How Can Qualitative Research Help in a Successful Branding Campaign in Australia?

Branding Campaign

There is always a need for qualitative advertising research despite the rise of big data, online experiments, and surveys. Qualitative research in Australia helps in understanding how a customer perceives your brand.

A recent market report suggests that brand equity drives a significant part of sales in Australia. It clearly shows that a reliable brand name contributes to around 28% of the organization’s total sales. Here, you’ll see how qualitative research can help in designing a successful branding campaign in Australia.

Understanding Consumer Types in Australia

It is a global marketing practice to identify market segments by demographics alone. According to market research experts, you cannot segment Australian consumers by demographics alone. To develop a successful branding campaign, you must understand the traits of Australian consumer groups that include:

  • Inspired Adventurer– the consumers in this category are generally self-employed or living abroad. They like to try new products and services. These people constitute around 29% of the total consumer base in the country.
  • Conservative Homebody – this category of Australian consumers prefer to follow others. Their focus is on spirituality and family issues. They form 25% of the total consumer base in Australia.
  • Secure Traditionalist– this category constitutes 22% of the total consumer base. The consumers belonging to this category avoid robust or premium branded products.
  • Empowered Activists – This category constitutes 16% of the total consumer base of Australia, and the consumers belonging to this category seek green products or carry eco-friendly labelling.
  • Undaunted Striver – this category of consumers constitutes 8% of the total consumer base. This category of Australian consumers is tech-savvy and like trying new things.

Qualitative research in Australia can play an essential role in understanding target customers and design a branding campaign that excites your specific target consumers.

Monitoring of Impact and Opportunities

For developing a successful advertising campaign, you need to monitor your business before the branding campaign begins. Also, it is essential to know how many customers visit your offline stores or how many visitors come to your e-commerce store on a rough estimate. This is necessary as you will have numbers for comparison.

After the branding campaign begins, research can help you to monitor campaign performance and identify opportunities that can increase the impact of the same drive. Conducting measures on an on-going basis allows you to measure the campaign’s performance in the short, medium, and long term.

If you conduct qualitative research to assess the performance metrics, it can help you to identify potential refinements in media strategy and messaging. As a result, it enhances the overall impact of the efforts. Combining surveys with quantitative data like inquiries, sales, website data, and media strategy analysis can help measure the branding campaign’s effectiveness.

The digital advertising market in Australia amounts to $ 7,974m in 2020. This only shows the intense competition between brands to get customer attention. According to experts conducting qualitative research in Australia, you need a strong advertising campaign that encompasses all media platforms and builds substantial brand equity in the Australian market.

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