Handy Storage Hacks For Cosy Condos

Handy Storage Hacks

Finding your perfect condo is such an exciting process, but then again, it can feel a little less exciting trying to fit all of your possessions in without taking up all of the available space. These days there are so many clever ways to store more belongings in all kinds of places, keeping what you need to hand, whilst ensuring that your cosy condo doesn’t feel too cramped. Check out some of our top handy storage hacks for each room in your condo. (zolpidem tartrate online)

The bedroom- Handy Storage Hacks

The biggest item in your bedroom that takes up the most space can also be an excellent storage option – the bed. From tulum condos for sale beachfront beds with drawers to hidden compartments, and whole sections that lift up – there are so many smart ways to store your stuff in, on, or under your bed. 

You can also make the most of the back of your door and any wardrobes or cupboards by using hanging storage that simply hangs down and lets you keep anything from shoes to odds and ends, safe and accessible.

The living room

Much like a bed, your sofa is often another large piece of furniture which can be used to your advantage. Many now come with compartments under the seats, hidden sections on the sides and even additions like chargers built in so you don’t have to worry about socket space. 

Instead of a classic side table, try an ottoman or chest that can hold games, throws and blankets, or anything else you might want to keep to hand. 

The dining room

Owning a smaller home can be wonderful for so many reasons, but it can be tricky when you are trying to seat and feed extra guests or even just a large family. A folding table, or even an extendable one that can be lengthened and made smaller depending on your needs, are some of the best options for saving space. 

For another storage hack, you can put a table top on a games table, chest or other container so that you can store your belongings and have easy access at the same time.

The kitchen

Whether you are looking at condos in Chang Mai, Bangkok, or anywhere in the world really, the kitchen is at the very centre of the home. You need to have a lot of equipment and food to hand without making the space feel too cluttered. 

There are many excellent storage hacks for your kitchen, including a magnetic strip on the wall to hold your knives and a drainage and storage rack over the sink. Pots and pans can sit on top of cupboards not just inside and Tupperware is your friend for safe and airtight storage.

There are so many clever ways to store and keep your belongings so that they are secure, out of the way, but also to hand. Think about exactly what you will want and need to be able to reach, avoid putting things you will need every day under your bed, and you’ll be amazed how much stuff you can fit in your cosy condo.


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