Great Business Leadership Habits and Some Do’s and Don’ts for the Leaders

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It is not an easy task to become a leader, in an organization or in society. It is not only that the competition is so fierce, but it requires certain skills and traits also for one to become successful in the leadership race. Only those who are well equipped and capable will ultimately acquire the leader’s chair and successfully hold on to that position.

There are many studies and researches done to identify the traits of great leaders. Many of these are present in almost all leaders, and one important thing to note is that many of these are acquired than inborn. In this article, we will have a look at some of the major leadership qualities, which you also try to practice and acquire in order to become an admirable business leader.

Be visionary

In order to be a leader you also have to be a person of character. It is essential to be visionary to project yourself forward for many years to come and see the path with perfect clarity. Define what you want to accomplish over time and then make plans to make it successful.

Always create an image on how your life and the business you lead would be if it is perfect in every manner, and then identify the hindrances for being so. Keep the magic wand with you, which you can wave and get things back into a perfectly desirable manner. Imagine you don’t have any limitations on what you can achieve and do things positively.

As you always tend to design your dream home well in advance before approaching a consultant, always try to define the ‘dream future’ or your business or life in order to find out ways to achieve it. Irrespective of the limitations you have in terms of money, time, resources, or capabilities, first define the dream achievement to be and then work one step at a time towards it. ( Based on the clarity you have in terms of your long-term vision, easier it will get yourself motivated and inspired and also get the people around you to follow suit.

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Usage of Business Intelligence applications

There is a wide range of business intelligence tools too business leaders use now to take path-breaking business decisions and prepare policies. One of the best BI suites is Oracle’s Business Intelligence applications, which offer intuitive and role-based intelligence for business leaders at different levels in an organization. From the front-line people to the senior managers alike, Oracle BI enables the scope of better decision making, innovative actions, and reliable business processes.

Oracle BI is designed to fit heterogeneous business environments, where these solutions enable all types of organizations to gain better insight through various data sources and tools like Oracle E-Business Suite, Siebel, PeopleSoft, and also some third-party systems like SAP or Salesforce, etc.

The business intelligence applications of Oracle are custom-built on the BI Suite Enterprise Edition or Oracle, which is an innovative and comprehensive BI platform. It enables the business organizations to actualize the value of BI Application and aid in lower TCO, rapid deployment, and industry best practices. These are also very easy to scale up or down and extend the available solutions to meet the changing needs or custom build BI applications for each specific industry. As pointed out by, the major features of Oracle BI suite are:

  • Financial Analytics
  • HR Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Order Management and Fulfillment Analytics
  • Vertical Analytics ((Industry Specific) etc.

Using BI suites like Oracle can surely assist you in making insightful decisions with the assistance of technology.

Date to move on

Courage is another important habit of every great leader. Many people keep hopes and visions for their dream future, but a very few dares to take initiatives and face the risks to turn those dreams into realities.

The primary part of courage is willing to move forward in your goal direction, but there is no guarantee for success. Courage is what helps you take risks in terms of money, time, emotions, and resources in hand. Courage is also essential to face and accept the possible failure, loss, setbacks, and failures which may frequently pop in business environments.

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Remember the lesson that it is not possible to succeed without ever failing. You need to success only from the failures you face and then by evaluating the flaws to fine-tune your attempts towards success track. It said that the faster one fails in the forward direction, the sooner one succeeds in his endeavor.

Dos and don’ts for business leaders.

When you run a business and lead it, it’s essential to fine tune your managerial skills and behavior in order to reduce the negative impact and ensure optimum employee engagement. Here are a few tips.


  1. DON’T be angry, and if there is a need, know the right way, right time, and right amount of it to try.
  2. DON’T be rude or unfriendly to your employees.
  3. DON’T share mixed messages to your followers to put them into confusions as to what your stand is.
  4. DON’T give away a feeling of being concerned about your own benefits than anything else.
  5. DON’T skip from taking responsibilities of your action.
  6. DON’T jump into assumptions before considering the facts.


  1. DO what you say and define what you do and when you do it.
  2. DO return to phone calls, emails, and be responsive.
  3. DO support your people publicly.
  4. DO admit any mistakes made.
  5. DO listen to your fellow team members.
  6. DO recognize the deeds of your team.
  7. DO laugh with them and always smile at them.

When it comes to acquiring business leadership, the key to success is to be the best among the lot. You need first to understand the quality of your business offering, which is relevant to the customers and then focuses the entire energy into achieving supremacy in that area. Good leaders need to develop a habit of thinking to make your business the top in your sector by eradicating the flaws in your existing processes. With this constant commitment to success and excellence, you will automatically fall into a satisfactory performer in terms of business administration.

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