Griddle Pans Vs Frying Pans; Which One Should You Buy?

Griddle Pans

Having a variety of pans in your kitchen is a huge plus. However, your budget limit might not allow it. As a result, you have to choose one over the other. In such a case, understanding what each pan has to offer as well as their differences is important. Here is everything you need to know about griddle pans and frying pans.

3 Key Differences between Griddle Pans and Frying Pans

  1. Shape and Size

A griddle pan is significantly larger and more rectangular. On the other hand, a frying pan is smaller and more circular.

  1. Surface Area 

A frying pan has a flat surface, whereas a griddle pan has a raised surface that leaves sear marks and lines on the food. Therefore, if you’re grilling meat and you want it to have those sear marks, always use a griddle pan.

  1. Ease of Use

When compared to a griddle pan like this one, frying pans are often more compact and easy to use. They’re perfect for shallow frying, sautéing, and searing. They are the most popular cooking utensil and can be found in nearly every kitchen. Griddle pans, on the other hand, are frequently used to grill BBQs while giving food those amazing char marks.

Pros of Buying a Frying Pan

  • Has a Faster Cooking Speed

Food cooked in a frying pan cooks faster than food cooked in a griddle pan. The thin and wide surface of a frying pan allows food to be spread thinly and evenly across the pan’s bottom. The heat is also distributed uniformly across the pan’s bottom, allowing the food to cook more quickly. What’s more, food prepared in a frying pan can be cooked at a lower temperature, lowering the risk of burning.

  • Big Enough to Accommodate Most Recipes
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While a frying pan may appear little, it can hold the amount of food required for most recipes. Although the pan is shallow, it is often wider than other pans meaning that it has a larger capacity than it appears. In addition, its sides are frequently slanted, which might help you mix the components and provide extra area for your ingredients. After all, most recipes cooked in a frying pan do not require a large amount of cooking space.

  • Gives Tastier Food

Cooking your food in a frying pan can enhance the flavor of the dish. Because the food cooks fast, the original flavor of the ingredients is retained. After all, the longer food is cooked, the less flavor and nutrients it retains. When using a frying pan to cook food, you’ll be able to brown the outsides of the meal to make it crispy.

Benefits of Buying a Griddle Pan

  • It’s the Healthier Option

One of the best aspects of using a griddle pan is that it cooks food like that of a grill. The ridges on these pans allow liquids and fats from foods to flow into the wells. The fluids and oils are then drained away reducing the amount of cholesterol in your food. Do you like to cook meats and other fatty dishes that aren’t necessarily fried? If that’s the case, you’ll enjoy using a griddle pan.

  • You can Use it Both Indoors and Outdoors

A griddle pan is not only perfect for grilling fantastic burgers but it can also be used to cook meats. As such, you’ll have the added benefit of cooking outside in the fresh air if you use an outdoor griddle. This simply implies that you are not constrained to a little cooking space while dealing with the heat. More importantly, when grilling sausages in this incredible pan, you can roam around your lawn and breathe some fresh air.

  • It Will Serve You Longer
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Griddle pans are made to last you a lifetime. This is because they are made from incredibly robust materials like cast iron. As such, you can expect a griddle pan to last a long time if you get one. Remember, this applies whether you purchase a low-cost griddle pan or a high-end one.

Final Verdict

Griddle pans and frying pans both have their unique advantages. As such, it is hard to say which one is better than the other. If you can, it is best to buy both since they serve different purposes. Otherwise, if your budget is limited, simply pick the one that cooks most of your favorite meals.

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