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During these uncertain times, people everywhere are trying their best to cope with the dangers that COVID-19 presents to them. As a result, they have forgotten about one thing that is a crucial part of their lives- their pets.  Amongst the initial news that COVID-19 can spread through animals, the government assures there is no evidence for such a statement to be true. There is nothing to suggest that your pets can carry a harmful virus such as COVID-19. Here is how to take care of your Pets during covid.

While this is a relief for pet parents, not everyone finds it as easy as others. During the state of lockdown, caring for their pets, acquiring food supplies, and taking them for a walk outside is now an afterthought. Departmental stores remain closed. Veterinarians are sitting inside their homes because the government forced them to close down their clinics. People don’t know how to keep their pets healthy in such a time of crisis.

If you are amongst these people, then you do not need to worry. Many ways will allow you to take care of your pets without even stepping one foot outside your house. Today, we will share with you some of these pet-caring tips. Continue reading the article below to know what they are:


Making sure that both you and your pets remain clean and infection-free is crucial to staying healthy during such a time of a pandemic. If by some chance your pet wanders outside, you must, in all circumstances, wash your hand with soap or use a hand sanitizer first before touching them or petting them. Maintain their hygiene by giving them frequent showers, grooming their hair, and clipping their nails once a week. If you have guests living with you during the time of lockdown, you should also consider cleaning their litter box twice or thrice a day. For example, if you have a few cats, you can always use healthy kitty litter to avoid any odors from stinking up your house. Your guests will show you an appreciation for it.

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The government advises pet owners to keep themselves and their pets inside their houses. They need to limit the amount of human contact their pets experience. Who knows that your pet may bring in the COVID-19 virus because somebody that was COVID positive petted them when they went outside the house?

You cannot take the risk of letting them outside. Furthermore, if you tested COVID positive and you have a pet that you come in contact with, keep it with you in quarantine. Although there are no previous COVID transmission cases through animals, you should not take the risk at all.


No matter how much fun it may be, watching videos of pet owners playing with their furry friends will not do you any good unless you do the same with yours. Playingwith your furry babies ensures one hundred percent bonding with them. It is a wise decision to play with your pets and make videos while you do so.

Post them on your social media accounts and show other people that you care about animals. It will show the world that you have not forgotten about them during such a time of the pandemic, enforcing others to do the same with pets as well.

If you are a dog owner, what you can do is set up an obstacle for them in your backyard. It will give them the activity they require without the risk of taking them outside for a walk and coming in contact with other people. You can also let your dog roam around, or you can play fetch with them in your backyard. Providing your pets with some physical activity will allow them to stay active and healthy during such a time.

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Being a pet owner, feeding your pets healthyfoods instead of those dangerous canned ones is the best decision you will make for their wellbeing. However, do not overfeed them at all costs. It will only make them lazy, and they will sleep the entire day, staying awake at night.  After all, you would not want your pet to keep you awake, especially if you have to get up early in the morning for work. Keep treats to a minimum and feed them small portions and more frequently, such as like five times a day, whether it is a cat, a dog, or any other animal.

Also, take care of your Pets and keep them hydrated all the time. During summers, you can put a clean bowl where they usually rest.

You can also put along with some small home-made treats such as fiber biscuits, boiled chicken livers, or anything high in protein and fiber.


The thing about all your pets is that they will love you no matter what. Our pets will always remain with us whether it is sunny outside or it is raining uncontrollably. So, we must provide them with the best  way to take care of your Pets are on this planet. In times such as these, instead of avoiding your pets, you should consider adopting more. After all, you sole will remain unawakened if you do not experience the love an animal can give you.

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