How college life experience influences us?

College life

College life is exquisite and comes with a roller-coaster of responsibilities and emotions. There are many experiences that make us judge our college life story as either good or bad. But we cannot deny the impact it leaves on us and how it shapes our future.

The high school vs college life aspect will forever be debatable – the most common being which is better on emotional grounds. But let’s admit, that both have one similarity – they give unforgettable memories and shape our perspective towards education.

One thing that makes college life a little better than school is our maturity. We have a better sense of life and understanding, and that’s why a little more emotional too.

The best part about college life experience

If you’re still to complete college, you should live life to the fullest and enjoy these days. Along with academics, find ways to evolve to be a better person. The following points will tell you why college life experience is crucial for your growth:

1. Independence

When you go off to college, it is the first time in your life that you are truly independent. You no longer have someone constantly watching over you or supervising you. You can do things based on your preference and you also know the difference between right and wrong. (Psm-marketing)

This kind of independence is intoxicating (in a good way) and is sure to make you feel liberated. You will get to truly explore what you want to do and what you wish to be without any judgment. You are free to invest time in things that matter to you and not to society.

2. Financial freedom

College is the first time you will experience financial freedom. You will most probably get an allowance from your parents which you are free to spend as you please. Nobody will ask you how you spent it and nobody will be there to monitor you.

You can even take up part-time jobs to earn some money and use it as you please. You will be able to spend the money you have wherever you want and whenever you want.

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3. New Friends

As soon as you enter college, you are bound to start making friends. Everyone is coming from different places and is eager to interact with others and make new friends. There are chances that your college life buddies become your lifelong friends if you maintain your relationship.

College is a time where you will meet a lot of different kinds of people and actually realize how people are. You will become more accommodating as you interact with people from different walks of life and learn about their experiences. The best part is, when you meet the friends you make in college, years down the line, you will both remember the golden days!

4. Exposure

College life gives you a lot of exposure as it is the first time you are living away from home and you are hungry for new experiences. You need to imbibe every experience and learn as much as you can.

The amount of exposure that you will get in college is voluminous and phenomenal. It will expand your horizons and teach you new things. You will become multicultural as you start to interact more and learn more.

The exposure that you will get in college will help you throughout your life. These are the experiences that you will count when you get into jobs.

5. Self-development

College is one of the best places for self-development. You are young and eager to learn and your college will provide you with a plethora of opportunities.

College life develops you as a better speaker because you start having opinions and can voice them. You can learn the sport of interest or study poetry, literature, and art. You can even go ahead and learn a new musical instrument – the field is wide open for you to explore yourself. Try to grab every learning opportunity you get in college to gain exposure and experience.

6. Education

A school gets you into college but doesn’t help you in aspects likes getting a job or taking up other interests. When you join college, you enroll yourself in a professional degree which will act as a certification of your skills. The college will allow you to improve your credentials and become more employable. A college degree will act as a certification of your skills and will allow you to claim proficiency in your field.

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7. Exploring

College years are the best time to explore different places. You can travel on a budget and your body can take a lot since you are young and easy going. You can go on treks, visit beach towns or even visit hill stations.

There is simply so much to do when you gain independence. As you grow older, the amount of time you spend exploring will grow lesser due to work pressure. Hence college is the best time to explore and do the things you always wanted to.

8. Dating

College is the first place where you will be free to mingle with people of the opposite gender. You can explore dating and hang out with people you like. You can experiment with the dating scene and figure out what kind of men and women you like. Dating is much easier in college as everyone is looking to explore and interact. Just make sure it is healthy and safe, and you’ll have a lot to learn.

Final thoughts

College is the first time you will get the chance to shoulder responsibilities. Whether you like it or no, there will be numerous responsibilities that you will have to deal with every day. These responsibilities will make you mature and allow you to gain more life experience. College life will teach you a lot in terms of overcoming obstacles and dealing with issues as well.

College days are one of the most colorful days of life. Don’t spend them harping over problems or feeling dejected because of the responsibilities you have. Go out, explore the city you live in and live your college life to the fullest. These days will never come back, so make sure to enjoy along with working on your career.

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