How Do Businesses Benefit From Digital Marketing

Benefit From Digital Marketing

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  1. All the pros of digital marketing
  2. The bottom line

Many people still underestimate the benefits of digital multi-channel marketing and how it can revolutionize their businesses and brands. However, with technology and the internet becoming so common and easily accessible, one cannot be oblivious to digital marketing for long. 

If you are still skeptical about adopting digital marketing, then here are some benefit from digital marketing that might convince to you to jump on the bandwagon: 

  1. Lower costs

Of course, a social media post costs way less than a whole TVC or a billboard. Digital marketing tactics are very cost efficient because they are mostly done on free platforms. Even building your own website is very cost-friendly; you just need to buy a domain and hosting, and utilize platforms like WordPress to build an effective website. However, you must be equipped with a good and stable internet connection that lets you go through all these steps and processes involved in digital marketing. As a small business, if you have troubles with the budget, then buytvinternetphone is a good place to check out some valuable packages from.

SEO is an integral part of digital marketing. The basic principle of SEO is to increase traffic and brand exposure organically instead of paid ads. Brands can hire freelance content creators and even famous influencers to generate creative content that can boost their SEO performance. These techniques are much cheaper than hiring a celebrity or a whole marketing agency for your brand. 

2. Allow a young and hip brand image

If your business is relatively new, or you are starting a new set up and want to build a hip, trendy, and “young” image, then digital marketing is the perfect place to begin your journey. Your presence online makes you look up to date and “in style”. Posting aesthetic pictures on your Instagram feed, going Live on your Facebook page, collaborating with artists and other brands on digital spaces will all make you more relevant for today’s day and age. 

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3. Global reach
Digital spaces are not bound by geographical boundaries. This is why people are so inclined towards building a good reputation online, so they can reach and target a wider audience. With high-speed fiber optic internet and now 5G technology making its way through our lives, opportunities and scope of businesses on digital platforms are endless. Brands and companies can reach a wide range of audience in a matter of seconds. They can communicate, interact, engage and provide solutions to customers living thousands of miles away. Even time zones are no longer a limitation, with the emerging power of chatbots. With chatbots installed on websites and social media pages, brands no longer have to worry about being unable to respond to their customers in time.

Technology like Google translation, mobile apps that translate multiple languages and high tech AI integration in social media apps allows instant translation of languages. As a result, users from any place around the world can gather sufficient information about a company, even if their whole website is based in a different continent. 

With digital marketing, you can tap on this global market, diversify your customer profile, and consequently general more sales, brand exposure and profitability. 

4. Measurable results

There are digital tools and software solutions like HubSpot that take care of all your digital marketing efforts. They help build an effective strategy, but that’s not the end of it. To know if a marketing campaign or strategy was effective, you must monitor results and performance, as well as the reaction of your audience. It can be a tedious job to collect all data and understand it properly. Instead of hiring a professional individual for it, you can use these marketing tools to take care of all the data analytics and reporting for you. 

Consequently, measurable results and valuable data can help you plan your future marketing tactics more efficiently. It can help you figure out loopholes and errors you made on your end. Plus, all this data and analytics is a great way to understand your customer better. 

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5. Content marketing tactics make brand viral

One major chunk of digital marketing is content marketing. With technologies like high quality cameras, editing software, portable equipment like ring lights, making content on your own is super convenient. This is one of the reasons why influencers are also becoming so famous. They have access to all the tech and equipment required for creating high quality content. 

Brands today can create budget-friendly and high quality content all on their own, which allows them to go viral on the internet by following the trends. Sending PR packages to influencers is one such example of content marketing tactics that generate a lot of brand exposure and make a brand go viral. 

6 . Excellent brand-customer interaction

As mentioned earlier as well, chatbots are one way that technology is helping brands improve their relationship with their customers. These chatbots not only help in customer support, but brands can also use them as a marketing tool.  

Other than that, the availability of internet 24/7, quick and free messaging platforms are great to ensure two-way communication between a brand and its customers. Customers can leave behind complaints and reviews on the brand’s website in absolutely no time and brands can also get back to these users almost instantly. The need for customer relations specialists and a team of sales representatives is reducing day by day. A good customer relationship consequently leads to more brand loyalty and better brand reputation. User-generated content, featuring users on social media stories and responding to their comments on your posts are also a great way of developing long term brand-customer relation. 

The Bottom Line

Of course, digital marketing does not come without its share of some disadvantages. The biggest drawback is negative reviews that are visible to anyone and everyone, and can ruin a  brand’s image in an instant. However, the key here is balance. The positives clearly outweigh the negatives; you just have to make sure to strike a balance.

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