Helmets 101: A parent’s guide on finding the perfect kid’s helmet

Picking out the right helmet for your kid is a crucial task. You would want your kid to be safe and comfortable yet have that cool style. Finding a helmet with all these qualities is difficult but not impossible, especially if you have the right tool. 

All you need is the perfect guide to help you pick out the right. Well, you are at the right place. Here is your ultimate guide to finding the perfect kid’s motorbike helmet

Safety is priority 

As a parent, your first and foremost priority would be your child’s safety. For that, picking out the helmet with the necessary safety features is very important. In Australia, helmets need AS/NZS 1698, UNECE22.05 or UNECE22.06 certifications to be considered fit for a child. 

You will see a ton of motorcycle helmets lack crucial safety features. Thus, while considering buying a helmet, look for these crucial features. Check the padding and inner liner of the helmet. See what material is used in the shell construction, and has the brand used MIPS or MEDS technology to make the helmet safer and more secure. 

Comfort is the key

Second to safety, comfort is another crucial aspect of finding a fitting helmet. Without a comfortable helmet, your child won’t be able to enjoy riding. While picking out the right helmet for your kid, consider comfort as one of the main deciding factors. 

Check if the cushioning is right with the helmet and if there is enough padding. Test it before you decide to buy. Ask your child to wear it for a minute or two and ask if they feel comfortable wearing it. 

Select the right size

For comfort and safety, the right size is very important. A loose helmet is a safety hazard, and one that is too tight will cause discomfort. Find a helmet that fits perfectly. You need a helmet that is fit for the size of the child’s head. 

Finding the right size is not very difficult. MXstore has helmets in various sizes for every child. Try out different sizes or different helmets of the same size, as the helmet liner is also crucial. Some helmets have thicker liners, while some have thinner ones.

Consider price 

We can not put a price on your child’s safety, but you also need to consider your budget. Kid’s helmet range between $120 to $799, depending on the style and features. If you want a helmet that is both stylish, comfortable, and feature-packed, then you may have to consider paying a hefty price. But, there are many decent helmets with necessary safety features and good quality construction in a pocket-friendly price range.

Design and style 

Last but not least, the style of a helmet is very important. It may not be essential to you, but it is undoubtedly an important factor for your kid. That is why, on top of safety, comfort, and price, you need to make room for another factor: the helmet’s design. 

Kids only accept something if they truly like it. You would want your child to like the helmet you are choosing, and nobody knows their kids better than a parent themselves. So, go for a cool and trendy design you think your kid will like.  


Buying something for your kid is never easy, especially when it comes to your child’s safety. From picking out the right size to considering the crucial safety features, there are a lot of important factors that you need to consider in order to pick out the right kid’s motorbike helmet. This guide will surely help you make the right decision.

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