What is the Top Graphic Design Software for Beginners Free?

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Graphic designing is a hefty task and one needs some software to get it done. If you have little idea about graphic designing then you can carry out these tasks easily. If you are an amateur then you need a beginner’s guide. Not all the graphic designing software is for beginners and not all graphic design software for beginners free of cost. To learn and understand graphic designing better you need to start somewhere. Here we have assembled a list of graphic design software for you. Go through it and feel free to download any one of these.

Top Graphic Design Software for Beginners Free

Here we have created a graphic design software list for you. You can download any of this software from the internet and start using them. While most of this software are free, some will offer you a free online design tool before it notifies you to purchase the complete software package.


The first graphic design software on this list is the Canva. It is free online graphic design software that allows you to edit and do all the basic designing you wish to learn. The features it offers are simple and easy to understand. You can easily select any layout or filter you wish to add and drag it into the material. Canva has a wide range of fonts, shapes, icons, layouts, and filters. (ambien online europe) Canva is a platform that allows you to prepare images that can be used in presentations as well as social platforms.

Going through the performance of Canva and how well people have accepted it, you will be amazed to know that there are nearly 10 million users worldwide. The tools offered by Canva are highly versatile which can help you create blog posts, infographics, email headers, presentations, social media posts, etc. Besides, this graphic design software free download for windows 7, windows 8, windows 10 and Mac.

Features of Canva

  • A simple way to add filters and layouts by just dragging and dropping them
  • You can create amazing infographics, images, social media graphics content, presentations, etc
  • Innumerable layouts, icons, fonts and shapes to enhance your editing skills
  • You can also get your professional work done through Canva as it will help you create brilliant images for PowerPoint presentations


Vectr is great graphic design software for beginners free of any subscription. You can get access to this software from the internet. All you need to do is browse the internet and search for the link from where you can download this software. As beginners are little aware of the detailing and the fine touches of graphic designing, you can always lean on to Vectr for great quality results. It contains editing tools as well as designing options. These will help you develop a raw image into a high-quality picture. Besides, Vectr is a user-friendly software that will guide you through the process of graphic designing and editing.

If you ever go to the website of Vectr, you will get to see around 30 plus tutorials for graphic design. These tutorials are mainly for beginners which ease up the primary task of learning. Through these tutorials, you can learn free graphic design in no time. Further, we have listed some of the features of Vectr below.

Features of Vectr

  • You can create amazing Vectr graphics through this software
  • Easy to learn and understand graphic designing through Vectr
  • Innumerable font, filter, shadow and layout options to choose
  • Simple procedure to start editing
  • Compatible with any operating system and runs smoothly on all platforms


This application can run smoothly in all of the Windows, Mac and Linux devices. If you are looking for graphic design software for beginners then you must download Inkscape. This software is a little different from the others on this list as it specializes in creating a logo. Yes, through this free online graphic design software you can not only create amazing images and designs but you can also create logos. It has no premium feature which needs a subscription to gain access. As a result, you can enjoy all the benefits of Inkscape for free. Inkscape uses Scalable Vector Graphics or SVG as the primary format.

Logging in to the website will straightaway take you to the tools for graphic editing and designing. If you are not sure how to download the software then you can take up the YouTube tutorial to learn more about it. The download and installation procedure is different for Mac, Windows, and Linux. This, in turn, makes it a little complex to understand.

Features of Inkscape

  • It uses the SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics as its primary format for files
  • Even for beginners, it delivers a professional level of services
  • There are some advanced level features which are embedded bitmaps, alpha transparency support, clones, markers, etc
  • It is a great graphic editing tool for beginners as it provides complete guidance
  • Inkscape is a user-friendly software which offers services for free
  • Besides, it also has flexible text and drawing tools for creating perfect vector images


Another amazing addition to the graphic design software list is the Paint.net, which is widely available for all devices running on Windows OS. This software is solely dedicated to image designing and editing. The tools are easy to use and understand. You don’t have to search the internet for lots of information regarding download and installation. Paint.net has a very user-friendly installation as well as a usage procedure. You can also use this software as a substitute for Microsoft Photo Editor. Some of the key features of this software are listed below.

Features of Paint.net

  • Works on any of the Windows OS for editing and designing
  • You can use it as a substitute for Microsoft Photo Editor, Photoshop, Gimp, etc
  • It contains loads of layouts, filters, editing tools, etc
  • You can also add special effects to your images and infographics


A lot of us know that the sketch app is not free but do you know that it has a 30 days free trial period? Yes, Sketchapp does have a free trial period where you can use all the amazing graphic design tools to get your work done. This is the reason why the Sketchapp is here on this list. Sketchapp is a great software to start your graphic designing and editing experience. Besides, when compared to other software, this is easy to understand and simple to use.

Sketchapp is highly user-friendly and you will agree to it too once you use it. It helps you create logos, infographics, social media content and images in no time. The tools are so easy to use that you don’t require multiple guidance articles and videos to understand. It has a self-explanatory feature that explains what the functions of each tool are.

Although Sketchapp is not a free online graphic design software, Bohemian Coding did provide a one month free trial period. If you feel like the software is perfect for you, you can purchase it after the trial period is over. Also, to use this software, you must have access to a Mac device. It does not work on Windows and Linux devices.


A generously crafted and thoughtful graphic design tool is Gimp. Moreover, the best part of Gimp is that it is graphic design software for beginners free of any charges. This, in turn, means that you can use this software for graphic designing and editing for free. Isn’t it amazing that you get all the top quality services for free whereas similar software charges money for the same? If you have ever used Adobe Photoshop then you can resemble loads of tools with Gimp. It has multiple tools similar to that of Adobe Photoshop. Besides, you can also post your opinions to make the user experience far better than what it is.


Snapseed happens to be a very handy photo editor and graphic design tool when you are on the go. Yes, it is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. You can download the software application from the Google Playstore and enjoy the free services it has to offer. You will find a lot of similar editing features as found in the Adobe Photoshop graphic design application. Here you can blend pictures, add layers, change filters among the 29 filters it provides and other editing tools.


Another graphic design and editing software where you can boost colors, add filters, change layouts, correct distortion, etc is RawTherapee. Here you can edit and post pictures anywhere as it has the sharing option available too. Besides, RawTherapee is free graphic design software that can process batch images. This software simply allows you to create images, infographics, social media posts, etc.

Photo Pos Pro

The Photo Pos Pro is one of the great graphic design software for beginners free from any kind of subscription. This software is a great editing and designing tool which is compatible with all Windows PC. It is a perfect option to test your initial graphic designing skills. You can typically edit images with just one click. Some of the features of editing include contrast management, saturation balancing, highlighting, adding filters, etc. Notably Photo Pos Pro has a high user-friendly interface which makes it one of the best among these.


Pixlr is a graphic design software for beginners free. Besides, it is the most popular graphic designing and photo editing software in the world. This software has got all the basic to professional level editing tools that you can use to get quality results. It contains more than 2 million filters, layouts, borders, etc. Moreover, you can edit pictures according to your will with this software. Here, you can adjust and control contrast, brightness, saturation, hue, etc. Some other features of this software include cropping, rotating, resizing, red-eye correction, white balance, etc.

The Pixlr is available for both iOS and Android devices. Further, it has an in-app purchase option that unleashes innumerable filters and many other features. You can enjoy the services of Pixlr without making the purchase but you will only get limited features.

Sumo Paint

This is a browser-based image editor which is a powerful desktop tool. This graphic design software free download feature is what makes it so popular among users. You also get to enjoy a desktop version of the same is you wish to pay for the pro version of Sumo Paint. Alternatively, the browser version is capable to handle the entire photo editing stuff you wish to have in any editing software. Besides, being a browser-based editor, it loads easily and helps you create amazing pictures in no time. This software is not compatible with iPads which means you can only use it in Windows PC. The Sumo Paint requires Adobe Flash Player to run seamlessly on any device. Apart from all these, the tools include brushes, fonts, and texts, pencils, shapes, filters, and layouts.


Blender is one of the graphic design software for beginners free of any subscription which offers 3D tools. Yes, through Blender you can create amazing 3D content and use them anywhere. It works smoothly on any of the operating systems which include Windows, iOS and Android. The software was developed by Blender Foundation in the year 2002 by Ton Roosendaal. It is one of the largest sources of 3D imagery. This, in turn, allows you to do almost every kind of 3D graphic designing for free. Some of the key features are composition, rendering, animation, modeling and texturing.

Houdini Apprentice

Quite similar to Blender, the Houdini Apprentice is another 3D graphic editing and designing software. This has been quite popular for editing and designing media files such as videos, films, etc. Although the cheapest version will cost you something around $2000, you can enjoy the services with the free version available online. SideFX created the Houdini Apprentice graphic design software free download for any devices working on iOS, Windows, and Linux. The free version is solely meant for learning the purpose and not for commercial use.

The above are some of the graphic design software for beginners free which you can use to test and enhance your skills. Further, you can learn more about these on visiting the respective websites as well.

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