to their target market.

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But not all hashtags are the same. One should take note that to get noticed, they should be using only the right hashtags on their post, and it must be highly related to their niche. After all, it’s useless to include food-related hashtags if your niche is about music. Also, while there is nothing wrong about creating your own hashtags, it would be best to use trending hashtags instead. Trending hashtags can help speed up your visibility as well as to encourage engagement.

What are Trending Hashtags and How to Use Them?

Trending hashtags are hashtags that are getting featured at the top of the results page whenever you use the search box on Instagram using any hashtag keywords. The post you see on the top of the results page used the same hashtags, which allows them to get the most views. You can use that same approach to get views since a lot of people are talking and searching for trending hashtags.

Trending hashtags are also quite more significant than popular hashtags. It allows you to connect with a lot of people that are currently hungry for looking for more content related to the trending hashtag. Use that opportunity to promote yourself and the things that you offer, and if they liked it, then there’s no reason why they won’t hit that follow button.

However, make sure that you are ready to offer high-quality and interesting content to your audience wherever they decide to visit your post. Otherwise, you will only be wasting their time as well as your effort.

Below we have provided some useful tips on how to use trending hashtags.

1. Pick the right trending hashtags.

The first thing you need to do is picking the right hashtags to trend for. While you can use the Instagram search box to find trending hashtags, we recommend using hashtag generator tools like Hashtagsforlikes. These tools will not only generate the most trending and popular hashtags on Instagram but also provide you with a list of hashtags that are trending in every niche. In this way, you can easily pick the right hashtags in your niche to trend for.

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2. Use only up to five trending hashtags on your post’s caption.

Instagram allows its users to place up to 30 hashtags on each of their posts. However, it would only make your post look spammy, according to some social media experts. This won’t confuse your audiences and offer a better engagement rate. If you feel that there’s a need to put more trending hashtags in your post, you can place them all in the first comment of your post. However, we also recommend putting only up to 15 trending hashtags and make sure that they are all relevant to your niche.

3. Consider using some Instagram-celebrities trending hashtags.

Since there are already lots of social media celebrities, especially on Instagram, you are also free to use their trending hashtags to snatch some of their followers. However, make sure to avoid using other people’s branded hashtags, or you can collaborate with them. By using their trending branded hashtags, it would encourage their current followers to visit your page and follow you as well.


Trending hashtags are one of the vital keys to making yourself highly noticeable not only on Instagram but also on top social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Use the above tips as stepping stones on your path to stardom.

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