Height Facts: 10 Surprising Facts About Increasing Height

Height Facts: 10 Surprising Facts About Increasing Height

More than often, people are described by their stature. How tall or short you are, has several implications. For example, Society sees people with a towering height as more confident, born leaders, and more importantly, attractive.

It is, therefore, no secret that ladies find tall guys as irresistible. But that is not the only thing you need to know about increasing your height. The following are the other fun facts.

1. The growth rate is highest among toddlers

Your height growth rate is usually the highest during the first year of your life. It is stabilized after that and mostly occurs when asleep.

2. Your height keeps changing during the day

Did you know that your height is not constant throughout the day? In particular, you are taller in the morning than in the evening. You lose about an inch during the day depending on the activities you are doing and regain it when you sleep.

3. Inheritability only contribute a part of your height

It is not a done deal that your parents are tall. Genes only contribute a significant portion of an individual’s final height. The other factors are nutrition and exercise, among others. A ‘malnutrition’ child will experience stunted growth even when the parents are tall.

4. Human growth hormone is a significant determinant of your height

The amount of growth hormone that your body produces determines how tall you get. If the amount produced is insufficient, then you cannot grow tall.

5. Having adequate sleep is key to growing tall

As mentioned above, the amount of growth hormone produced within your body determines how tall you get. You produce a significant amount of growth hormone when asleep. But not just asleep, deep asleep. Experts recommend at least 8 hours of sleep every day.

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You may want to check out the grow taller: increase your height article which discusses other important tips on how to grow taller.

6. Caffeine does not cause short stature

The idea that coffee causes a short stature is not backed by research. Caffeine only makes the children irritable and affects their sleep cycles. Without enough sleep, your body cannot produce an adequate amount of growth hormone.

7. Girls experience height growth earlier than boys

Boys hit puberty later than girls, and that means girls reach their optimal height earlier. Girls are done and dusted by the time they are 12 years, while boys may attain the same height but the age of 14.

8. A short stature comes with a higher risk of heart disease

One study showed that short individuals have a higher risk of heart disease than their taller counterparts. Other studies have blamed the heart disease-height link to low socioeconomic status early on in life. The stages of puberty can be seen here.

9. The taller your stature, the higher the risk of cancer

One particular study found that the tallest women had up to 37% higher risk of developing cancer than their shorter counterparts. According to the lead study author, tall people have more cells within their body, and that may contribute to the higher risk.

10. You start becoming short after the age of 40

Your height starts to decrease by as much as half an inch when you reach the age of 40. The main reason for the shrinkage is the disc in your spine that loses water over time.

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